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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CHANGE

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Externalisation, 288:Basic Truths to Date These basic truths never change because they are related to the nature ofExternalisation, 308:descent of the Prince of Light and Peace to change present conditions by the effectiveness of HisExternalisation, 380:view can and will bring about [380] the needed change and make a sound and intelligent publicExternalisation, 383:be lost or futile, for you will be helping to change the content of world thought and impressingExternalisation, 434:to the war, the Hierarchy did what it could to change the trend of human living and thinking,Externalisation, 435:now certain postwar plans which will entirely change our present civilization and bring about theExternalisation, 462:of Enlightenment and offer Them opportunity to change the ways of human thinking; they are beingExternalisation, 470:is the resurrection acclaimed. This must change. It is not helpful to a progressive understandingExternalisation, 470:is today dedicated to bringing about this change and thus altering the approach of mankind to theExternalisation, 474:final effort to awaken humanity to the need for change. I endeavored to institute a worldwide houseExternalisation, 497:of the energy of the atom. This will completely change the economic and political situation in theExternalisation, 499:the wealthy organized churches will oppose all change, except in so far as it will benefit them andExternalisation, 503:be awakened to the hour of opportunity and must change from static organizations, to livingExternalisation, 521:of you can do to prepare the way for this major change, and something of the tremendousExternalisation, 525:episodes and those basic earthquakes which will change the face of the earth by the time the sixthExternalisation, 548:forerunner of that release of energy which will change the mode of human living and inaugurate theExternalisation, 562:and Its plans to date have been subjected to change, to postponement as far as certain interior andExternalisation, 564:Hierarchy. However, it is constantly subject to change in response to new situations andExternalisation, 577:refuse to discontinue their effort or to change the spiritually-ordained plans, even when theExternalisation, 584:nations. This movement is symptomatic of a change in the orientation of man's thinking, and thereinExternalisation, 588:of occult teaching would be well-advised to change their methods if - beneath their pronouncedExternalisation, 611:the world Scriptures; this may produce a vital change in the preconceived ideas of humanity. ThatExternalisation, 617:workers and spiritually-minded people to change the atmosphere of our planet; then and only then,Externalisation, 627:vision help? Is there anything they can do to change the thinking of the world in regard to money,Externalisation, 684:to be done. Necessarily, the problem is one of a change in the orientation of perception but notExternalisation, 698:and struggling, under adverse conditions, to change the trend of human thinking from a frankFire, 86:of the Logoi; the Earth now is, and the cycles change continuously. The center of escape for theFire, 123:properly comprehended, will result in a basic change in medicine, from a curative to a preventiveFire, 124:man's ray. The result of this merging leads to a change in the action of the centers. They becomeFire, 474:the etheric body will be recognized. This will change the attitude of the medical profession, andFire, 475:"sport," will be done away with. A mysterious change in the attitude of men and women to the sexFire, 475:the consequent recognition of the devas. This change will be based on the realization of the trueFire, 475:scientists and alchemists. The power to change, through the application of heat, is of courseFire, 477:thus the exudation; thus mutation; thus change of form. Finally liberation, escape of the volatileFire, 559:the entire aspect of the sex question will also change; and emphasis will be laid upon the laws ofFire, 600:the present time, but also as being subject to change and circulation: 7 Rays - Major 1-2-7 - FourFire, 651:war was a great occult event, and caused a vital change in many of the plans and arrangements ofFire, 678:energy that they are in a condition of flux and change all the time. The matter of all planesFire, 709:by the power of its own vibration, it causes a change in the appearance of the lotus. At the veryFire, 794:factors of moment. This attitude of mind will change when etheric vision is a fact, and the realityFire, 814:man's true nature will bring about a fundamental change in the methods of teaching. The emphasisFire, 871:following thoughts: the Bodhisattva and the Manu change more frequently and pass on to other workFire, 1049:nature of the many drops is seen to undergo a change. They dissipate in steam. Thus doth the heatFire, 1166:the operations, all the whirls and whorls, of change and manifestation which make up life. In suchFire, 1178:with the four-leaved plant of tender green, and change its color to a tinge of autumn yellow. TheGlamour, 16:of glamor. It is my intention, therefore, to change your work somewhat, retaining the symbolicGlamour, 16:method of instruction and development. We shall change the focus of attention to a deep study ofGlamour, 19:for the race; they can mould public opinion and change the current of men's thoughts. All smallGlamour, 57:of the soul, and now a still more distorting change is brought about by the ray type of the mentalGlamour, 76:circumstances, he can readjust his life and change his way of living, thus discovering that freedomHealing, 181:are succeeded by other cycles of movement, of change and of a renewed release of energies. TheHealing, 181:moments of achievement. They are but prefaces to change, for such is the Law of Being. Healing, 217:in the interim process of adjustment and of change, the reverse is frequently the case. The dangerHealing, 235:seen more clearly, and the will-to-good and to change past evil conditions is stronger than everHealing, 256:of needed truths, need above everything else to change their approach and to learn the spiritualHealing, 265:units, the karma of humanity would radically change from the retributive karma of the present toHealing, 287:group will learn gradually how to work, when to change its methods, and what to notice. [288] FromHealing, 353:attitudes, to end wrong ways of living, and change poor modes of psychological expression as far asHealing, 353:your future capacities, and remain ready ever to change your point of view when a higher and aHealing, 395:of the race of men will undergo beneficent change. This will be paralleled, as time elapses, by aHealing, 425:however, we are on the eve of seeing a complete change in this condition, owing to the fact thatHealing, 427:to the place from whence it came"? Imagine the change in the human consciousness when death comesHealing, 447:demands the entrance of that which can effect a change." Bearing in mind what I have elsewhereHealing, 448:resurrection and ascension. That which effects a change is a discharge (to use a totally inadequateHealing, 448:that is strong enough to bring about the change...Christ referred to this work of abstraction asHealing, 560:are right in their effort to make the patient change his emotional attitudes and to react to lifeHealing, 626:it) that it is impossible to fundamentally change the personality and the physical equipment of aHealing, 666:war was the symbol and the guarantee of that change; in it the Forces of Light, the massed UnitedHealing, 668:Their sin is great and it is hard for them to change, because power and the will-to-power (as itHercules, 14:that a crisis was upon him, leading to change of speech, of attitude and plan. The Teacher lookedHercules, 123:To bear what? The burden of the necessity for change and growth ... The Virgo's typicalHercules, 135:their essential being. Yet, this revolutionary change is not to be accomplished by a rearrangementHercules, 163:of the caterpillar where there is a complete change, and from a thing crawling about prompted byHercules, 163:between those three local points of energy, a change goes on, a rebuilding, until there emerges outHercules, 202:manner of the reappearance of the Christ by a change in its receptivity. We have repeatedly beenInitiation, 2:The "old order changeth," but primarily it is a change of dimension and of aspect, and not ofInitiation, 6:of a part of this truth when he wrote: All's change, but permanence as well..." and continued:Initiation, 6:truth also; and between each, falsehood that is change, as truth is permanence." "TruthInitiation, 32:became radioactive, and a mysterious chemical change took place in the vegetable kingdom. ThisInitiation, 33:an event occurred which necessitated a change, or innovation in the Hierarchical method. Certain ofInitiation, 40:will be active. The three Buddhas of Activity change from time to time, and become in turn exotericInitiation, 71:is beginning to comprehend group work, and to change his center of activity from himself (as theInitiation, 88:progress, and has taken two initiations, a change comes. The Lord of the World, the Ancient ofIntellect, 22:systems are in a state of flux and [22] of change. A general feeling that much has been done toIntellect, 26:apprehension." - Carr, H. Wildon, Philosophy of Change, page 21. We rate the science of the mind orIntellect, 74:theory. [74] Meditation causes our beliefs to change into ascertained facts, and our theories intoIntellect, 163:apprehension." - Carr, H. Wildon, Philosophy of Change, page 21. The intuition, he tells us "isIntellect, 208:to meditate; all that he needs to do is to change the focus of attention. The answer to the secondMagic, 11:group impulse and the inability of that unit to change the impulse or evade the issue; itMagic, 28:within it) which produces movement, activity and change. This is of course putting it crudely, butMagic, 78:are not to be found in the West, where constant change in every branch of life is found, where [79]Magic, 82:Rule Two - The Hindrances to Occult Study Every change, in human life, is subject to immutableMagic, 82:will be found to be: The comparative newness and change which is characteristic of the Occident.Magic, 101:subhuman kingdoms. How can we, as individuals, change this? By the development in ourselves ofMagic, 136:it be remembered that if the Great Ones have to change Their plans as to this integrating group ofMagic, 194:or vital body and the energy thus expressed will change his life focus and interests, and produce aMagic, 333:of the energy of the atom. This will completely change the economic and political situation in theMagic, 348:of them is necessary - but above all by a change of vibration, of recreation and of amusement.Magic, 360:above and that which is below. These analogies change as time progresses. In Lemurian days, viewingMagic, 373:must not be pictured as a sudden and violent change. From the standpoint of the human student the
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