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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CENTURIES

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Astrology, 114:or discovered within the last two or three centuries though it has always been known to theAstrology, 134:him have been tested again and [134] again for centuries in many cases and for decades in others,Astrology, 500:humanity, when men will look back at the pre-war centuries and wonder at their blindness and beAstrology, 581:a relationship which even at the close of twenty centuries is but a thin frail line of connectingAtom, 13:the minds of thinkers right down through the centuries. There have been many attempts to reply toAtom, 66:and doctrines) gradually grew and took shape. Centuries ensued wherein the form and the life seemedAutobiography, 16:old stock - my father's family dating back for centuries, even antedating the Crusades, and myAutobiography, 16:once put it, "they sat among their cabbages for centuries." It was good, clean and cultured stockAutobiography, 119:persecution - a persecution that is many, many centuries old. The Egyptians in the early phases ofAutobiography, 119:sitting in groups on the sidewalks. But for centuries the Jews were tent dwellers and had to liveAutobiography, 120:Jews have had to hang together in the face of centuries of persecution. It is claimed that the JewAutobiography, 139:and stage by stage, have led mankind on down the centuries. I made the amazing discovery, amazingBethlehem, 15:which has enabled many thousands, down the centuries, to see the light. Today Christ and HisBethlehem, 44:and the message of all true Christians down the centuries, and their united testimony bears witnessBethlehem, 60:or thirty of these stories scattered through the centuries of human history, and the stories andBethlehem, 63:to Christianity in the Sixth and Seventh Centuries the festival of the Nativity on December 25thBethlehem, 79:all that has been written and taught, down the centuries, proves futile and [80] unavailing. TheBethlehem, 80:St. Paul as given through translation down the centuries. The thought of sin is very little dweltBethlehem, 101:and speaking those words which have molded for centuries our Western civilization. For each of usBethlehem, 118:little we can do. The desires of men, down the centuries, have brought about a situation beforeBethlehem, 145:of all the schools of the Prophets which had for centuries foretold the coming of the One Who wouldBethlehem, 177:appearance of Jesus of Nazareth and for some centuries before, the Mediterranean and neighboringBethlehem, 183:the date was fixed astronomically nearly four centuries after Christ was born. The combination ofBethlehem, 197:of a God Whose nature is love has battled for centuries with the idea of a God Whose nature isBethlehem, 208:recognized so little. It has taken us twenty centuries to begin to understand Him and His missionBethlehem, 209:Him as the Savior of the world would retard for centuries the materializing of the kingdom of GodBethlehem, 232:minds of His friends and for the two or three centuries after His departure. The psychology of theBethlehem, 232:hope and purpose was restored, and the first few centuries of the Christian history (beforeBethlehem, 267:but the efforts that are now being made - twenty centuries after Christ left us with the command toDestiny, 8:ideas which have controlled the racial life for centuries - aggression for the sake of possessionDestiny, 27:which such prevision can - during the next three centuries - be developed in the race of men:Destiny, 34:Four problems will be solved in the next two centuries: The problem of territorial possessionsDestiny, 34:people," has stood symbolically throughout the centuries as the representative of the wandering,Destiny, 39:Their day and age required and all of Them for centuries - by the strength of Their living love andDestiny, 46:alive in that part of the world for many centuries. In spite of these facts, the higher and moreDestiny, 51:France is the fleur de lys, which she adopted centuries ago under divine guidance, which symbolDestiny, 66:I would remind you that - over the lapse of centuries - nations are reborn several times or comeDestiny, 72:in Europe during the Middle Ages and for centuries; she mediated the Piscean quality to theDestiny, 73:made France what she was, irradiating Europe for centuries; but it was the personality and not theDestiny, 85:that this great nation, having in past centuries been one of the major aggressors of the world,Destiny, 111:effort of the Hierarchy during the past twenty centuries was to lay the emphasis upon the realm ofDestiny, 115:ray and of its relation during the past few centuries to its major field of expression, the astralDiscipleship1to which disciples have been subjected down the centuries still hold good, but are susceptible ofDiscipleship1, 44:their achievement. They swayed hemispheres and centuries, whereas the lesser sons of God swayedDiscipleship1, 53:function. This manipulation of energies has (for centuries) been carried forward by us but itsDiscipleship1, 54:the supernormal which is the heritage of future centuries. To this particular branch ofDiscipleship1, 146:and ideas. These - during the next two centuries - will change the face of our civilization andDiscipleship2, 137:yet the most advanced. The work of the next few centuries will bring about changes in this respect,Discipleship2, 234:is to prove to the ignorant masses that - as the centuries slip away - spiritual living and trueDiscipleship2, 252:the existing verities differs vastly as the centuries slip away. Even the adept of the present isDiscipleship2, 255:Four lines of teaching were emphasized in past centuries and up until the year 1875: Hints as toDiscipleship2, 258:to the Spiritual Triad. You can also see why for centuries the emphasis of the Teachers of theDiscipleship2, 375:result of his life experiences down the ages or centuries. His ray energy which, rightly used,Discipleship2, 435:of events has been the ordinary form for centuries and all the time the idea of God TranscendentDiscipleship2, 535:and that ancient layers of soil - hidden for centuries from the light of day - were brought to theDiscipleship2, 616:something which has been dead for many, many centuries and are now attempting to call it a nation.Discipleship2, 685:of the sixth ray influence dominant for so many centuries) could be offset, and the mental grasp ofEducation, 40:and national idealisms. Its basic trend down the centuries has [41] produced our modern world andEducation, 43:to fruition, have been regarded for centuries as the task of organized religion, whereas it isEducation, 46:healed and the barriers which have existed for centuries will never be removed. The educators whoEducation, 72:will note that I have said "decades" and not "centuries." The earlier experiments along this lineEducation, 79:we have had the intensive training, down the centuries, of certain carefully chosen individuals andEducation, 91:present - but it will be decades and not centuries, if humanity can learn the lessons of war and ifEducation, 95:remember that the work done during the next two centuries in the field of education is definitelyEducation, 135:that it has the endorsement of tradition and centuries of practice does not mitigate this positionExternalisation, 63:attitudes of all peoples and races who, down the centuries and also today, have hated each otherExternalisation, 131:its turn, is the result of the control for many centuries in the past by the aristocracy, with itsExternalisation, 133:spirit of fusion took place in the 18th and 19th centuries, and led to the formation of suchExternalisation, 190:playthings of the human mind, down through the centuries. But these Utopias have been so far aheadExternalisation, 194:of emigration, marching armies throughout the centuries, and modern travel have inextricably mixedExternalisation, 194:The major racial problem has, for many centuries, been the Jewish, which has been brought to aExternalisation, 206:truths: That the errors and mistakes of past centuries, culminating in the present world war, areExternalisation, 272:and Effect, and which will be founded in future centuries on the recognition of the age of a soul'sExternalisation, 292:the three worlds of human living. Then, as the centuries pass, that truth and the effect of TheirExternalisation, 321:action) of the appearing of the One for Whom the centuries have long waited, to Whom prophecy inExternalisation, 327:of all that man has constructed during the centuries and out of the spoliation of all existingExternalisation, 354:world has ever seen because glamor, incident to centuries of greed and selfishness, of aggressionExternalisation, 363:of men, and it took decades and sometimes centuries for His message to penetrate into the hearts ofExternalisation, 374:position on the planet, have been used in past centuries for the benefit of the nation claimingExternalisation, 387:for which initiates and Masters have, for centuries, been preparing is in process of consummation.Externalisation, 389:for which the initiates and Masters have for centuries been preparing, and for which all the WesakExternalisation, 390:which will suffice to meet man's need for many centuries ahead and for which all past worldExternalisation, 403:and the discussions of churchmen throughout the centuries. I know that He realizes that the wordsExternalisation, 406:These Great Approaches can be traced down the centuries, and each time one took place it meant aExternalisation, 417:lines has been given out during the past two centuries. The fact of the existence of the HierarchyExternalisation, 432:disputes are of secondary interest. A tendency - centuries old - among the Germanic peoples toExternalisation, 443:of farsighted vision and warning by the Christ centuries ago, anent the man who cleaned house,Externalisation, 445:can and will determine the destiny of man for centuries to come. Even those who have no knowledgeExternalisation, 470:to sidestep understanding; consequently, for centuries, the emphasis has been laid upon death, andExternalisation, 471:will be demonstrated during the next few centuries, and the Living Christ will walk among men andExternalisation, 476:if this war had resembled other wars down the centuries, and had simply been a fight between humanExternalisation, 532:will become more common during the next two centuries, and my words here will therefore serve anExternalisation, 538:shall not deal here with the work to be done in centuries to come in and through humanity, which isExternalisation, 542:annually, as has been His custom for so many centuries. The Eastern Festival of Wesak (Vaisakha)Externalisation, 558:[558] but who did a great work in still earlier centuries.) It is work in preparation for HisExternalisation, 562:(if I may use such a word) to take place several centuries later than this but which - owing to theExternalisation, 592:of simple and spiritually-minded people down the centuries which have elapsed since humanity beganExternalisation, 595:of human need and human demand. Always, down the centuries, at the hour of man's greatest need andExternalisation, 596:- for the growth of the churches during the centuries is no guarantee of the spiritual success atExternalisation, 599:come. The Wesak Festival has been held, down the centuries, in the well-known valley in the
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