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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CHANGED

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Astrology, 119:to the stage where the "dream of life" can be changed into the recognition of the reality, and theAstrology, 261:to a life of self-conscious progress and a changed mode of progression around the wheel of life.Astrology, 261:of the earlier mass movement but this time with changed and changing attitudes of selfless service,Astrology, 346:symbolism of Masonry has frequently been changed during the millenia of years through which it hasAstrology, 520:raised into the heart center. There they will be changed into the power of sacrifice, of inclusiveAtom, 49:view of the medical world, for instance, will be changed, and people will study the right methodsAutobiography, 34:outgrew it. But what was the factor that changed me from a very bad tempered, rather vain and idleAutobiography, 54:and who helped me a lot to adjust myself to the changed environment - Edith Arbuthnot-Holmes, EvaAutobiography, 164:to preserve the sense as given. I have never changed anything that the Tibetan has ever given me.Autobiography, 170:this whole situation had been fundamentally changed. Those people were put into office in any lodgeAutobiography, 245:psychic writing and of psychic work. Later she changed her mind when I explained to her thatAutobiography, 254:names, dates and locations will all be changed, though the instructions will remain as given.Autobiography, 255:and the need of humanity demands at times a changed approach. There is nothing static in theAutobiography, 259:began to take effect, the work was gradually changed and now in the writing of A Treatise on CosmicAutobiography, 259:is enabled to write it down, so that no word is changed. The book is printed as received, exceptBethlehem, 16:the three ways in which the lower nature can be changed and prepared to be a conscious expressionBethlehem, 16:the true. These three practices, leading to a changed attitude towards life and reality, will, whenBethlehem, 40:been attuned to His. The joy of physical life is changed into the joy of understanding, and newBethlehem, 101:the rod of initiation, conditions are definitely changed in the aspirant, so that for ever after heBethlehem, 155:illusion which is eventually transmuted, and so changed and stabilized that it provides a clearBethlehem, 156:moment the life of humanity has been radically changed. It was as potent a moment in racial historyBethlehem, 232:and women a few weeks later and they are utterly changed. It is not that there is some faint returnBethlehem, 238:and thereafter the body of flesh itself was changed, and took on a new nature." - EsotericDestiny, 116:conflict a situation entirely different and changed from that which existed prior to the contact.Destiny, 116:ray energies takes place. The culture is first changed, because all basic quality changes work everDestiny, 132:be different procedures, varying safeguards and changed protective measures. The rules may varyDestiny, 134:the seventh ray types will gradually bring about changed attitudes to life and very differentDiscipleship1and meditate or he might indicate some need for changed habits of thought. Then the disciple wentDiscipleship1, 62:results be achieved. This technique must not be changed by anyone except myself. Stages I and IIDiscipleship1, 219:Your problem of personality emphasis has changed from that of the continuous impressing of yourDiscipleship1, 241:somewhat upon this. You are entering now upon changed conditions and your life will take aDiscipleship1, 273:to the group. This attitude must and will be changed. One thing more I would ask of you, myDiscipleship1, 395:The entire rhythm of ordinary existence has been changed. This I foretold many months ago, and timeDiscipleship1, 396:of her life, becoming accustomed definitely to changed conditions, to loneliness and loss isDiscipleship1, 450:but your attitude towards them is definitely changed. You are not so sure and you are entirelyDiscipleship1, 473:August 1933 MY BROTHER: Still for you I have no changed word. Go forward as you arc now doing andDiscipleship1, 505:body has also been very poor. Lately, you have changed that condition and your mind and your astralDiscipleship1, 531:to draw forth. Your life setting had to be changed before it was possible for you to release thisDiscipleship1, 545:life interests, and these will be based on a changed attitude of mind and a more positive innerDiscipleship1, 592:any spiritual direction are always potent when changed. Your service basically is as follows: toDiscipleship1, 608:the basis for your personality life. Naught is changed, except in you, and you must guard againstDiscipleship1, 616:Forget it not. Time may enable you to show a changed attitude. If you so choose, and if you willDiscipleship1, 619:but you cannot give it until you have completely changed your estimate of yourself. In the past youDiscipleship1, 661:your work suffers. Yet it could so easily all be changed, if you learnt that divine indifferenceDiscipleship1, 715:for personal lasting happiness. This has to be changed into group emancipation, group cohesion andDiscipleship1, 777:psychic writing and of psychic work. Later, she changed her mind when I explained to her thatDiscipleship1, 786:made available; names, dates and locations are changed, though the instructions remain as given.Discipleship1, 787:and the need of humanity demands at times a changed approach. There is nothing static in theDiscipleship2, 38:the war is over. When the needs of humanity are changed, and they will then be radically differentDiscipleship2, 157:denominations) the third verse in the stanza be changed and that its last line should read: "TheDiscipleship2, 167:the divine purpose will then, through the changed hearts and goals of humanity, be achieved. ThisDiscipleship2, 168:his life intention, character and goals will be changed and his life will be altered and madeDiscipleship2, 170:desired divine energies; ideals are these ideas changed or reduced into thought-forms, and thusDiscipleship2, 222:in that level of being which must be affected or changed, and this is the horizontal aspect. BothDiscipleship2, 258:that their significance is extraordinarily [258] changed, and in that changing the plan or purposeDiscipleship2, 350:brought this teaching to the modern world has changed all that, and the emphasis is now on theDiscipleship2, 351:be obvious to you therefore that, owing to the changed polarization of the disciples of the world,Discipleship2, 351:an individual process. This is slowly being changed; groups are being admitted [352] to initiationDiscipleship2, 359:with care and right direction. Thus affairs are changed on Earth." To the aspirant, the statementDiscipleship2, 556:upon the normal personality in the form of changed behavior. This injunction is not the same inDiscipleship2, 615:with you. The situation is, therefore, changed, and becomes something to be adjusted. It has to beDiscipleship2, 669:through whom the problems emerging out of the changed conditions can be solved and handled. [670]Discipleship2, 726:a liability which can, with your cooperation, be changed in your next incarnation into a groupDiscipleship2, 730:impossible for you to change. Yet you have changed quite definitely during the past year, and byEducation, 25:capable of grasping. How can I illustrate this changed attitude to you in the simplest form?Education, 47:thinking, new modes of human planning and thus changed for all time the trend of human affairs.Education, 98:themselves have been developed [98] under this changed mode of approaching the educational process.Education, 133:developments and point the way to where the changed attitude may be anticipated. Let me list themEducation, 139:which the state can achieve its end will be changed. The preparation of adults for the duties ofExternalisation, 91:And yet the form remains and yet its quality is changed. (I can find no better word than 'quality'Externalisation, Esoter:all of whom have altered their ancient policies, changed their forms of government and reactedExternalisation, 185:and of anxious neutral nations must be changed into a world which is characterized by one endeavorExternalisation, 256:for others and reject for themselves will be changed into the good karma which is the true destinyExternalisation, 297:laid emphasis upon their achievement. But they changed the current of men's thoughts; they pointedExternalisation, 310:have produced most successfully a certain changed attitude in the race, a new orientation to theExternalisation, 314:on service which will be applicable to the changed conditions and in the immediate future. StudyExternalisation, 335:hindrance which needs to be offset or changed, once realized. An understanding of all I have statedExternalisation, 359:today largely disorder) can be so modified and changed that a new world and a new race of men canExternalisation, 373:racial and national culture which must be changed. The family of nations, viewed as a unit, itsExternalisation, 378:and by resultant processes of thought, men know changed conditions are necessary and that there isExternalisation, 412:the three methods whereby the personality can be changed, and prepared to be a conscious expressionExternalisation, 418:the belief of the masses will gradually be changed into the conviction of the knowers. In this wayExternalisation, 433:for instance, conditioned the attitude and the changed orientation of the USSR, and has broughtExternalisation, 460:and by the conviction that things must be changed. They are often staggered by the magnitude of theExternalisation, 525:to it. Today, however, things are somewhat changed. New inflowing energies and the partialExternalisation, 543:seated hate, must slowly disappear; all must be changed in preparation for the revelation whichExternalisation, 553:assume great importance, but its keynote will be changed. What the new keynote will be has not yetExternalisation, 556:more closely linked, but the procedure has been changed and the effect on humanity intensified. IExternalisation, 580:appears, he will find conditions greatly changed from those now prevalent, and this to theFire, 29:forth fire. Part rose. Part fell. The form was changed. Millions took other forms or ascended toFire, 29:Sixth. When the Sixth appeared the land was changed. The surface of the globe circled throughFire, 263:through the lower kinds of mental matter are so changed by it into slower vibrations that areFire, 405:as the point in which the Deva essence is changed into Pitric essence or the no loka is made fit toFire, 640:cycles the entire surface of the Earth is changed through the medium of volcanic action; continentsFire, 857:containing forty-nine symbols. These sheets are changed and corrected once every seven years, andFire, 984:and in speech. With the termination slightly changed the same words become majesty, implyingFire, 1070:Then the goal of their endeavor will be somewhat changed; they will seek to ascertain through clearFire, 1186:methods of construction or destruction will be changed. Things will be viewed as essentialGlamour, 56:Symbolically speaking, the pure light is changed into colored light. The idea is then "clothed withGlamour, 57:the idea, as it is called. The idea has become changed through the ray coloring of the soul, and
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