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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CENTERS

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Magic, 206:the five other centers. The work in these five centers will eventually be as automatic as theMagic, 207:correspondingly. There is the effect upon the centers, which is most effectual and which followsMagic, 212:and the awakening in the three major centers. This cannot be more than hinted at owing to theMagic, 216:the intricate etheric structure, the nadis and centers, and all advanced students know well howMagic, 216:the force, directed through one or other of the centers, that the soul carries on the work inMagic, 222:of his physical body, and the condition of his centers [223] will be his response. Through thisMagic, 237:emanations from the heart, throat and [237] ajna centers of the white magician - the soul inMagic, 247:also be discussed and understood in terms of the centers. As every student knows, there are twoMagic, 247:centers. As every student knows, there are two centers in the head. One center is between theMagic, 248:in focusing his attention in one or other of the centers in the body. This is accomplished throughMagic, 248:is accomplished through the medium of the force centers in the etheric body. He gradually gainsMagic, 248:which will enable him to play on the centers, as a musician utilizes the seven notes of music. WhenMagic, 249:clearing house for all energies focused in the centers below the diaphragm. The dangers incident toMagic, 249:the cranial aperture, and pours into the head centers. From them will follow the line of leastMagic, 281: A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Ten - The Centers, Energies and Rays The Centers, Energies andMagic, 281:- Rule Ten - The Centers, Energies and Rays The Centers, Energies and Rays There are twoMagic, 281:processes stands the Hierarchy. Both represent centers of energy; both work under Law creatively;Magic, 281:to vitalization and stimulation from higher centers of energy. Some of the factors that theMagic, 283: A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Ten - The Centers, Energies and Rays 2. Vital forces. These areMagic, 284:Ajna center Pituitary body. 4. Vital life Seven centers Spleen. This, as you see, governs theMagic, 285:of man through the lowest aspect of the centers. This vital life of the universe of matter entersMagic, 285:into the human organism through the spleen. The centers have three main functions: First, toMagic, 285:nervous system, his endocrine system, and his centers are coordinated and working in harmoniousMagic, 285: A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Ten - The Centers, Energies and Rays The above enumeration mightMagic, 285:the vital life, functioning through the seven centers and a whole system of lesser chakras and theMagic, 285:and are the cause of their existence as the centers are of the glands) is the medium of many forcesMagic, 287: A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Ten - The Centers, Energies and Rays The occult aphorism: "ToMagic, 287:be seen then that for the disciple the following centers are of paramount importance: The ajnaMagic, 289: A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Ten - The Centers, Energies and Rays The vital forces, which areMagic, 290:transmit are dependent upon the condition of the centers, of the chakras, as they are called in theMagic, 290:include not only the well known seven major centers but numbers of lesser vortices of force, as yetMagic, 290:also upon the interlacing network in which the centers have their place, and which in its entiretyMagic, 290:the entire body. They can then utilize those centers which are responsive to their vibrations, andMagic, 290:is theirs. They know little or nothing of the centers in their own body through which the magneticMagic, 290:they are unaware of the condition of the etheric centers of those they seek to heal and of theMagic, 291: A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Ten - The Centers, Energies and Rays Broadly speaking, the workMagic, 291:from the spiritual realm, from other planetary centers, and from the solar system. These energiesMagic, 294:channel for sentient forces, emanating from vast centers of energy outside our solar systemMagic, 295:in it the counterparts of the etheric or laya centers, and through them stream the forces andMagic, 295:earlier dealt with, into the etheric body. These centers carry energies from the seven planets andMagic, 302:in the West and is almost lost except in a few centers of Knowers in the East. More of this canMagic, 310:eventually raise the consciousness into those centers which lie above the diaphragm. The solarMagic, 322:pressure or to fight and ward off. Such a method centers the attention upon the not-self and leadsMagic, 323:a human being, a planet, a solar system - all centers or focal points of energy in some greaterMagic, 324:the inner fails to be recorded. It is the centers in the etheric vehicle which are vitalized andMagic, 360:manner, correspondences to the three higher centers in man, as the three kingdoms on theMagic, 360:involutionary arc correspond to the three lower centers, and the mineral kingdom - abstruse as theMagic, 362:mental. Inferentially then, the three higher centers in man when functioning perfectly play theirMagic, 362:ceases not for pain, the aspirant has caused his centers to pulsate and to rotate, then - and onlyMagic, 362:that still may cling, touches the center or centers which are in line for vivification, and theMagic, 362:analogous head center, till eventually the seven centers in the body and the seven centers in theMagic, 362:the seven centers in the body and the seven centers in the head rotate in unison. Remember alsoMagic, 362:into the three major rays, so the four minor centers carry on the correspondence and pass intoMagic, 362:the throat center. Thus you will have the three centers - head, heart and throat - carrying theMagic, 362:the inner fire, with the three major head centers vibrating in unison also. I realize that this isMagic, 379:instruction from Shamballa to develop the energy centers of the human unit, stimulate the brain andMagic, 379:laws of energy as they work through the various centers were taught until the time came whenMagic, 422:of a magnetic field which embraces both the head centers and so definitely affects the pineal glandMagic, 438:the diaphragm, and who utilizes the lower four centers: - the center at the base of the spine, theMagic, 438:and work through the seven representative centers in the head. Four of them focus through theMagic, 438:center, the heart center, the ajna and head centers. Three are held latent in the region of theMagic, 438:Three are held latent in the region of the head centers (the thousand petalled lotus) and onlyMagic, 496:There are first of all the nadis and the seven centers of force; then the nervous system in itsMagic, 500:It is an energy body and is composed of force centers and nadis or force threads. These underlie orMagic, 506:be found also that pressure on certain nerve centers and on certain arteries will facilitate theMagic, 519:and a knowledge of the science of the centers they have been enabled to work out their selfishMagic, 565: A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Fourteen - The Centers and Prana RULE FOURTEEN The sound swellsMagic, 565:the cycle of peace, call on the Solar Angel. The Centers and Prana The nearer we approach in ourMagic, 566:force, of which the most important are the seven centers. There are, however, many such focalMagic, 568: A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Fourteen - The Centers and Prana We could study this Rule fromMagic, 568:most important parts of the etheric body (the centers up the spine) so will be the correspondingMagic, 570: A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Fourteen - The Centers and Prana We find it also stated that theMagic, 570:or desire force and will affect primarily the centers below the diaphragm. From the universal mindMagic, 570:itself, stimulating primarily the head and heart centers." (P. 220.) We read also that "most peopleMagic, 571:This will bring to him the knowledge as to which centers of his etheric body are awakened and whichMagic, 572: A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Fourteen - The Centers and Prana Second, learn to live as a soulMagic, 572:self. The power to pass through the various centers in the body those universal forces and energiesMagic, 572:involves the necessity to develop the centers, to bring them into a state of potency and toMagic, 575:They are the symbol of acquisitiveness. They are centers of force. They are wielders of the sword.Magic, 576:for himself, only for those he seeks to help. As centers of force the hands play a most potentMagic, 576:comes from a dual source and via two etheric centers, the spleen and the heart. In the stimulationMagic, 576:used here must be received from three etheric centers, the solar plexus, the heart, and the centerMagic, 576:learn the nature of the forces in the different centers, how to transmit and unify them and then byMagic, 577:not only utilize the current flowing through the centers of his own body, but can also combine themMagic, 577:to right and others from right to left. Certain centers transmit their energies via the right handMagic, 579:initiation who have learnt the "art of the [579] centers", the significance of the hands inMagic, 581:(perhaps fortunately) have as yet all the seven centers awakened so that they can work freely onMagic, 587:Magic - Rule Fourteen - The Awakening of the Centers The Awakening of the Centers Speaking moreMagic, 587:Awakening of the Centers The Awakening of the Centers Speaking more technically and thereforeMagic, 587:consequently involves an understanding of the centers and of their awakening. But understandingMagic, 587:the purification of the thought life, the seven centers are automatically brought into a rightMagic, 587:is no directed thought - in connection with the centers - permitted to the aspirant. By that I meanMagic, 588:problem of purifying the bodies in which the centers are found, which are primarily the astral,Magic, 588:effectual externalizations of the seven major centers. In this stage, the aspirant is working allMagic, 588:stage, the aspirant is working all around the centers and is dealing with their environing matterMagic, 588:come. Secondly, there is the stage wherein the centers, through the effective work of the earlierMagic, 589:in world history, can now work directly with the centers in the body of humanity. Thus we have nowMagic, 589:life can begin to flow in and vitalize all the centers, and through the other, the vision can beMagic, 589:Magic - Rule Fourteen - The Awakening of the Centers I would here like to point out two otherMagic, 589:There is much confusion on the subject of the centers and much erroneous teaching, [590] leading
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