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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CHANGE

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Discipleship1, 175:express to you wherein they sense the change. To change your meditation is not my intention but IDiscipleship1, 212:the throat center. How shall we bring about the change from the solar plexus center to the ajnaDiscipleship1, 214:find it necessary to work slowly. I seek not to change the work assigned until the group is moreDiscipleship1, 216:ray force. Now that condition is beginning to change and during this transition period you sufferDiscipleship1, 216:the angle of the mind, this soul activity and change of focus will force your idealistic tendenciesDiscipleship1, 216:emotional body, this transition marks a vital change from personal to impersonal work. ThisDiscipleship1, 216:- as a soul - to the world. This will in no way change your outer activities but will surelyDiscipleship1, 227:for "as a man thinketh, so is he." We will now change your meditation and for the future, until IDiscipleship1, 227:and for the future, until I again make a change, I would suggest the following: Meditation Work: 1.Discipleship1, 230:to you. As regards your meditation work, I would change it somewhat. For the next ten months, theDiscipleship1, 243:dynamic will of the devoted aspirant must change into the steadfast, powerful, calm purpose of theDiscipleship1, 248:to your meditation work, I seek at this time to change it. You have followed for a long time thatDiscipleship1, 250:by whom it is given. The indications of a needed change in attitude, proffered to you in love andDiscipleship1, 251:Pay closer attention to the evening review and change from the one which you are now doing to oneDiscipleship1, 267:than transient episodes. I am not proposing to change your meditation work at this time. ContinueDiscipleship1, 269:those unfoldment that profoundly and deeply change the rhythm of the life. In these days, allDiscipleship1, 272:not be needed but that it will be possible to change the thought of humanity where money isDiscipleship1, 276:when the adjustments necessary to your chosen change of circumstance and of life have been made andDiscipleship1, 282:BROTHER OF MINE: For a year now, I have made no change in your meditation. I have watched you forDiscipleship1, 286:with the minimum of effort. Ponder on this. I change not your meditation just now, brother of mine.Discipleship1, 287:recognitions, and the task, should inevitably change, though growing all the time in potency. ThisDiscipleship1, 288:Some of it I will preserve, but I will radically change part of it... This may be regarded as aDiscipleship1, 293:BROTHER OF OLD: It is not my intention today to change your meditation work or to alter myDiscipleship1, 293:brief time and I shall not, therefore, change them until after the Full Moon in May, and in theDiscipleship1, 294:August 1935 MY BROTHER: We will today somewhat change your meditation work, as the visualizationDiscipleship1, 298:upon which you can work, unless I see fit to change it later... Will you also, my brother, writeDiscipleship1, 300:carry the healing vibration of the Hierarchy. I change not your work. I have little, my brother, toDiscipleship1, 304:in my last instruction. I seek to make no change in this. You have only done it for a few monthsDiscipleship1, 304:within the limits of the work. I will, however, change your meditation outline in the followingDiscipleship1, 308:not necessarily involve criticism. I seek to change your work and meditation considerably this nextDiscipleship1, 313:upon the Way - alone and not alone." I would change your meditation at this time, for the groupDiscipleship1, 314:physical fulfilment of duty, but within a great change and a definite reorientation takes place.Discipleship1, 325:much used. Ponder on this, my brother of old. I change not your meditation and will ask you toDiscipleship1, 330:working furiously to bring about a general change in themselves and thus succeed in bringing theirDiscipleship1, 358:at those interludes in the day's activities you change your method considerably. I suggest that youDiscipleship1, 360:a condition which it will be difficult later to change. What causes this condition, my brother?Discipleship1, 363:by me in my previous communication. I cannot change it yet, for you have not yet availed yourselfDiscipleship1, 369:Thus, when you start to do this, you can work to change conditions and to affect certain lives.Discipleship1, 372:best. Perhaps later, I shall see a pronounced change - full alignment and heightened radiance. IDiscipleship1, 381:you. This, therefore, will be brief. I will not change your special meditation at this time andDiscipleship1, 385:is in you and which surrounds you. I seek not to change your meditation, except to substitute aDiscipleship1, 387:[387] Preserve your meditation as hitherto, but change the color of your field of lotuses fromDiscipleship1, 388:and self-chosen training ground. I seek today to change your meditation work entirely. The focusDiscipleship1, 394:six months have seen you subjected to much outer change; you have passed through difficulties ofDiscipleship1, 397:work should be possible some day. I seek not to change your meditation, except to alter its monthlyDiscipleship1, 407:is not my purpose now (nor would it be wise) to change the work earlier [408] outlined for you. NotDiscipleship1, 418:meditation, so there is no need at this time to change it. Recollect in your work that you areDiscipleship1, 420:you at this time no immediate drastic action or change. You are temporarily [421] marking time, butDiscipleship1, 424:That will not be a hard task for you. I seek to change your meditation quite radically. AllDiscipleship1, 424:outlined until I again tell you to make a change. Breathing exercises are necessary for you and aidDiscipleship1, 425:out your undoubted head development. I shall not change your work greatly. Continue to Ponder uponDiscipleship1, 436:outer physical contact or of rapid and frequent change and of hard work. Guard it well and cherishDiscipleship1, 455:past six months have been for you a period of change, of readjustment and difficulty. The testingDiscipleship1, 459:you at this time, brother of old. I seek not to change your work or meditation. You [460] haveDiscipleship1, 460:seek to have you work at it for a full year. One change only would I make and that is in connectionDiscipleship1, 464:in this group work. I shall not at this time change your meditation work. As outlined, it shouldDiscipleship1, 466:are now doing. There is no need at this time to change what I last gave you. During the half yearDiscipleship1, 472:a few months you should be able to note definite change and then can begin meditation along occultDiscipleship1, 473:forms. Be not discouraged because I am making no change in your work. The task you undertook was aDiscipleship1, 474:own path to go. Your part is to love without a change, no matter what occurs. Take her each dayDiscipleship1, 480:of May (the Wesak Festival) I may be able to change your work so that you can begin the nextDiscipleship1, 488:than the one in which now you find yourself. A change of environment with new faces and new scenesDiscipleship1, 488:real value to you and should be found. Seek this change and seize it when it comes. One final wordDiscipleship1, 489:is so much for you to do in connection with your change of circumstances and so many adjustments toDiscipleship1, 535:one is dependent upon the other. I seek now to change entirely your meditation. The earlier oneDiscipleship1, 538:intensity. It is intensity of purpose which will change you from the plodding, fairly satisfactoryDiscipleship1, 538:out two things to you. First: If you can so change your tension that you are driven by the life ofDiscipleship1, 538:Secondly: it will not produce any outer change in your environing relationships. Your outerDiscipleship1, 540:your group tasks in spite of continuous change of environment and constant movement. I would haveDiscipleship1, 541:with your third ray physical body which demands change and requires variety; it dislikes quietnessDiscipleship1, 544:time and the mode of your service. I give you no change in your meditation. I would ask you toDiscipleship1, 553:until later in the year there is little need to change your work. You have been relatively so shortDiscipleship1, 558:earth; love them with your heart. Life will then change for you. And, furthermore, my brother, loveDiscipleship1, 563:meditation, carry forward as before. I make no change in any way. Discipleship1, 576:this inner quiet. This will in no way affect or change the goal of your work; it will not negate inDiscipleship1, 580:so as to enable you to make the needed change with greater rapidity and ease. It is of a majorDiscipleship1, 591:from what you say) I sense in you a definite change of heart which is leading rapidly to aDiscipleship1, 615:group. If in later years you indicate to me a change of heart and a freedom from your presentDiscipleship1, 619:relation to the work and have had no wish to change the situation. Nor have I. But you cannotDiscipleship1, 629:- B.S.W. August 1936 It has been a year of change for you, my warrior brother, and the result hasDiscipleship1, 641:and during the next few months, alter and change this condition? Among the members of this group ofDiscipleship1, 649:leading to a growing identification; this will change you from a securely placed server and workerDiscipleship1, 657:disappointment. What shall be done? How can you change all this? Of what use is it for me to pointDiscipleship1, 658:souls or as our agents. This, my brother, must change and can change, if you so desire. A study ofDiscipleship1, 658:agents. This, my brother, must change and can change, if you so desire. A study of your personalityDiscipleship1, 662:and fears and your demand to be liked. Can you change this? I am telling you nothing new. Among theDiscipleship1, 668:speech or for silence. This waiting will often change the direction of your intent and no actionDiscipleship1, 679:"God from high Heaven speaks. There is a change. I hear with ear attentive, and, listening, turn myDiscipleship1, 681:idealism and methods must necessarily change. This is not an easy thing to do. The Plan, as I haveDiscipleship1, 681:easy for the average person to be fluid and to change details and methods in relation to that whichDiscipleship1, 681:depend is the one who can - in periods of change - preserve that which is good and fundamentalDiscipleship1, 693:will reflect upon them you will find they may change somewhat your idea of what constitutesDiscipleship1, 736:the neophyte is: "Tell me. Tell me. Then I will change. I will accept anything that is said butDiscipleship1, 785:issues, then the Hierarchy will work to change the attitude of people as to what is spiritual. IDiscipleship2, 5:are involved, the indication of needed change, the cyclic bringing about of the presentation to theDiscipleship2, 6:capacity to absorb and assimilate, to lift, to change and to transmute those units which seem atDiscipleship2, 19:experiment which I am undertaking, I propose to change this somewhat and I shall let you know whichDiscipleship2, 26:technique of the Path. I would like somewhat to change your work in connection with your full moonDiscipleship2, 45:of the emerging opportunity. My task is not to change you or to give you orders and commands. IDiscipleship2, 49:out of the set of phrases already given. I will change my technique somewhat and in speaking the
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