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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CHAKRAS

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Discipleship2, 467:of the counterparts in the head of the various chakras, and how to bring about a better adjustmentFire, 1082:planetary eye, The recognized points within the chakras. These naturally exist in ten groups. EachHealing, 325:the activity or the inactivity of the centers or chakras in the body, and parallel theirHercules, 107:right wing, U its left, and M its tail..." (The Chakras by C. W. Leadbeater) In the zodiac ofHercules, 111:and especially the Hindus, have known of the chakras or force-centers in the etheric body. TheInitiation, 206:the "use of the hands" is the utilization of the chakras (or centers)in the palms of the hands in:Magic, 285:the seven centers and a whole system of lesser chakras and the nadis (which underlie the nerves andMagic, 290:upon the condition of the centers, of the chakras, as they are called in the East. These includeMagic, 576:of the will how to pass them outward through the chakras in the hands. The hands do their workMagic, 578:coupled with the energy transmitted through the chakras of the palms, it passeth down the shiningPatanjali, 121:with the etheric body, with the force centers or chakras [122] found in that body and with thePsychology2, 305:focus of power at the heart of each of the chakras or etheric lotuses. In all the previous stages,Psychology2, 305:it has been the petals of the various lotuses, chakras or vortices of force which have come intoPsychology2, 385:of a new system of awakening the centers, or chakras. But this system concerns only the awakeningRays, 184:via the central point in each of the seven chakras or lotuses. In studying these rules for theRays, 188:esoterically "in shape." The seven lotuses, or chakras were functioning, some powerfully, whilstSoul, 105:centers of consciousness are to be found in the Chakras of the cerebro-spinal system and in theSoul, 111:more could be said, about these force centers or chakras, but the following will serve as anSoul, 113:head. Arthur Avalon says: "A description of the Chakras involves, in the first place, an account ofSoul, 113:an account of the Tantrik nervous system and Chakras; and, lastly, the correlation, so far as thatSoul, 113:Occultism. The Tantrik theory regarding the Chakras and Sahasrara is concerned on the physiologicalSoul, 113:be noted that, just as there are five centers (Chakras) hereinafter described, the vertebral columnSoul, 114:Manipura, Anahata, and Vishuddha centers, or Chakras. (These regions are the base of the spine,Soul, 117:respectively, the three upper of the five Chakras hereinafter described. From the sympathetic chainSoul, 118:Svadhisthana, Manipura, Anahata, and Vishuddha Chakras respectively, just as tracts have beenSoul, 120:with regard to the seven centers of force or chakras. When we compare the Eastern Doctrine of theSoul, 158:Ph.D., LL.D. THE CENTERS: The Bhagavad Gita The Chakras, C. W. Leadbeater The Etheric Double, Maj.
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