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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CENTRAL

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Fire, 879:solar energy find the "path of return" to their central emanating source; by the disruption of theFire, 883:planetary Logos of a man's particular ray. This central unit of threefold force is dealt with in aFire, 883:up, permitting an ever freer display of the central electric point. At the fourth Initiation, theFire, 886:return of the lunar Pitris of all degrees to the central point for force substance. In a psychicFire, 891:form of government suited to their needs in the central caves several miles below the crust of theFire, 891:mineral kingdom, and the "agnichaitans" of the central fires are under their control. Their bodiesFire, 916:planes of superconscious life, or those four central vibrations which are the basis of the life andFire, 920:of the first degree) is an emanation from the central spiritual sun in the first instance and fromFire, 921:types of solar energy, and is unraveling the central mystery of the system. As the triple nature ofFire, 974:thought form by a stream of energy from the central Spiritual Sun to a point in the center of theFire, 982:- that system of which each human unit is the central sun, for under the Law of Attraction he drawsFire, 988:the kundalini force as it is transmitted via the central spinal channel. The black magician usesFire, 988:which mount via the two channels, leaving the central one dormant. Hence it will be apparent thatFire, 1004:type of divine life-substance around the central nucleus. The form, occultly, is made to be sentFire, 1017:the accretion of matter into a form around the central vortex. This can be seen demonstrating in anFire, 1020:takes place after the will energy has formed the central nucleus by being brought into contact withFire, 1029:of evolution. The activity which withdraws the central energy from out of the responsive form andFire, 1033:in the threefold Ego (the lives who form the central bud, the lives of the petals, and the tripleFire, 1035:the Bodhisattva, which consists of the straight central serpent with the two others entwined aroundFire, 1035:Kumara is far more intricate, and instead of the central Rod, or Serpent, standing on the tip ofFire, 1047:on the cosmic planes are called: 9 [1047] The central spiritual sun (essential). The sunFire, 1048:is used in the three following connotations: The Central Spiritual Sun. - S. D., I, 519, 520, 700,Fire, 1054:ever more extensive. The atom controls its own central life; man can control the sets of lives whoFire, 1055:or subtle) pursue an orbital course around the central energetic positive unit. This dynamic forceFire, 1055:centers of force are to be found depicted in the central Triangles upon the chart on page 373Fire, 1056:action, and its recognition of the divine central magnet. This brings it under the constantFire, 1058:It deals with the revolution of our Sun around a central point and with its relation to the threeFire, 1064:alone produces "occult radiation," - that of the central essential life of the form in which theFire, 1064:and in whatever kingdom) feels the force of the central energy which holds it, [1065] along withFire, 1065:dispelled, the true form is dissipated, and the central life escapes to find its greater magneticFire, 1066:yet they had no perception of the nature of the central force which was drawing the life they wereFire, 1066:remember that that which "seeks liberty" is the central electric spark; that this liberty isFire, 1067:takes place, and the result of the escape of the central positive energy is achieved, and itsFire, 1069:in the lower spark of life, and withdraws the central point of fire. This naturally presupposesFire, 1075:been stimulated to a point where the positive central life is ready for the imposition of a higherFire, 1075:positive life which releases the imprisoned central spark and causes what might from some aspectsFire, 1077:the radioactive mineral; in every case it is the central positive life, the electric spark or thatFire, 1077:The mineral monad of the mineral kingdom, or the central positive nucleus in all atoms andFire, 1077:The monad in the vegetable kingdom, or the central positive life of every plant and vegetableFire, 1094:of the triplicity of all atomic activity: The central point of active positive force - the hub. TheFire, 1094:lesser lives are impelled by the force of the central solar life to pass throughout the extent ofFire, 1098:sense, from cosmic mental levels via the central spiritual sun, and through what is called inFire, 1111:Self, through the color and arrangement of the central tier of petals. This tier gives the "family"Fire, 1114:of force from the Sacred Planets play upon the central tier of petals. Herein lies a hint to theFire, 1115:of the life-impulses from the heart of the central Spiritual Sun, so that we have a direct gradedFire, 1115:chain of transmitting energies. The Heart of the central Spiritual Sun. The sevenfold heart of theFire, 1115:of the physical Sun. The buddhic devas to The central circle of petals. The astral permanent atom.Fire, 1118:likewise active, and revolves around the central Jewel, so that we have, not only the activity ofFire, 1118:stage in evolution, prior to the opening of the central veiling bud, the three tiers of petals,Fire, 1118:appears to be in motion. At the final stages the central circle of petals opens, revealing thatFire, 1119:not being the subject of the attention of this central fire in due time cease to be active;Fire, 1119:of the living Jewel, it is synthesized in the central living unit and only the Jewel of fireFire, 1119:is completed. The lower fires die out; the central fire is absorbed, and only the radiant point ofFire, 1120:the Path and his purpose is intensified, the central bud unfolds, the revolution is unified, andFire, 1122:reach him. The egoic lotus is unfolded, and the central "fire" displayed. Each petal and eachFire, 1122:vibration, and glowing with the light of its own central fire. The etheric body especially is to beFire, 1162:wheels, at the center of which lies hidden that central cosmic Life, we call a planetary Logos. HeFire, 1166:born forth (as multitudinous progeny). From such central and essential desire, the will to live,Fire, 1167:the Law of Synthesis is the Law of the positive central life; whilst the Law of Attraction governsFire, 1172:behind, and is therefore [1172] attracted to the central spark; it demonstrates the attractiveFire, 1172:it demonstrates the attractive quality of the central life. All colors, therefore, are centers ofFire, 1172:the working of another law, emanating from the central spiritual Sun. The one is purely systemic,Fire, 1186:for the construction of a form around a central nucleus. Students would find it useful to study andFire, 1186:of Fire SOLAR LOGOS: 1. Causal Body. Jewel. Central Spiritual Sun. Cosmic Will. Electric Fire.Fire, 1186:A Deva Hierarchy. Atomic Subplane. Fohatic. Central Fire. Initiatory. 2. Plane Devas. Centers.Fire, 1196:a circle of twelve, with one in the center. The central one will be synthetic, and will be thatFire, 1196:Hierarchy is emanated from the Heart of the central Spiritual Sun. 32 It is the Son of God Himself,Fire, 1205:solar Logos via three great cosmic centers: The central spiritual Sun. The heart of the Sun. TheFire, 1205:is a reflection in the human system of the "central spiritual sun." The heart center of a man onFire, 1205:Thus the tiny atom man is linked with the great central Life of the solar system. This FifthFire, 1215:Atomic Relations Individual. This concerns the central fire of all atoms and affects the relationFire, 1224:2 or 7 Seven colored Spheres, each with a central fire. Two of the 7th Shakti. 3. The Triads or theFire, 1226:[1226] system, electric fire. For the positive central life of every form is but an expression ofFire, 1232:may not as yet be defined, to realize that a central life persists which permeates and animates theFire, 1233:seeking expression. Matter is but a symbol of a central energy. Forms of all kinds in all theFire, 1235:its emanation into the world of forms. It is the central dynamic energy which is responsible forFire, 1279:Darkness reigns and silence on the waters. The central calm persists. * * * The completed chord,Glamour, 143:of the Sun" which is always directed by the "central spiritual Sun," localized in the head. GetGlamour, 185:rest of Their teaching but an extension of Their central themes. Their contribution was an integralGlamour, 188:that he can receive the message direct from the central divine Source. He has joined the ranks ofGlamour, 192:the physical Sun, the heart of the Sun, and the Central Spiritual Sun. In this last sentence youHealing, 136:five are present. For each is to be found a central point of contact. The conflict of theseHealing, 145:or the Brahmarandra. [145] It corresponds to the central spiritual sun. It is brought intoHealing, 170:the sun," just as the heart center is. It is the central factor in the life of the personality forHealing, 175:throughout the entire etheric body into one central focal point of distribution - under directHealing, 177:of an idea, an organization [177] built around a central truth, the form of a planet or of a solarHealing, 211:These combined energies then rush up the central channel in the spinal column, and the third orHealing, 331:of contact and communication between this central powerhouse [332] of life and the periphery. As weHealing, 344:of the heart." The "one who hovers over the central lotus." The "distant one who sees from farHealing, 438:and the intentions which focus around the central core of man's being. The longing and theHealing, 438:of all thought on this subject concerns the central "I" or the integrity of Deity. You will noteHealing, 450:be left but that which caused them to be, the central will which is known by the effects of itsHealing, 450:is in reality a great effect produced by the central Cause, and the injunction is consequently:Healing, 453:the principle of self-determination, the central nucleus of positive energy by means of which allHealing, 533:five are present. For each is to be found a central point of contact. The conflict of theseHealing, 582:five are present. For each is to be found a central point of contact. The conflict of theseHealing, 588:five are present. For each is to be found a central point of contact. The two energies which meetHealing, 618:a ray or stream of energy, emanating from the central point within the center. Through this mediumHealing, 642:the life of the lunar lords more rapidly to the central reservoir of life than any other method,Healing, 642:Fire" and all fires have affinity with the central Fire.
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