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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CENTERS

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Psychology2, 432:are carried out through the medium of all these centers. Through the heightening of vibration,Psychology2, 432:through the swinging into activity of the centers, and through the subsequent and consequentPsychology2, 434:entering the physical body via the seven centers in the etheric body; of these centers, thePsychology2, 434:the seven centers in the etheric body; of these centers, the glandular system is simply thePsychology2, 434:stream, being in their turn conditioned by the centers. The solar plexus, directing and controllingPsychology2, 434:underlie every nerve in the human body and the centers which they form at certain points ofPsychology2, 434:plexus found in the human body. Certain of these centers, major and minor, are of uniquePsychology2, 435:imaginative life of man. It also possesses centers of force which are counterparts of those to bePsychology2, 435:The mind nature, which works through four centers and only four. The soul itself, or the truePsychology2, 445:fields of conflicting energies there are lesser centers of conflict. These are frequently broughtPsychology2, 453:and also of the body areas around the seven centers, particularly in the organic and physiologicalPsychology2, 453:organic and physiological correspondences to the centers, plus a grasp of possibilities and ofPsychology2, 461:self-conscious and aware of themselves as centers of thought. They are obsessed with their ownPsychology2, 479:standpoint of its relation to the seven major centers in the body. In many cases, the glandsPsychology2, 479:cases, the glands indicate the condition of the centers. Thus an understanding of the force systemPsychology2, 479:the patient will take place. The Science of the Centers is yet in its infancy, as is the Science ofPsychology2, 514:which art pouring into and through the various centers to those centers which can more safelyPsychology2, 514:into and through the various centers to those centers which can more safely handle them, thusPsychology2, 514:and find that the difficulty lies in the centers which are found near to the particular organ inPsychology2, 514:in the body) to the head. There are two major centers definitely connected with the fact ofPsychology2, 514:all the forces found below the diaphragm to the centers above the diaphragm. [515] The throatPsychology2, 515:found above the diaphragm into the two head centers. There are three aspects connected with thisPsychology2, 519:the effect or the relation of the seven centers of force, which are to be found in the human body,Psychology2, 519:plus the underdevelopment, of the centers of energy found in the human mechanism and closelyPsychology2, 520:Those arising out of the awakening of the centers. These constitute a major difficulty and will,Psychology2, 520:out of the Awakening and Stimulation of the Centers Those of you who have read my other books andPsychology2, 520:and how little is yet known and taught anent the centers and their force emanations and thePsychology2, 521:thus clarify their knowledge anent the various centers. One thing I would like here to point outPsychology2, 521:and that is the relation of the various centers to the rays. This is as follows: Ray one - Power orPsychology2, 521:and relationship anent the seven major centers, the seven major glands and the localities and areasPsychology2, 521:areas in the human body where these glands and centers are to be found. I would also beg you toPsychology2, 521:outer activity through the medium of the three centers below the diaphragm. That average man isPsychology2, 522:the forces which are being transferred from the centers below the diaphragm to the throat centerPsychology2, 522:governed and controlled by the throat and heart centers and are also beginning to transfer thePsychology2, 522:raised up and lifted into the head from all the centers in the body, and by those which pour intoPsychology2, 522:development. There are two major transferring centers in the etheric body - the solar plexus andPsychology2, 523:is a transference to be made from all the lower centers to higher ones and that this is usuallyPsychology2, 523:transmuted into group service. 3. That all these centers are developed and brought into activity inPsychology2, 523:of a man's life: There is a period wherein the centers are active only in a sluggish andPsychology2, 524:and intensifying of force. The light of the centers is brighter and the solar plexus center, inPsychology2, 524:of the man is focused below the diaphragm. The centers above the diaphragm are dim and dull andPsychology2, 524:in bringing satisfaction to his needs. His centers are the receivers primarily of physical andPsychology2, 524:last a long time and cover several lives. The centers below the diaphragm are fully awakened; theirPsychology2, 525:them and transferring them to the higher centers. The man is now the highly intelligent citizen andPsychology2, 525:life. A period wherein the heart and throat centers are brought into activity. The man isPsychology2, 526:come to the zenith of his personality life. The centers below the head will all be active andPsychology2, 526:head will all be active and functioning, but the centers below the diaphragm will be subordinatedPsychology2, 526:to pour its energy into all the etheric or vital centers, via the head center. The point at thePsychology2, 527:light of all that lies around." [527] All the centers in the body are then swept into orderedPsychology2, 527:of awakening and subsequent utilization of the centers and, secondly, the period of thePsychology2, 527:plexus to the heart, and then from all the four centers up the spine to the throat center, prior toPsychology2, 527:prior to the focusing of the energy of all the centers in the ajna center (between the eye brows).Psychology2, 527:direction and guidance to the five lower centers which it synthesizes. Each of these stages bringsPsychology2, 528:to carrying them to the throat and heart centers above the diaphragm. This stage covers not onlyPsychology2, 528:also that of focusing the forces in the higher centers. Period - The later stages of the Path ofPsychology2, 529:center? There are quite a large number of lesser centers and their energies, but I am notPsychology2, 529:clarity; we shall deal here only with the major centers and their effects and interrelations. ThePsychology2, 529:from planetary sources as well as into two small centers situated close to the kidneys, one onPsychology2, 529:It is interesting to note that the two little centers close to the kidneys are related to the lowerPsychology2, 530:to [530] the same rhythmic life as are the other centers. The specific period wherein "kundaliniPsychology2, 532:follows: How can this process of awakening the centers, of using them as channels for force (atPsychology2, 532:of transferring the energy to ever higher centers - produce problems, disease, and the many andPsychology2, 533:body in its nervous structure and the energy centers condition and control the glandular system.Psychology2, 533:and activity. When the heart center and the head centers are awakened and used by the interior andPsychology2, 534:center to the heart and from thence to the other centers. This inflow produces: Stimulation of allPsychology2, 534:This inflow produces: Stimulation of all the centers, major and minor, carried forward according toPsychology2, 534:It produces the intense activities of the centers and this can, in the early stages, [535] causePsychology2, 535:and finds its way to some one or other of the centers, according to the ray type or stage ofPsychology2, 539:areas of the body (controlled by the seven centers) from each other. This causes serious nervousPsychology2, 539:is withdrawn from the activity of the other centers and they are thus neglected. In this way, wholePsychology2, 539:to right ray methods, all the different centers. Many people, however (once a center is awakeningPsychology2, 540:(which is one of the most powerful of all the centers) and through the consequent flowing in ofPsychology2, 542:Who work through the [542] head and the heart centers, keep Themselves withdrawn from public lifePsychology2, 546:to the magnetic attractive power of the higher centers, the interior life of the man becomes aPsychology2, 547:I [547] listed them here, reminding you that the centers up the spinal column and in the headPsychology2, 547:body. These are affected and controlled by the centers and it is in these regions that one mustPsychology2, 548:the forces swing back and forth between the two centers, accounting for the uneven life of thePsychology2, 548:intestinal tract. When the energy of the lesser centers which are found below the diaphragm (butPsychology2, 549:care: Which are the areas controlled by the five centers up the spine and the two centers in thePsychology2, 549:by the five centers up the spine and the two centers in the head. The three major points ofPsychology2, 549:interplay between the higher and the lower centers, conditioned at first by a rhythmic repulsionPsychology2, 550:Then comes the control of the lower center or centers by the higher focal points of energy andPsychology2, 551:mystic to bring in energy [551] from the higher centers and from sources outside the human framePsychology2, 551:today in relation to the sacral and solar plexus centers. The glands - major and minor, endocrinePsychology2, 551:advanced man, it produces tension in the higher centers, definitely affecting the heart and thePsychology2, 551:forms of difficulty, will die out. As the heart centers and the higher centers assume control, suchPsychology2, 551:die out. As the heart centers and the higher centers assume control, such diseases as cancer,Psychology2, 552:come once the premise of the existence of the centers and their three "activities of interplay" arePsychology2, 552:the basic premise of the existence of the centers of force is not yet recognized. It is interestingPsychology2, 553:center focuses the abstracted energy of the five centers up the spine and is the seat ofPsychology2, 554:of humanity who are working through the lower centers; this tends to produce an immense personalityPsychology2, 555:which are responsible for the awakening of the centers are many. The primary one is the force ofPsychology2, 568:stimulates the solar plexus or throat centers and thus opens a door on to the astral plane. In allPsychology2, 574:psychic nature. In these cases, all the higher centers are quiescent and undeveloped. The solarPsychology2, 575:with, and dependent upon, the development of the centers. In the low grade human being, the centersPsychology2, 575:the centers. In the low grade human being, the centers are nothing more than slowly revolving,Psychology2, 575:- a thing practically unknown (except in urban centers) a few hundred years ago. [576] Now it isPsychology2, 576:As you know, on the astral and mental planes centers exist which are [577] called "dark centers"Psychology2, 577:centers exist which are [577] called "dark centers" because the emphasis of their activity is uponPsychology2, 581:transferences are going on today between the centers below the diaphragm into those above the
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