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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CERTAINLY

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Astrology, 325:books, most of which are largely inaccurate and certainly unimportant. An intelligent understandingAstrology, 408:incomprehensible to the average astrologer and certainly to the average student. I would remindAtom, 39:in an intelligent Creator, a personal God?" "Certainly. The existence of such a God can, to myAtom, 128:not? At our present stage of development, we are certainly intelligent, but as yet there is veryAutobiography, 16:is having no real home. The lack of it most certainly conditioned my sister and me. Both my parentsAutobiography, 18:wrote me that she could not understand but she certainly could trust me because she knew that I hadAutobiography, 29:seemed greatly reassured when he told her I most certainly did. The other thing she [30] took upAutobiography, 30:fourteen, and then pulling the plug. I most certainly did. It was a deliberate crime. I was furiousAutobiography, 49:ought to do. I seldom, therefore, give advice. I certainly do not pretend to interpret God's mindAutobiography, 64:everything I wanted and had a grand time. I certainly "blew" myself. Incidentally, when the trunksAutobiography, 66:I was almost too good to live and certainly holy enough to be hated. I had taken no part in theAutobiography, 74:of criticism, of request or pleading. They were certainly a bunch of mystified men. All through theAutobiography, 95:I was too tired to care much in any case and certainly too tired to have any ideas as to skill inAutobiography, 131:her since. She probably did not like me and she certainly did not like the truth. This work in theAutobiography, 163:you do so?" Without a moment's notice I said, "Certainly not. I'm not a darned psychic and I don'tAutobiography, 185:and no true standard of living. It is certainly not entirely the boy's fault that so many of themBethlehem, 203:because we have often paid the price, and certainly because we care too much about our reputationsBethlehem, 275:rests upon each of us, because, though Christ certainly opened the door into the kingdom, the restDiscipleship1, 79:path of service at any cost. This I will most certainly do. [80] I would like to deal, first ofDiscipleship1, 115:it [115] not and knowing also that you do most certainly seek always to act under the urge and theDiscipleship1, 321:soon note results and those associated with you certainly will. My steadfast understanding and myDiscipleship1, 353:available. The true healer (and you can most certainly be one) should be so centralized in theDiscipleship1, 498:himself has a harder problem, in some ways, and certainly a different problem, than the man who isDiscipleship1, 544:and relate that which is not the case, and which certainly can be ascertained by you at first hand.Discipleship1, 609:things, e'en hours of relaxation, and it most certainly necessitates the use of the discriminationDiscipleship1, 664:the inspiration and love of the group do most certainly constitute a powerful help and bring aDiscipleship1, 737:them free to work as they may choose but he most certainly looks for the effort to take place alongDiscipleship2, 5:are no part of the technique of the Hierarchy - certainly not as far as the individual aspirant isDiscipleship2, 461:the soul is the astral body, then there must certainly be a condition of attrition or ofDiscipleship2, 528:tests for initiation? What do you suggest? Most certainly you have not failed. You are at theDiscipleship2, 672:if your spiritual status is as I stated. It most certainly is, and on that statement I would haveExternalisation, 145:producing incidentally (though none the less certainly) needed changes and the wise reconstructionExternalisation, 234:against rich, and man against his brother; it is certainly not in the political field, where partyExternalisation, 366:provide the right compassionate incentive. Most certainly the world could be rehabilitated forExternalisation, 596:the churches and world faiths, but it will most certainly take them back to God. Religion is theExternalisation, 661:they possible. No Member of the Hierarchy, and certainly not its Supreme Head, attempts to bringExternalisation, 697:make Their appearance at the same time? Certainly not. The appearing of these initiates and MastersGlamour, 49:the planned group purpose? For delay it, it certainly will. Whatever you decide will constitute, inGlamour, 131:to the consciousness of the average disciple and certainly is not open to the contact of theHealing, 42:ameliorative measures are needed and should most certainly be used. The length of the life can beHealing, 96:or a group can heal by thought power. Most certainly the generalization can be made that anHealing, 222:really pure racial types today. This is far more certainly the case than the most enlightenedHealing, 272:the key to the medicine of the future but which certainly puts their patients into the category ofHercules, 193:words. I do not know what life is yet, and we certainly do not know what love is. It is interestingInitiation, 51:upon a superficial reading of these pages. Certainly we are dealing with what might be consideredIntellect, 22:meeting the needs of the average citizen. It certainly seems to fail in its mission with theIntellect, 95:Perhaps both ideas are permissible, for it is certainly true that the man who can think the mostIntellect, 247:of the writers is almost beyond belief. They certainly lack a sense of humor at least. The pointMagic, 305:and of sedative drugs. Not basically, but most certainly temporarily. When man's contact with hisMagic, 487:and around, mayhap disintegrating, but most certainly returning it harmlessly to the sender.Magic, 553:to earlier, in our consideration of Rule XIII. Certainly these symbols emerging from the remotePatanjali, 380:therefore are used by initiates and aspirants. Certainly, but not in the sense understood here, orProblems, 41:them with what is immediately required. They certainly do not want a horde of [42] well-meaningPsychology1, 298:adjustments in the department of sex? It most certainly is, and my answer takes the following form.Psychology1, 370:astral world. This will be destroyed, slowly and certainly, by the play of the cosmic rays upon ourPsychology2, 179:glory of the teacher and of the group, but it certainly is not to the glory of God. Today the newPsychology2, 496:the suggestions and thus benefit themselves and certainly benefit their patients. Reappearance, 43:and into the world faiths, but it will most certainly take them back to God. Religion is the name,Reappearance, 110:teachers have led man to believe, for that would certainly fail to identify Him and He would beSoul, 41:secretion, a secretion, however, which is certainly not indispensable to life. The exact influenceTelepathy, 129:I would advise you that you think simply and (certainly, at first) in terms of the three major
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