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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CHANCE

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Astrology, 450:resistance, offering opportunity, as well as the chance of possible disaster if wrongly handled.Astrology, 636:of the impossibility of attributing it all to chance and coincidence... a very great antiquityAutobiography, 19:even in those far off days and people had their chance to rise if they had that in them whichAutobiography, 50:right. Today, I often feel that there is just a chance that I am wrong in my diagnosis andAutobiography, 83:didn't seem fair. Why give them only one small chance lasting three days, after thousands of yearsAutobiography, 149:when you are so desperate that you will take any chance. I walked across my room and opened theAutobiography, 166:be all alone and that I did not dare take the chance. He accepted my decision but told me to tryBethlehem, 59:with twelve stars. "It would seem more than a chance that so many of the virgin mothers andDiscipleship1, 101:in the life of the individual disciple. That chance and that opportunity must not be taken fromDiscipleship1, 269:dead level and (even if useful) offers not the chance for an extreme effort with its consequentDiscipleship1, 342:adjustment to the soul yet perfected. There is a chance, is there not, my brother, that yourDiscipleship1, 415:mental nature can offset if you will give it a chance and live more in your mind and less in yourDiscipleship1, 658:to make its presence felt. There is almost a chance that your sense of drama and of self-pity willDiscipleship2, 110:individuals and as a group - measure up to this chance. Fix your eyes on human need and your handDiscipleship2, 339:misinterpreted what H.P.B. said. They had little chance to do much else than relate it toDiscipleship2, 474:effect upon your life. This thought gives me the chance to point out to you (and incidentally toExternalisation, 262:no matter under what name - then there is just a chance that this type of divine activity might beExternalisation, 378:among the United Nations) that there is a chance of eventual success and it is possible today toExternalisation, 503:on to familiar ground. All must be given the chance to see and hear, and be offered the opportunityFire, 26:aeon, but at the fourteenth seventh will the chance again come round. The first shall be the lastFire, 434:upon and the numerical relationship is not by chance. His was the power that acted via certainFire, 592:and in its fifth period, will come the chance for which they will have waited, when they can againFire, 815:for experiment until proven false, will have the chance to solve the world problems from within.Fire, 1067:only committed to the pledged disciple; if chance students stumble upon the law, and theoreticallyHealing, 26:subject himself to the auric emanations of any chance healer, nor put himself in the power of theHealing, 29:and destroys the vegetable kingdom, as any chance walker through the woods can note, so germs -Healing, 357:those who hold it to see that there is perhaps a chance that they are not as correct in their ideasHealing, 702:The acuteness of the difficulty and the chance of a cure. The danger of death or not. TheHercules, 54:opening before the son of man, revealing a new chance to tread the Way. They noted how the laborerHercules, 97:and numbers vast he has devoured. Why take this chance? Go seek your arms and panoply of strength."Hercules, 147:of ridicule, failure, the unknown, old age, chance and death. Can these fears be eliminated? TheInitiation, 183:the Path, will come to many in the West the chance to take these further steps. That opportunityIntellect, 56:may be the 'curvature of the cosmos', or 'blind chance', or 'universal energy', or 'an absenteeIntellect, 109:there can be no day-dreaming and no following of chance ideas which emerge in relation to theMagic, 609:and of physical condition, snatching at every chance to gain knowledge and so providing a fertileMeditation, 81:slowly, and in their slow progression lies the chance for the Ego to assimilate the fruit of theseProblems, 39:Will our civilized citizens embrace the chance to build afresh - not a material civilization thisProblems, 97:among whom they wander, to seize the presented chance to take what they want, to see to it thatProblems, 124:implications that we must return. Is there any chance that a renewal of the faith as it was inProblems, 156:be long in manifesting; there is [156] little chance of its full emergence during the presentPsychology1, 130:the opportunity to manifest as a trinity and the chance to demonstrate sentient activity andPsychology1, 188:must go and the newer methods must be given a chance. If you cannot yourself teach or preach orPsychology1, 300:for the paying of old indebtedness, a chance to make restitution and progress, an awakening of deepPsychology2, 493:root, signifying "joy or bliss." Is there not a chance, that both derivations have in them aPsychology2, 632:intentions, sometimes because they see their chance to arrive at power and prominence, andPsychology2, 651:to refer thus to these forces, if there were no chance of success and the victory were not
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