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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CHANGE

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Psychology2, 620:passes over to the other side or there is a change in leadership for some good reason or other.Psychology2, 630:during the next ten years, the maximum desired change, has been the objective of the planetaryPsychology2, 637:work and goodwill propaganda, they can so change the world (through the sole agency of the men ofPsychology2, 641:hemispheres are swept today by the desire to change the old order and bring in the new era ofPsychology2, 652:faced and take the necessary steps to change the present condition. The new Plan of the Great OnesPsychology2, 652:public opinion that there can be a world wide change in human attitudes, but the members of the NewPsychology2, 659:reached and they are convinced of the inevitable change for the better which is on its way. TheyPsychology2, 691:of spiritual energy of sufficient potency to change world affairs, provided the sons of men playPsychology2, 691:task of cooperating in the organized effort to change the current of world affairs by an [692]Psychology2, 706:almost to instability, and producing constant change of viewpoint. This leads eventually to aPsychology2, 724:into physical manifestation, could definitely change the present exoteric world situation. It alsoPsychology2, 729:there is a willingness to recognize the need for change in technique and terminology, then somePsychology2, 733:- national, religious and economic - can change the aspect of world affairs in the space of a fewPsychology2, 733:of a few years. If there is not an appreciable change in human relations, then there will be littleRays, 4:of rajas, of mobility, of constant and conscious change in order to ascertain what is the Real andRays, 108:and the quality of his will begins to change. He discovers a larger will than his own and beginsRays, 114:intelligence of the modern applicant warrants a change, and as time goes on the presentRays, 151:demands the entrance of that which can effect a change. The Law demands that right direction shouldRays, 164:demands the entrance of that which can effect a change. Bearing in mind what I have elsewhereRays, 164:resurrection and ascension. That which effects a change is a discharge (to use a totally inadequateRays, 165:that is strong enough to bring about the change. Rays, 165:soul ray bringing about a major conditioning and change. In the work of the initiate who isRays, 171:step onward in orientation and will lead to a change in consciousness eventually. This lastRays, 183:acting under hierarchical inspiration, is to change the present forms into the more adequate formsRays, 218:to that desirable attainment, a definite change of focus and the gradual establishing of a point ofRays, 234:disaster. Even the Black Lodge knew of this change in the mode of salvation, and hastily foundedRays, 238:alter the manner of man's thinking; they will change the techniques of religion; they will bringRays, 240:demands of the Piscean Age. 3. The third great change has been in the relation of the Hierarchy toRays, 245:of humanity, the demands upon the Hierarchy change, new needs must be met, new techniques used, newRays, 252:Unless the schools based on the old methods change their techniques and their approach to truth,Rays, 324:of A Treatise on the Seven Rays will eventually change the attitude of men's minds towards theRays, 383:Ashram. What this coming process will entail of change in civilization, in human nature and in theRays, 419:form the new nomenclature will take (and this change will inevitably come), that too will pass awayRays, 490:is identical; but at this point there comes a change. Each disciple, having successfully organizedRays, 496:intensity. It is intensity of purpose which will change you from the plodding fairly satisfactoryRays, 496:to point out two things. First: if you can so change your tension that you are driven by the lifeRays, 496:Secondly: it will not produce any outer change in your environing relationships. Your outerRays, 498:the point of development which warrants complete change in the approach to divinity as taught byRays, 706:their opportunity will come again, and they may change all this when the fires of suffering at lastRays, 722:certain energy forces which will creatively change matters on Earth. They thereby prove two things:Rays, 753:There is that in them which can transmute and change it, and it is this that basically constitutesRays, 759:Earth. Already this Invocation is doing much to change world affairs - far more than may appear toReappearance, 8:men Who from time to time appear to change the face of the world and inaugurate a new era in theReappearance, 59:the world Scriptures; this may produce a vital change in the preconceived ideas of humanity. ThatReappearance, 71:in orientation and will lead eventually to a change in consciousness. Reappearance, 81:years ago and shows as yet little desire to change. The coming in of the Aquarian Age, ChristReappearance, 105:caused these things and what must be done to change these circumstances of life; they demanded toReappearance, 176:vision help? Is there anything they can do to change the thinking of the world in regard to money,Soul, 96:that [96] 'material' bodies immersed in it can change their places therein. In fact, to use anSoul, 146:science, may some day prevail. But I think this change will come, not so much by the growth ofSoul, 146:a growth and expansion of the human heart and a change in its psychology and powers of perception."Telepathy, 39:[39] experienced disciple will not let such a change upset his inner rhythm, but a less experiencedTelepathy, 100:with the undesirable; the sources of impression change as the disciple makes progress, thoughTelepathy, 136:also that the Rays of Attribute shift and change constantly; for instance, humanity as theTelepathy, 142:it. The etheric body is subject to ceaseless change. This, being true of the Macrocosm, is equallyTelepathy, 153:changed. It was this "esoteric emanating change" which, aeons ago, produced animal-man. I give thisTelepathy, 164:which it is composed are in a state of constant change and circulation. It is wise to have in mind
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