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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CENTURIES

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Problems, 101:desert from Egypt to the Holy Land, from there (centuries later) to the Mesopotamia Valley and fromProblems, 102:has disturbed the peace of countries down the centuries. The responsibility of the non-Jews, in theProblems, 106:and raiding each other's territory. For centuries they have been exploited and driven into slavery,Problems, 107:teaching and living. This, however, lies several centuries ahead. In considering the problem of theProblems, 111:States and to the West Indies more than two centuries ago and forced into slavery, the Negro hasProblems, 115:in human nature and is the product of countless centuries of fostered growth and the wrong type ofProblems, 126:Scripture which has been subjected during the centuries to the difficulties and the mistakesProblems, 130:In order to build them, the policy down the centuries has been to drain the money out of theProblems, 137:the people and this was due to the fact that for centuries they have had small place in the life ofProblems, 139:This problem has been slowly shaping up for centuries, developing with the growth of the humanProblems, 149:These great Approaches can be traced down the centuries; each time one took place, it meant aPsychology1, 97:the unfoldments of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, in the departments of science andPsychology1, 272:illusory relations which it will take several centuries to eradicate; they have also brought tooPsychology1, 282:influence will grow stronger during the coming centuries, until at the end of the Aquarian age, andPsychology1, 290:and prostituted to material ends. In the coming centuries this will be corrected; their energiesPsychology1, 354:are steadily increasing in difficulty as the centuries slip away. At the same time, the assetsPsychology1, 368:snare of materialism, and the outer form has for centuries been of more importance in the eyes ofPsychology1, 383:France is the fleur de lys, which she adopted centuries ago under divine guidance, which symbolPsychology1, 393:problem, - a problem which has existed for centuries, and which is, at this time, causing thePsychology2, 85:as magical, impossible and superhuman several centuries ago. The discoveries of science, thePsychology2, 119:service, which will be the glory of the coming centuries. Today, we have a world which is steadilyPsychology2, 194:have gradually been released over the past two centuries. A fuller tide was swept into activity atPsychology2, 374:sixth ray has been the dominant ray for so many centuries and is only now passing out. ThereforePsychology2, 399:from the higher types of men, even though centuries have elapsed since Plato endeavored to picturePsychology2, 404:and its culture of the sense of sin down the centuries have led to many disastrous conditions, toPsychology2, 509:in the mystical writings during the past few centuries in the Occident, are in this category. ThisPsychology2, 518:or by Sagittarius, or Pisces? In coming centuries, this aspect of astrological science will be ofPsychology2, 518:and education of children during the coming centuries. It will be one of the most important themesPsychology2, 597:In spite of the fact that he has been taught for centuries that the kingdom of God is within, thePsychology2, 622:our planet in one of the cyclic crises has for centuries expressed itself through the planetaryPsychology2, 625:and enquiring, will, during the next few centuries, give place to the problems and complexities ofPsychology2, 705:from that of the red Indians who roamed for centuries over the American continent and of whoseRays, 18:by all the great world religions down the centuries and have been recognized as the mainRays, 387:of the Lord of the World, Sanat Kumara. As the centuries have slipped away and the potency of theRays, 453:Everything man learns is applied - as the centuries pass - to the world of natural phenomena and ofRays, 453:the other in the head. Throughout all the past centuries, the creative thread, in one or other ofRays, 526:of humanity which, even at the close of many centuries, evokes the attention of mankind andRays, 624:enlightened wisdom which distinguished her many centuries ago. India has nearly lost the light, butRays, 625:other Catholic countries. Conflict during the centuries has done much for the Italian people, andRays, 635:have been persecuted and repudiated down the centuries, but have retaliated simply by moving on -Rays, 748:wondering, planning and deciding. In past centuries, it was only those who had benefited byRays, 757:widespread use became possible. That effort took centuries to accomplish. Today, we have all theReappearance, 12:relations. This the church has hindered down the centuries, and has not helped because of itsReappearance, 15:that the teaching has been given for many centuries and nothing has ever happened. That is aReappearance, 23:The unhappy state of the world as the result of centuries of selfishness and of the world war, theReappearance, 26:destiny. We have paid little attention down the centuries of human thinking to Christ's reaction toReappearance, 36:of simple and spiritually minded people down the centuries which have elapsed since humanity beganReappearance, 41:of human need and human demand. Always down the centuries, at the hour of man's greatest need andReappearance, 42:avail, for the growth of the churches during the centuries is no guarantee of the spiritual successReappearance, 45:come. The Wesak Festival has been held down the centuries in the well-known valley in the HimalayasReappearance, 51:is familiar to many and has been throughout the centuries. Christ is the world Healer and Savior.Reappearance, 60:men look for the Christ Who left His disciples centuries ago, they will fail to recognize theReappearance, 64:Presence (according to His promise) for twenty centuries. Let us, therefore, endeavor to get aReappearance, 81:form for us, thus preserving for us - down the centuries - a prophetic episode, the interpretationReappearance, 84:difficult for the mass of men in the first centuries of the Christian or Piscean era to realize theReappearance, 87:working disciples). When He was in Palestine, centuries ago, He said, "No man cometh unto theReappearance, 93:Their achievement. They swayed hemispheres and centuries, whereas lesser sons of God sway countriesReappearance, 96:though He relinquished His physical body centuries ago. He did this in order to accomplish certainReappearance, 99:and feeling, and to be generated during the centuries ahead of us. The lines which His trainingReappearance, 99:for that which He came to give and that for centuries much experience, teaching, trial and testingReappearance, 105:between His time and that of Vyasa. During those centuries wherein history is relatively dim andReappearance, 132:the astral plane and of the emotions - appeared, centuries ago, a point of light; the Lord ofReappearance, 140:in the discussions of churchmen throughout the centuries. Men have traveled far from the simplicityReappearance, 162:restore the old order and rule which (over the centuries) has saved the world from little, and theReappearance, 171:of right spiritual conduct presented to them for centuries, though largely because good conductReappearance, 173:the spreading of the fact of His return - for centuries a definite doctrine of the churches. ThatReappearance, 182:set upon the race and has persisted for many centuries. What will be the effect of the message of aSoul, 44:in the pituitary gland has been evidenced for centuries but until the late eighties so little wasSoul, 71:is an attempt to consider the testimony of the centuries as to the probable location of the soulSoul, 73:persons and God. The efforts of wise men for centuries have been to find a way to span the chasmSoul, 146:yet to recognize and control, just as he failed centuries ago to cognize those forces which he isSoul, 149:number of trials and errors extending over many centuries of qualitative measurements by carefulTelepathy, 111:of disciples. It is only within the last few centuries that the Hierarchy has shifted the focus ofTelepathy, 118:not involved and it will remain for several more centuries the agent of directed impression and notTelepathy, 134:you a general outline of events which may lie centuries ahead but which will inevitably occur -
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