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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CHALLENGING

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Autobiography, 264:definitely exoteric in nature but are useful in challenging public interest. They convey muchBethlehem, 234:something when they spoke of God, and, without challenging the inheritance which they received fromDiscipleship1, 668:you this year. To stand this test, your soul is challenging you. When, therefore, the need forDiscipleship2, 34:which he already regards as most difficult and challenging. There is (within the man) the innerExternalisation, 24:Hierarchy - Section I - Introductory Remarks A Challenging Opportunity April 1935 During the WesakExternalisation, 249:used by all, yet at the same time preserve its challenging, dynamic quality. The followingExternalisation, 293:Threshold appears and confronts the aspirant, challenging his purpose and progress and blocking theExternalisation, 397:used as a prayer by the majority and not as a challenging demand as had been intended; it did not,Externalisation, 399:or employing the energy of desire but as great challenging demands, employing the power of the willHealing, 135:for that reason may appear incorrect and to be challenging to those who look ever for outlets forProblems, 13:nursery quarrels over some favorite toy. The challenging cry of "This is mine" will some day noSoul, 12:I have no doubt whatever. The book is not only challenging but singularly illuminating. It will
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