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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CHANGE

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Discipleship2, 73:and the group antahkarana. I am going to change your full moon work a little. Proceed asDiscipleship2, 73:upon your monthly reports. I am also going to change the words spoken and am choosing phrases whichDiscipleship2, 83:the teaching for which I am responsible - to the change which has been wrought in the generalDiscipleship2, 86:A transition carried forward without any change or difficulty will greatly reassure all groups.Discipleship2, 126:connection with your Full Moon work, I seek to change the process which has been followed by youDiscipleship2, 163:rightly used, can and will completely alter and change man's attitude to life, his sense of valuesDiscipleship2, 179:are carefully followed by you they can change you from a heart-focused aspirant to an ashramicDiscipleship2, 212:implicated in the desire to help humanity change its living conditions for the better. These peopleDiscipleship2, 218:- Part XIII There is much that must be done to change conditions, institute new values and produceDiscipleship2, 222:effect of human meditation at this time is to change conditions, to invoke the higher, spiritualDiscipleship2, 237:the children of God, and this has done little to change men's approach to each other and to theDiscipleship2, 262:is shattering illusions, revealing the need for change and producing a demand for a future newDiscipleship2, 269:giving to the building of this bridge. A great change in the human consciousness made it possible -Discipleship2, 271:accurately. Eventually the truths thus grasped change the consciousness of humanity as a whole andDiscipleship2, 319:this method is no longer being used, and this change constitutes one of the modes of training theDiscipleship2, 324:Three factors are responsible for this change in the hierarchical requirements: The mentalDiscipleship2, 324:for them to make the needed adjustments or to change their attitudes and conditions of life as itDiscipleship2, 335:years, as has been the case until 1575 A.D. This change can be attributed to the greaterDiscipleship2, 351:the Hierarchy have undergone and are undergoing change. The nature or quality of the disciplesDiscipleship2, 356:recognize the changes in the hearts of men, and change the rules as men in time and cyclic changeDiscipleship2, 356:and change the rules as men in time and cyclic change [357] approach the Ashram. The Ashram standsDiscipleship2, 357:the two versions of this hint: That the Law of Change governs the Hierarchy just as it governsDiscipleship2, 357:at this time are witnessing a period of extreme change and adjustment and of a far-reachingDiscipleship2, 358:or of meditative reflection: Evolutionary Change, Reorganization, Group Responsibility. The conceptDiscipleship2, 358:is consistently present. The way to world change is also given. The Hierarchy as a meeting-place ofDiscipleship2, 358:occultly called - the Master in the Ashram can change his techniques, use new ideas upon receptiveDiscipleship2, 383:initiation which has led to the present basic change in the methods of the Hierarchy. ADiscipleship2, 400:third eye, enabling it to reorient itself and change its function when the right time and theDiscipleship2, 446:(within yourself) the distinctiveness of each change or its emanating source. Every change in aDiscipleship2, 446:of each change or its emanating source. Every change in a life condition upon the physical plane isDiscipleship2, 455:for your relation to me, my brother - naught can change that. You are integrated into my Ashram;Discipleship2, 457:brother, is now established; seek not unduly to change it, but seek to make your home a center ofDiscipleship2, 461:which you are being prepared, there must be a change of life focus and a transfer of energy fromDiscipleship2, 473:in the one you are now doing; feel free to change where you deem it desirable and seek constantlyDiscipleship2, 477:to which I referred above. I would ask you to change your point of view and to regard your sixthDiscipleship2, 477:established a thought rhythm which naught can change and which will be a powerful incentive inDiscipleship2, 495:is a creative activity, producing definite inner change. Upon this you can depend because it is oneDiscipleship2, 555:life and service are established. Seek not to change them. The fund of knowledge which you haveDiscipleship2, 570:effort (once the emotional crisis is over) to change what is undesirable and to make the desiredDiscipleship2, 587:my mind as to your ultimate success. I seek to change your rhythm of work. I asked you - as youDiscipleship2, 611:1944 MY BROTHER: The past year has seen much change in your life, and for this I earlier sought toDiscipleship2, 611:for this I earlier sought to prepare you; it is change which is largely in the nature of releaseDiscipleship2, 615:as you have taken few steps to refine it and change its quality. Your brain, therefore, respondsDiscipleship2, 619:of this situation in your life, for you need to change conditions so that you can become anDiscipleship2, 636:outer work is being done; it may necessitate a change in your setting and circumstances, but theDiscipleship2, 671:this new truth, and its perception will greatly change human consciousness. That which is bliss isDiscipleship2, 676:you will accept what I say and then set in to change certain attitudes or whether you will refuseDiscipleship2, 688:be avoided. But it was not to this kind of change that I referred. Let me see if I can make what IDiscipleship2, 703:year, life has held for you constant change, many and drastic adjustments and much responsibility.Discipleship2, 706:problem from the angle of what you would like to change or see altered? Changes mean nothing unlessDiscipleship2, 717:Way and on the lesser way, my fellowmen. This change is not going to be easy for you, brother ofDiscipleship2, 730:such that it was well-nigh impossible for you to change. Yet you have changed quite definitelyDiscipleship2, 735:to have to face up to a life of testing and of change. This is not to posit that the testing andDiscipleship2, 735:This is not to posit that the testing and change and battle will be of a physical nature or on theDiscipleship2, 736:not, my brother?) which will produce effective change. I seek to have you ponder upon theDiscipleship2, 751:you have thrust from you all aspiration towards change, regarding it as a hindering glamor andDiscipleship2, 751:it stands before your thought and be ready to change the stable rhythms of a high grade andDiscipleship2, 761:and the last two years have brought about much change in this connection. Count on yourself and onDiscipleship2, 762:1946 MY DISCIPLE: I would have you note the change in the manner in which I am addressing you. ItEducation, 46:is emerging. This necessitates a drastic change in our methods of presenting history and geography.Education, 87:that the required shift in objectives and change in methods will take much time. We shall have toEducation, 97:of the future. These will also cause a radical change in the attitude of parents towards theirEducation, 107:order to bring this about, and thus completely change the present world attitudes and wrongEducation, 113:demanding - as it ceaselessly does - a change in education, religion and social organizationEducation, 127:telepathic influence, makes a gradual and slow change, for at the beginning of the evolutionaryEducation, 136:a tentative and embryonic manner; but the real change in human consciousness which is needed willEducation, 138:of Rebirth, and thus bring about such a profound change in the racial attitude to life and sex, toEducation, 141:divine characteristics. These will, in due time, change the world and bring in the new attitudesExternalisation, 65:patience and give to each person full time for change. This I have done - for years in some cases,Externalisation, 86:women who respond to the love influence - can change methods (though not the purpose or theExternalisation, 87:center, preparatory to a great and permanent change. It is for this reason that I have said to someExternalisation, 88:the focus of the effort of the Dark Forces will change and the problem of the Jews will disappear.Externalisation, 108:transmission via the Hierarchy of Masters. This change of direction constituted a somewhatExternalisation, 114:life of the race; there is everywhere a cry for change and for those new forms in the religious,Externalisation, 114:of freer and better spiritual expression. Such a change is rapidly coming and is regarded by someExternalisation, 115:That humanity is bringing about this needed change in unnecessary, cruel and painful ways is indeedExternalisation, 115:experience, and its spiritual aspiration for change and progress; and secondly, the reactionaryExternalisation, 132:often, by a willingness to compromise and to change or lower the original ideal. This, in its turn,Externalisation, Esoter:sensitive to the will-to-power and the will-to-change and who (during the past 150 years) haveExternalisation, 134:constant necessity to readjust viewpoints, to change modes of living, to intermarriage andExternalisation, 134:and so-called illicit relations. The outer change is producing an inner synthesis and outerExternalisation, 135:this great and universal spirit of the will-to-change to manifest so powerfully and cruelly. Externalisation, 136:recognition of a renewed sense of the need for change and the wise engineering of these neededExternalisation, 138:be considered, for a prolonged war may cause a change in this desirable attitude, and much drasticExternalisation, 142:formula, will be great and effective. It will change attitudes, enlighten the vision and lead theExternalisation, 146:aspirants in their daily meditation. They could change their lives, reorient their life purpose andExternalisation, 180:spiritual truth that right thought can change and save the world, but it is also true that thereExternalisation, 182:spiritual objectives will the world situation change, and men - motivated by goodwill - force theExternalisation, 192:the best interests of the whole at heart, can change the detail of organization whilst preservingExternalisation, 198:The quality required by those engineering this change of economic focus is so simple also - theExternalisation, 208:of the human spirit, and of a determination to change the world attitude into one of right humanExternalisation, 229:Crisis Today June 30, 1940 Events and situations change with such rapidity at this time, asExternalisation, 238:- and find means of reconciling the necessity of change in a constantly changing world withExternalisation, 238:by this spokesman for the Allies, of the need of change, the realization of the coming world orderExternalisation, 250:and forces hitherto quiescent, and these can change the face of the world battlefield; it invokesExternalisation, 255:It is the presenting of the opportunity to change; this grows out of past activities, and theseExternalisation, 277:carried forward. Such activity and intense change is not consonant with what is usually understoodExternalisation, 277:war are not a true pair of opposites. Peace and change, peace and movement, are the real ones. WarExternalisation, 277:are the real ones. War is but an aspect of change, and has its roots deep in matter. The peaceExternalisation, 288:and prediction; they are constantly subject to change, to rejection or development as man's
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