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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CHAINS

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Magic, 386:my heart. Old longings come again, yet die. Old chains with clamor snap. Forward I rush. "MyriadsMeditation, 57:In emancipation comes the breaking of the chains, in liberation comes the abolition of the oldMeditation, 229:centers. The seven sacred planets. The seven chains. The seven globes. The seven rounds. The sevenMeditation, 264:and not just the three in control of allied chains. The whole system can be embraced by Him, andPatanjali, 143:to work out on the physical plane, and the chains which link a man to the great wheel of physicalPatanjali, 143:manifestation are severed one by one. These chains are triple just as the field of ignorance isPatanjali, 143:the field of conscious experience and when the chains are felt to be fetters and limitations, thePatanjali, 200:can no longer hold the yogi. We forge our own chains in the furnace of desire and of a variousPatanjali, 200:is cultivated and present, gradually these chains drop off and no others are forged. As wePatanjali, 285:is governed by direct knowledge, and in no way chains him. The signs or portents referred to,Patanjali, 427:anything which can serve to bind him, by the chains of desire, to the three worlds. His state isPsychology1, 376:The inner constitution, or so-called "chains", which distinguish each planetary existence. TheRays, 260:all the multiplicity of forms, of cycles, chains and spheres, of rounds and races and of worldRays, 730:the Master Jesus arose out of the tomb; the chains of death could not hold Him. At that time of HisSoul, 118:pass through short branches into the sympathetic chains. The work of the sympathetic systems
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