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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CENTERS

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Soul, 101:we call prana. This dual energy has two positive centers in the vital body and consequently in theSoul, 103:"It has now been proved, that the highest centers are located in the cortex of the brain, whereSoul, 103:of action and sensation is manifested. These centers are both receiving i.e. sensory; and directingSoul, 103:directing i.e. motor, and have their subsidiary centers in the two large swellings called theSoul, 103:of the brain. Normally, the auxiliary motor centers are more or less under the control of theSoul, 103:The Yogi is concerned with the subsidiary nerve centers in the thalamus. The normal function of theSoul, 105:According to the Tantras, however, the chief centers of consciousness are to be found in theSoul, 106:and technique of the Oriental teaching as to the centers in man have in view the increasing displaySoul, 109: The Soul and its Mechanism - The Seven Centers of Force Chapter VI Seven Centers of Force In theSoul, 109:- The Seven Centers of Force Chapter VI Seven Centers of Force In the previous chapter we have seenSoul, 110:contact with the physical body, called the seven centers. These seven force centers transmit theSoul, 110:called the seven centers. These seven force centers transmit the life force, and are the agents ofSoul, 110:Dreamer in his book, says: "What then are the centers of man? They are the reflections in theSoul, 110:various upadhis, developing in them artificial centers which form, so to say, at one and the sameSoul, 110:center is "chakra." The location of the seven centers of force (with their complete Indian names)Soul, 111:chakra It will be noted that there are four centers above the diaphragm and three below. Much hasSoul, 111:and more could be said, about these force centers or chakras, but the following will serve as anSoul, 111:will serve as an introductory summary. The force centers carry pranic energy for every part of theSoul, 111:sympathetic and peripheral. From the force centers the vital or pranic energy is distributed alongSoul, 112:of the modern anatomists coincide with these centers. From what has been said above it will appearSoul, 112:what has been said above it will appear that the centers are constituted by bloodvessels. But theSoul, 113:Nature's Finer Forces, pp. 45-46. The force centers are situated up the spinal column and in theSoul, 113:It is to be noted that, just as there are five centers (Chakras) hereinafter described, theSoul, 114:Svadhisthana, Manipura, Anahata, and Vishuddha centers, or Chakras. (These regions are the base ofSoul, 115: The Soul and its Mechanism - The Seven Centers of Force As the foregoing quotation refers to theSoul, 115:cannot be too severely condemned. These force centers are not merely situated up the spinal columnSoul, 115:too intricate to be detailed here. Of the seven centers, two are in the head and five in the spinalSoul, 115:the head and five in the spinal column. The two centers in the head have a direct relation to theSoul, 115:organism we call man, the personality. The five centers in the spinal column concern the varyingSoul, 115:the force pouring into and issuing from the head centers. In The Serpent Power it is stated that:Soul, 116:The Serpent Power it is stated that: [116] "The centers influence not only the muscularSoul, 116:and the like, which have their proximate centers in the spinal cord. The cerebral centers are said,Soul, 116:centers in the spinal cord. The cerebral centers are said, however, to control these functions onlySoul, 116:feeling, and emotion; whereas the spinal centers with the subordinate sympathetic system are saidSoul, 116:both a path of communication between the higher centers and the periphery and an independent centerSoul, 118:be reasons to suppose that there are nervous centers in the central system related in a special waySoul, 118:sensory, secretary, or motor, and that centers, such as the alleged genito-spinal center, for aSoul, 118:the spinal cord. It is the subtle aspect of such centers as expressions of consciousnessSoul, 119: The Soul and its Mechanism - The Seven Centers of Force These centers vary in activity accordingSoul, 119:its Mechanism - The Seven Centers of Force These centers vary in activity according to theSoul, 119:status of the individual. In some people certain centers are "awake" and in others the same centersSoul, 119:centers are "awake" and in others the same centers may be relatively quiescent. In certain types,Soul, 119:savage people and the little evolved, the three centers below the diaphragm - the center at theSoul, 119:plexus center - are alive and dominant, but the centers above the diaphragm are "asleep." InSoul, 119:to make itself felt with the head and heart centers still asleep. In the highly evolved humanSoul, 119:and in the great saints, both the head and heart centers are making their vibrations felt, prioritySoul, 119:then, to the development of the man these force centers become alive and dominant, and according toSoul, 119:types of activity make their presence felt. The centers below the diaphragm govern the physicalSoul, 120:teaching of the East with regard to the seven centers of force or chakras. When we compare theSoul, 120:we compare the Eastern Doctrine of the seven centers with the Western doctrine of glands, we findSoul, 120:striking fact with regard to locality. The seven centers of force are to be found in the sameSoul, 120:table shows this identity of location. CENTERS - GLANDS Head center - Pineal gland Center betweenSoul, 120:more striking than the first, is that the force centers which are awake conform to the glands whoseSoul, 121:or hormones, have been discovered. The centers that are asleep or awakening in advanced members ofSoul, 121:brought into being through the energy of the centers, for those centers which, in average humanity,Soul, 121:through the energy of the centers, for those centers which, in average humanity, are awake andSoul, 121:relation to the bloodstream known, whilst those centers which are as yet asleep and undevelopedSoul, 122:of the Oriental theory as to the force centers. The condition of the glands and theirSoul, 122:may be determined by the state of those centers. The glands are only outer symbols, the visible,Soul, 122:controls and dominates all. The state of the centers, then, is dependent upon the type and qualitySoul, 122:nurtures the animal life and brings the lower centers (the center at the base of the spine and theSoul, 123: The Soul and its Mechanism - The Seven Centers of Force He quotes Mrs. Besant also in theSoul, 123:today through the medium of these three centers for the most part. The forces of the body serve toSoul, 124:become vitally awake. Gradually the higher centers come into increased activity, and the emphasisSoul, 124:the force pouring through the body shifts to the centers above the diaphragm. The throat centerSoul, 124:inclusiveness of the life-soul. Finally the head centers awaken and another range of perceptionsSoul, 124:at the base of the spine, the heart and head centers, must come into full functioning activity andSoul, 125:Hindus claim, follow upon the awakening of the centers, and which they list as follows: Anima - theSoul, 127:and spirit, through the awakening of all the centers, man comes to his maturity and his glory.Soul, 128:Part of this, the etheric body with its centers, is subtle, unseen and beyond the reach of our fiveSoul, 128:the etheric body which evolves the specialized centers in that body, and which in turn acts uponSoul, 128:nervous system and the etheric body with its centers are out of adjustment and not functioningSoul, 129:Work directly upon the glands and the nerve centers through the use of medicines and by other meansSoul, 129:state of those particular glands and nerve centers originally created by the particular man inSoul, 129:and if anything, more emphatically true of the centers in the etheric body which can be affected bySoul, 129:to work with intelligence directly upon the centers and thus be able to control more effectivelySoul, 129:So says the West. The second is: As a man's centers, so is he. The quiescence or the activity ofSoul, 130:upon the qualities of force flowing through his centers. So says the East. The third is: The glandsSoul, 130:third is: The glands and neuroses as well as the centers are conditioned by the control or lack ofSoul, 130:Or, accepting the Eastern position that the centers are the mediums of expression for the soul, andSoul, 131:method and work directly on or through the centers ? Is there a third way by means of which we canSoul, 131:approach and also the danger of awakening the centers prematurely? May it not be possible to arriveSoul, 131:soul and body which a right activity of the centers is claimed to bring about? There is a waySoul, 134:of the directing spiritual will. When both these centers are awakened we have the great outstandingSoul, 135:This control of energy and therefore of the centers and of the physical body is only possible afterSoul, 136:the energizing of the entire man and awakens the centers in proper rhythm and progression. ThisSoul, 136:energy playing through the vital body and the centers should, it is claimed, bring physical man andSoul, 138:when the hypothesis of the vital body and the centers is admitted, much real knowledge may come. Soul, 138:of the soul that the awakening of the various centers reveals states of subtler matter than theSoul, 138:the physical. It is mainly, however, with the centers above the diaphragm that the spiritual manSoul, 139:of the force below the diaphragm to the centers above. Through evolution and the effect ofSoul, 139:to function consciously through his three major centers, (head, heart and throat) leaving the threeSoul, 139:(head, heart and throat) leaving the three lower centers, (the base of the spine, sacral center andSoul, 142:true spiritual union or fusion between the two centers of energy in the head, which are, in theirSoul, 142:for this relationship between the two head centers and their corresponding glands is that theSoul, 147:of the spine and its relation to the centers is as yet a new field of study, though Dr. Baraduc ofSoul, 158:Human Beings, George A. Dorsey, Ph.D., LL.D. THE CENTERS: The Bhagavad Gita The Chakras, C. W.Telepathy, 9:when group work in telepathy is undertaken, the centers of transmission wherein high andTelepathy, 10:also be borne in mind that it is only as the centers employed are consciously used that we haveTelepathy, 10:The two parties concerned are using different centers and are sensitive to certain types of force
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