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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CENTERS

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Patanjali, 221:results in his environment, and to awaken his centers so that certain psychic powers are displayed.Patanjali, 222:the physical organs, allied with the etheric centers, into proper condition. These physical organsPatanjali, 223:of energy and of their apparatus, the system of centers, to be found in the etheric body. ThroughPatanjali, 223:them correctly through the medium of his own centers and to produce effects which come under thePatanjali, 245:forms in nature, Internal objects, such as the centers in the etheric body, Qualities, such as thePatanjali, 274:the solar plexus which links the higher three centers and the lower. It accounts also for the factPatanjali, 283:forces of the body into the physical plane nerve centers up the spine, Their direction up the spinePatanjali, 289:Arousing the fires of the body so that the centers become active, luminous, connected andPatanjali, 289:on its own plane, The brain via the mind, The centers. By an act of the will they can then all bePatanjali, 294:and including the solar plexus, into the three centers above the diaphragm, the head, heart andPatanjali, 296:the increased stimulation and awakening of the centers up the spine, five in number, arouses thePatanjali, 303:which (with ours) form the seven force centers of which the seven great spiritual influences of ourPatanjali, 304:the commentary upon Book I Sutra 36, the various centers were enumerated and their qualities given.Patanjali, 304:In this section of the book, five of these centers are mentioned and they are the five which mostPatanjali, 305:of the fully functioning and therefore automatic centers, and has sunk below the threshold ofPatanjali, 305:unfolding of the head and heart. The three major centers are so powerful in the most unevolvedPatanjali, 305:a form. In the disciple or initiate these three centers not only sound but form words; theyPatanjali, 305:control. The glands corresponding to the three centers are: The pineal gland and pituitary body -Patanjali, 306:glands having a close relation to the various centers but the subject is too vast to be more thanPatanjali, 306:existing between the glands associated with the centers below the diaphragm as with those connectedPatanjali, 306:diaphragm as with those connected with the major centers, situated above the diaphragm. In thePatanjali, 306:are dealing with one of the five most important centers, and this for the reason that: 1. It isPatanjali, 306:In man in Atlantean days the three major centers for that race were: The Head - Father or spiritualPatanjali, 306:At the close of this race, the three main centers will be the head, the heart, and the base of thePatanjali, 306:sons of God, the seventh, we shall have as the centers through which they work: [307] The thousandPatanjali, 307:and to procreate, and through it the lower centers are contacted and work with them is carriedPatanjali, 307:solar plexus; in the Master, the head. All the centers, however, are the expression of the life andPatanjali, 309:He has to transfer the energy of the centers below the diaphragm into those above, and in thePatanjali, 309:the process transmute and change the energy. The centers are to be found up the spine, but it aidsPatanjali, 309:body which are energized and affected by these centers. All these centers have physical planePatanjali, 309:and affected by these centers. All these centers have physical plane organs which are the result ofPatanjali, 309:substance to their vibration. The Three Major Centers Head center - brain, pineal gland andPatanjali, 309:auricles with spleen affected. The Four Minor Centers Solar plexus - stomach, Spleen - spleen,Patanjali, 310:physical organs are results or effects; the centers are their physical cause and they are producedPatanjali, 310:are produced through the activity of the etheric centers. These details have been given and thePatanjali, 310:solely the physical body. It goes to all the centers. Patanjali, 312:for us in the human body, with its three higher centers, its lower energy focal points and thatPatanjali, 313:considered the lowest of the three major [313] centers, and the one which represents the Creator orPatanjali, 328:system through certain great distributing centers called plexi, or lotuses. The nerve ganglia knownPatanjali, 332:found below the diaphragm. The Holy Place is the centers and organs in the upper part of the bodyPatanjali, 333:all the body will be irradiated by the vibrant centers of electrical force distributed throughoutPatanjali, 339:between the energies working through the seven centers and the seven states of matter andPatanjali, 339:seven states of matter and one or other of the centers; through each one of the centers is the doorPatanjali, 339:or other of the centers; through each one of the centers is the door to a certain plane of thePatanjali, viii:called by the name of Laya Yoga, the Yoga of the centers which produced a stabilizing of thePatanjali, viii:a stabilizing of the etheric body and of the centers in man and the development of the astral andPatanjali, ix:deal specifically with the development of the centers, brought about through various types ofPatanjali, ix:control which is to be found by the man who centers his consciousness in the soul, the other formsProblems, 50:of universal educational processes [50] and many centers of learning in every country, we have notProblems, 160:and spiritualized, and the two great divine centers of energy or groups - the Hierarchy andPsychology1, 13:it) shifts steadily out of the form side and centers itself more and more in that of the soul.Psychology1, 20:having scattered throughout that form organs and centers of differentiated life which function inPsychology1, 59:to the ventricles of the brain, to the seven centers within the brain, to the seven centers ofPsychology1, 59:the seven centers within the brain, to the seven centers of force, and to the seven major glandsPsychology1, 76:seven corresponding reflections of the seven centers of Deity, as far as our planet is concerned, aPsychology1, 99:is admitted, and when the mechanism of the force centers is [100] studied, we shall make rapidPsychology1, 100:Then much will be discovered about the centers in man where the divine principle has its dwelling,Psychology1, 101:sitting for development in order to awaken the centers will be seen as dangerous and unnecessary. Psychology1, 131:intense (with a paralleling stimulation of the centers of force in the body), that the light bodyPsychology1, 132:the correspondence to the etheric body with its centers of radiant energy, found underlying orPsychology1, 155:which expresses Itself through seven planetary centers, or continents. The Planetary Logos - ThePsychology1, 155:the adept has done has been to bring his seven centers of force, located in the etheric body, intoPsychology1, 168:our Logos formed within Himself the countless centers of divine consciousness, each one of thesePsychology1, 168:of divine consciousness, each one of these centers was colored by the special attributes of one orPsychology1, 168:of the second outpouring that each of the divine centers of consciousness put forth a thread ofPsychology1, 186:In London, in New York and in Geneva are three centers of their activity, and at Darjeeling and inPsychology1, 220:human kingdom Brain Vocal organs The two head centers. The animal kingdom Stomach Liver The solarPsychology1, 220:The base of spine. The relation of the seven centers to the various kingdoms in nature can be herePsychology1, 223:are sent out, from time to time, from the occult centers of the world, and through a readiness toPsychology1, 252:the esotericist "the true nerves and the sensory centers." Plants also have nerves, but they havePsychology1, 252:the same general grouping of nerves, of force centers and channels with a spinal column and aPsychology1, See pa:of prime contact through one or other of the centers in the etheric bodies of animals and men. ItPsychology1, See pa:in this connection that, in the animal, four centers are functioning, and three are present butPsychology1, See pa:or pours its energy through one or other of the centers in the etheric body of that Entity WhoPsychology1, See pa:speaking, are better understood, and the centers, with their seven ray vibrations, have been morePsychology1, See pa:a particular ray vibration, forms of life and centers of consciousness can be contacted and known.Psychology1, 261:can be served. The relation of the rays to the centers in the average aspirant might be classifiedPsychology1, 261:Fourth Ray. These rays and their corresponding centers warrant most careful study. They arePsychology1, 262:up into life and power, just as there are five centers always to be found in our planet, throughPsychology1, 262:into the natural world. I refer here to certain centers which are active where the physical andPsychology1, 262:developments during the next three years, five centers through which a new and energizing spiritualPsychology1, 280:body, have necessarily an effect upon the sacral centers of humanity, and hence the sex life ofPsychology1, 283:the entire world, and primarily in our large centers of population, of an increase in sexualPsychology1, 288:activity through the medium of certain force centers in the etheric body. These, for our immediatePsychology1, 288:immediate purposes, can be divided into three centers below the diaphragm and four above. ThesePsychology1, 289:Through the union of the energies of these two centers we shall come to that stage in ourPsychology1, 290:there are in the head of man two great energy centers. One of them, the center between thePsychology1, 290:and blended with it, - the energy of the three centers below the diaphragm and of the throat andPsychology1, 290:below the diaphragm and of the throat and heart centers. The other, the head center, is awakenedPsychology1, 291:he automatically raises the energies of the centers in the body up to the center between thePsychology1, 291:Eventually the influence of each of the two centers increases and becomes wider and wider, untilPsychology1, 291:to raise the lower energies into the higher centers, and it is this transition which is causingPsychology1, 292:them to raise the lower energies into the higher centers, and to transfer the focus of theirPsychology1, 296:work of transmuting the lower into the higher centers; a marriage will be regarded as undesirablePsychology1, 318:and the seven races constitute the seven major centers, with the polarization shifting ever intoPsychology1, 318:the polarization shifting ever into the higher centers, and the lower centers fading away intoPsychology1, 318:ever into the higher centers, and the lower centers fading away into quiescence, until the timePsychology1, 318:as to the relation between the races and the centers in the body of humanity: [319] Races CenterPsychology1, 326:the ages. This inner demand in man awakens the centers, and the awakening of the centers determinesPsychology1, 326:awakens the centers, and the awakening of the centers determines the response of the endocrine
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