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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CENTERS

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Psychology1, 365:of the years, the potent movements of the great centers of population, the coming and the going ofPsychology1, 370:"the etheric web" dividing off the various force centers in the human body, and protecting the headPsychology1, 370:in the human body, and protecting the head centers from the astral world, so there is a separatingPsychology1, 370:The etheric web which is found between the centers in the spine, and which is found at the top ofPsychology1, 413:Plexus. Human Brain. Vocal Organs. The two Head Centers. II. Mineral Base of Spine Adrenals.Psychology1, 419:Nervous system. "It is known." Bodily location: Centers up spine. Plane: The atmic, or plane ofPsychology1, 426:what are called "the true nerves and the sensory centers" by the esotericists. Plants also havePsychology1, 426:the same general grouping of nerves, of force centers and channels, with a spinal column and aPsychology1, 428:on the Rays The Relation of the Rays to the Centers Head Center - Ray of Will or Power. First Ray.Psychology2, 17:focuses itself fully through him, and all his centers are controlled by that focused soul ray, thenPsychology2, 26:begins to shift gradually out of the lower centers into the higher. Mankind is developing thePsychology2, 64:types of energy. These are called "force centers", and upon these depend the life experience of thePsychology2, 66:he draws them into the magnetic field of the centers up the spine and blends them with the dualPsychology2, 66:from the spleen. The spinal tract with its five centers then awakens into activity, and finally allPsychology2, 66:the protective barriers, separating the various centers. The etheric body intensifies its vitality,Psychology2, 80:them powerful factors in the Plan, and magnetic centers of force, gathering workers and forcesPsychology2, 83:of the etheric body and its seven force centers (which are all related to the seven rays, and inPsychology2, 116:Students know that there are in the head two centers, the ajna center and the head center - twoPsychology2, 117:the animal consciousness of the body. These two centers (externalized by the two glands, the pinealPsychology2, 117:of the soul gets stronger, the radiance of the centers increases, and the periphery of their spherePsychology2, 117:be found in the spine, and localized in the five centers up the spine. Eventually the interplay isPsychology2, 117:of light, of living fire, links the three "laya centers." The symbol is then completed, and thePsychology2, 117:of Magnetic impulse (as the linking of the head centers demonstrates) and the two aspects of hisPsychology2, 130:be employed in child guidance in our educational centers or the relation between the religious andPsychology2, 132:work under the new incoming Aquarian Law. This centers around the capacity to stand, not only inPsychology2, 137:permitting the force to pour through into the centers in the etheric body. This point of silence isPsychology2, 137:the force comes through in purity, it brings the centers above the [138] diaphragm steadily intoPsychology2, 139:- can be functioning. There are today enough centers of light, scattered all over the world, andPsychology2, 153:initiate of the Rose Croix Chapter. The eighteen centers of force with which the spiritual man hasPsychology2, 153:which the spiritual man has to work: The seven centers in the etheric body. The seven centers inPsychology2, 153:The seven centers in the etheric body. The seven centers in the astral body. The three rows ofPsychology2, 158:potent in evoking the response of the two head centers to the impact of soul force, and unifyingPsychology2, 191:The world of ideas is a world of dynamic force centers. This should not be forgotten. These ideasPsychology2, 192:and this is the function of those force centers which will express themselves along these lines ofPsychology2, 197:the heart is rapidly linked up with the heart centers of at least eight other people. Groups ofPsychology2, 213:energized through the medium of the three major centers - heart, head and throat - of the Being whoPsychology2, 226:constitutes one of the fundamental "original centers of force" which can and will form an outpostPsychology2, 233:controls, via the solar plexus and the lower centers. Intellect, which is intelligentPsychology2, 233:brain, and working through the throat and ajna centers. Intuition. This is predominantly concernedPsychology2, 233:eventually flooding with light or energy all the centers, thus linking a man in consciousness withPsychology2, 279:[279] From one point of view, these two centers of force constitute the Temples of InitiationPsychology2, 294:Life, Quality, and Appearance. Through the seven centers in the etheric body, the seven rayPsychology2, 301:of a man's manifested life appear, his seven centers are related to the seven aspects or qualitiesPsychology2, 302:Third aspect. These are the three major centers for the advanced man. The throat center - Mind. ThePsychology2, 302:It is the etheric body, with all its seven centers, which is swept into activity when the basicPsychology2, 304:is founded primarily in the three lowest centers in the etheric body: The sacral center - thePsychology2, 304:indwelling soul is focused in the three higher centers. The head center - the mental consciousness.Psychology2, 305:- through its circulating life - with all the centers in the etheric body. This step precedes whatPsychology2, 305:human being. During this period all the centers are necessarily active in a slow and rhythmic way.Psychology2, 305:can see. As time goes on all the petals in the centers below the diaphragm become active, but theyPsychology2, 305:the first fusion as related above. Then all the centers have their petals vibrant. They are, at thePsychology2, 306:the initiate expresses himself through all the centers and in which both the group of petals andPsychology2, 306:be said: At the stage of individualization The centers throughout the body awaken and begin toPsychology2, 306:body awaken and begin to function faintly. The centers below the diaphragm receive the major impactPsychology2, 306:of the incoming life. Three of the petals in all centers are "awake" and demonstrate activity,Psychology2, 306:definite personality, All the petals in all the centers are awake, but the central focal point ofPsychology2, 306:faint light, but there is no true activity. The centers above the diaphragm, with the exception ofPsychology2, 306:with the exception of the ajna and head centers, are receptive to impact and inflow of life. [307] Psychology2, 307:personality are beginning to merge, The two head centers are becoming increasingly active. ThePsychology2, 307:into activity. The light of the petals in the centers below the diaphragm is beginning to dim, butPsychology2, 307:complete at-one-ment is established. The four centers above the diaphragm become dominantly active.Psychology2, 307:and electric fire) merge and blend. All the centers in the body of the initiate can be intensifiedPsychology2, 314:in the life of the monad; the lower bodies are centers of expression in the life of the soul. AsPsychology2, 314:of experience in consciousness and the lesser centers of experience (the lower bodies) assume lessPsychology2, 314:the bodies in the earlier stages of evolution as centers of conscious experience, and upon them andPsychology2, 315:not think of the permanent atoms as material centers, or as germs of form, which is the prevailingPsychology2, 315:those people whose vehicles of expression, as centers for the gaining of experience, are notPsychology2, 315:indwelling soul. When this is the case, the centers in the etheric body are diversely but onlyPsychology2, 315:human beings whose vehicles of expression, as centers of experience, are over-developed andPsychology2, 316:the rush of force through from the soul, via the centers, presents real difficulty, andPsychology2, 316:as a center of consciousness and the vehicles as centers of experience with which we are concerningPsychology2, 316:sequentially in the three bodies, and the centers of experience for him are primarily the field ofPsychology2, 318:the following reservation. They state that the centers of expression through which the soul gainsPsychology2, 318:man's basic identifications remain as yet in the centers of expression and not in the center ofPsychology2, 322:the One Life. The energy thus sent forth forms centers of experience in the three worlds throughPsychology2, 322:qualified material or substance. Through these centers, the needed experience is gained, the lifePsychology2, 323:the mechanism of manifestation and the centers for experience improve as the consciousness widensPsychology2, 336:has faithfully reflected that of the great centers of force, with their inter-connecting lines ofPsychology2, 338:of contacts, therefore, steadily expands, the centers in man's etheric body (three below and fourPsychology2, 339:a threefold process and a fivefold movement. The centers below the diaphragm are the controllingPsychology2, 339:sacral center was the controlling factor. The centers below the diaphragm become fully active, withPsychology2, 341:are motivating and dynamically arousing the centers into activity. This leads eventually to aPsychology2, 341:leads eventually to a direct alignment of the centers upon the spine, so that soul energy can passPsychology2, 341:soul energy can pass up and down through the centers from the directing center in the head. WhilstPsychology2, 341:intensification of the energy reception by the centers, and the inflow of soul potency. This willPsychology2, 358:the solar plexus center does to the other six centers, for it constitutes a great clearing house.Psychology2, 385:throat center, and thus the [385] three major centers, which are aroused into activity upon thePsychology2, 385:and full-conditioned functioning of the two head centers is completed. This is the result of thePsychology2, 385:the possibility of a new system of awakening the centers, or chakras. But this system concerns onlyPsychology2, 385:to the awakening and right relation of the centers when the aspirant is upon the probationary path.Psychology2, 412:these work through seven focal points or centers of force in the etheric body. These centers ofPsychology2, 412:or centers of force in the etheric body. These centers of energy are found in close proximity to,Psychology2, 413:pancreas. The adrenals. The gonads. [413] These centers are: The head center. The center betweenPsychology2, 413:Personality - Some Problems of Psychology These centers are closely concerned with the endocrinePsychology2, 413:your attention to the relation between the centers of force in the etheric body, the processes ofPsychology2, 413:of the oriental teaching about the centers of force through which the subjective aspects of man -Psychology2, 417:of the brain, and through the ajna and throat centers. Intuition distinguishes the soul nature andPsychology2, 432:and intelligence) work through the seven major centers, whilst the mind body and the astral bodyPsychology2, 432:body and the astral body work through many other centers, though possessing also within themselvesPsychology2, 432:though possessing also within themselves seven centers which are the transmitting counterparts of
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