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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CHANGE

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Astrology, 35:Aquarius. This is a temporary emphasis and will change in another world cycle. The inactivity ofAstrology, 69:and to the energy of the various constellations change with equal steadiness and allowance must beAstrology, 110:heavens. This "appearance" will not outwardly change and - here is the statement of importance -Astrology, 119:around the great wheel until the experience of change and of mutability and the establishing of theAstrology, 122:the present human stage where another and major change is deemed desirable and this is the resultAstrology, 123:is the result of the many lesser [123] changes. Change is ever needed but the method changes itselfAstrology, 128:Crisis of Polarization and to a point of basic change for which all the earlier and many changesAstrology, 181:of intuition with which he is becoming familiar change into the blazing and constant light of theAstrology, 185:Cross before the energies of the Fixed Cross can change the ambitious selfish man into the selflessAstrology, 187:power of the first ray, focused in Pluto, brings change, darkness and death. To this intensity andAstrology, 224:causes of things as they are, and the desire to change the old order and the old orientation intoAstrology, 259:desire for personality satisfaction begins to change and the desire of man for interior recognitionAstrology, 303:larger [303] values and reality, the desires change into aspiration and finally into spiritualAstrology, 310:[310] is simply to be; he refuses often then to change or to take action, and when this is carriedAstrology, 318:In Scorpio comes a point of transition, of change and of reorientation. That which has beenAstrology, 325:the outer plane of life, we shall see a complete change in the presentation of the teachingAstrology, 328:serving egos of the fifth kingdom - entirely change world civilization. It is valuable also toAstrology, 345:other three. Such dominating effects necessarily change when a world cycle changes, but for theAstrology, 345:is to produce that constant flux and periodic change in time and space which will provide a fieldAstrology, 349:submerged Fish (Pisces). Then, lo, the Cross of change appeared, though Gemini remained the head.Astrology, 350:the constellations on this Cross mark points of change or are the custodians of those energiesAstrology, 350:conditions which will produce great periods of change in the life of the planet, of a kingdom inAstrology, 350:points of synthesis, as a consequence of both change and crisis. Jupiter is responsible for theAstrology, 368:to fluidity, to lost motion and to misdirected change. I dealt with much of this when we wereAstrology, 383:now finds itself. All is in a state of flux and change; as man unfolds his consciousness, otherAstrology, 398:all events and forms. All these aspects of basic change in purpose, interest and orientation mustAstrology, 411:today's world problem. A major event such as a change in the axis of the Earth is related to anAstrology, 420:Life, Quality and Appearance. These energies change within, themselves and sometimes one willAstrology, 458:cycle. Forget not that the personality rays change from period to period in connection withAstrology, 479:of the web of the planet and thus slowly change the existing squares into triangles. This is doneAstrology, 499:go today. But the aftermath of the war will change all this. Once there is a measure of nervousAstrology, 521:(at present ineffectually, though later a change will come) is that of the second Ray ofAstrology, 526:are in a period of shifting rays and that they change both for individuals and nations, forAstrology, 553:It is the Cross of temporal and temporary change, of fluidity and of those constantly alteringAstrology, 560:to impart. [560] The Mutable Cross of material change and constant movement can be depicted by theAstrology, 573:crucified upon the Mutable Cross, the Cross of change, whilst the second invocation is for the useAstrology, 673:sin committed on Earth is felt in Venus. Every change in Venus is reflected on Earth." (S.D. Vol.Atom, 23:We might finally define evolution as ordered change and constant mutation. It demonstrates in theAtom, 24:vibration, that it progresses through constant change, by the practice of a selective policy or theAtom, 38:spoken of as possessing energy, and the power to change from one mode of activity to another. OneAtom, 110:the group to which he belongs, and will then change his center. No longer will he be limited by hisAtom, 110:part of the greater whole. And how is this change brought about? The atomic stage was developed byAtom, 113:to enlarge upon here, will result in a definite change of polarization, will open up to man rangesAtom, 149:they are more in number, then we can look for a change in world conditions, and for that time toAutobiography, 3:"everlasting" sameness, in a forced inability to change conditions. I became next an occultAutobiography, 24:great discipline. We had had lives of travel and change and I am sure the discipline was badlyAutobiography, 28:to be completed, my whole life was one of change and constant movement. Neither my sister's healthAutobiography, 53:This was my state of mind when a great change took place in my life. My sister announced herAutobiography, 66:did not know one single human being and I had to change not only my steamship ticket to Karachi,Autobiography, 81:anything to do with women. If he would not so change his life inevitably he went to hell at deathAutobiography, 81:me and were largely responsible for an eventual change in attitude toward God and the problem ofAutobiography, 86:could I go on teaching? And so on and so on. A change in my point of view and attitude began toAutobiography, 124:church a few men of vision who will, eventually, change the reactionary attitude, but it will takeAutobiography, 144:I have often agonized over them, and wanted to change things, and hoped they would act differently,Autobiography, 155:very brief occasional letters to indicate a change of heart and I began again to consider theAutobiography, 168:after discussion with me. If He does not change His wording and point of view, I do not change whatAutobiography, 168:change His wording and point of view, I do not change what He had said in any way. After all, theAutobiography, 178:They do not touch the truth; they do not change the loyalties of those who know; they do not changeAutobiography, 178:the loyalties of those who know; they do not change the trend towards occult realization and theyAutobiography, 253:issues, then the Hierarchy will work to change the attitude of people as to what is spiritual.Autobiography, 259:is printed as received, except for a very slight change of tense at times, as the English of theAutobiography, 281:originating purpose. Methods and techniques may change; dogmas and doctrines appear and disappearAutobiography, 281:and the presentations of the One Truth should change with the changing times, thus meeting the needAutobiography, 281:of training offered by the Arcane School will change in response to the demanding needs ofBethlehem, 45:the divine Love, and experiences that marvelous change which makes him feel himself to be one withBethlehem, 100:be the same. This initiation marked a tremendous change in the life of Jesus of Nazareth. Up toBethlehem, 125:of divinity to the test and see if, with the change of physical destruction, something lasts whichBethlehem, 130:we would enter the kingdom this attitude must change to that of Christ whose love has becomeBethlehem, 190:sin and to forget God, and the necessity for a change of heart or of intention have been theBethlehem, 267:has come when that selfish attitude to life must change, and we must learn to give love and not toBethlehem, 275:today, is not capable of survival. He must change or perish. Man, as he is, is not the last word ofBethlehem, 277:sphere of contacts. We ourselves may have to change in order to express the divine as ChristDestiny, 44:emerging into the Aryan point of view. This must change and the mind activity be rapidly enhancedDestiny, 46:preparing humanity for a great and much needed change. The work of the Ray of Ceremonial Order isDestiny, 66:the personality ray and the governing influences change with frequency. This is oft forgotten,Destiny, 85:attitudes, decisions and activities. Can Britain change and - preserving the will-to-order and theDestiny, 93:must not be forgotten that the personality rays change from period to period in connection withDestiny, 96:(at present ineffectually, though later a change will come) is that of the second Ray ofDestiny, 101:are in a period of shifting rays and that they change both for individuals and nations, forDestiny, 109:right here and in connection with this eventful change of focus that the world disciples canDestiny, 121:led to war. Gradually [121] there has been a change coming about and war has lately been foundedDestiny, 135:into a new era; its focus of attention will change; the possibilities of discovery will be immenseDiscipleship1, X:reason for publishing this book is the need to change the point of view of the general public as toDiscipleship1, 11:they will then help their fellow disciple to change the undesirable condition. I count on one thingDiscipleship1, 22:any personality inertia or mental questioning. A change in this relationship between disciples isDiscipleship1, 46:me more than the one I am now doing? Will a change in meditation bring me better results (probablyDiscipleship1, 73:are all passing through the formative stage and change and adjustment is going on. Their pattern isDiscipleship1, 73:of disciples must definitely integrate and thus change from the theoretical and the experimental toDiscipleship1, 109:you as my accepted brother. I seek to make a change in your breathing exercise and also in yourDiscipleship1, 114:Disciples - B.S.D. January 1936 I do not seek to change your work for the next six months, myDiscipleship1, 123:and isolated. The past ten years have seen you change all this; though you are not now soDiscipleship1, 127:one or - if it is - what must you do to "change the nature of the seed which must therein be sown."Discipleship1, 127:elaborating. Such is your problem. How shall we change your egoic focus and, at the same time, fuseDiscipleship1, 138:for a few months or until I myself suggest a change that you will be surprised at what changesDiscipleship1, 146:These - during the next two centuries - will change the face of our civilization and inaugurate aDiscipleship1, 153:in unison with the many other adjustments which change of environment have made possible. A periodDiscipleship1, 162:outlined to you the work of the coming years. I change not that work or my suggestions, for if IDiscipleship1, 162:members of my group. I have seen no reason to change my original ideas or plan, because you haveDiscipleship1, 175:consciousness, there is aridness, a longing for change and for early "excitements" (using that wordDiscipleship1, 175:cannot express to you wherein they sense the change. To change your meditation is not my intention
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