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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CHANGES

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Astrology, 51:subjective activity which, in its turn, causes changes in the outer expression, through the fusionAstrology, 69:in any specific period to respond to the changes which are all the time taking place, such as theAstrology, 71:Mercury and Saturn again bring about great changes and unique revelation, but their effect is veryAstrology, 81:of the Old Commentary: "The Cross of many changes (the Mutable Cross. A.A.B.) continues with itsAstrology, 83:the nature of the personality ray which itself changes, as you know, from life to life. In thoseAstrology, 106:the beginning of the period wherein the soul changes its direction, its purpose and its method, andAstrology, 106:of vital importance upon which we shall ring the changes, as we study the path of evolution, or theAstrology, 107:upon the Mutable Cross, produces those interior changes which eventually lead to Reorientation orAstrology, 119:The man begins to dream of stability, of ordered changes and of union with that which he senses toAstrology, 120:Virgo, which has been analytical and critical, changes to that quality of mind which is bestAstrology, 122:impressions, swept by desire which ever changes, constantly aware of all impinging contacts, butAstrology, 123:and this is the result of the many lesser [123] changes. Change is ever needed but the methodAstrology, 123:changes. Change is ever needed but the method changes itself from the constant variability andAstrology, 123:and mutability of the Mutable Cross to certain changes of a major kind which are brought about by aAstrology, 128:basic change for which all the earlier and many changes have prepared him. It is these words alsoAstrology, 130:all these are potencies which produce definite changes in the solar system. They represent theAstrology, 134:It is, therefore, largely responsible for the changes now being effected in our planetary life inAstrology, 135:humanity. Superficial and selfish activity which changes into a deep and active intention to beAstrology, 135:of the Hierarchy. Self-conscious living which changes finally into a sensitive humanitarianAstrology, 135:awareness. The quality of these keynotes changes from a petty and superficial nature to one of deepAstrology, 138:develops into a leader. He brings about desired changes and produces those new conditions whichAstrology, 148:proffered us a choice to bring about the needed changes and to destroy that which holds back theAstrology, 152:achieve liberation. The emanating cause of the changes upon the Mutable and Fixed Crosses. Taurus -Astrology, 156:the mountain top in the semblance of the Goat - changes its shape into the Unicorn. Great is theAstrology, 266:are creative in their effect and which produce changes which are needed in the progress of the soulAstrology, 331:effects as they produce basic and fundamental changes in the systemic life which, in its turn,Astrology, 331:from this, therefore, that as the evolutionary changes are brought about and as human, planetaryAstrology, 331:the planets, will produce very diverse changes and significant happenings to which man willAstrology, 345:effects necessarily change when a world cycle changes, but for the present cycle, Gemini determinesAstrology, 345:Gemini - This is the force which produces the changes needed for the evolution of the ChristAstrology, 345:of substance itself, subject to the nine cyclic changes of the cosmic gestation period; it fostersAstrology, 350:- brings about, as a sequence, to these inner changes, certain great Points of crisis which areAstrology, 360:rules that path; Gemini governs the way of many changes which conditions the struggle which beganAstrology, 368:of the Mutable Cross, setting or determining the changes and their rate of progression. Astrology, 370:reorientation preceding discipleship - produces changes and opportunity for the disciple. We comeAstrology, 372:the watching Hierarchy and making certain major changes inevitable and unavoidable. This arguesAstrology, 381:Humanity - Hierarchy - Shamballa. I ring these changes constantly as the consideration of them,Astrology, 396:During this process of "fashioning," great changes take place in consciousness and there areAstrology, 396:place in consciousness and there are fundamental changes wrought through this sign which - inAstrology, 397:the disciple must bring about certain basic changes. The Taurian upon the way of liberation wouldAstrology, 400:thereby is the goal of the process which changes desire into aspiration. Astrology, 408:series of astrological studies. Certain basic changes in the orientation of the Earth's axis areAstrology, 408:into the computations of astrologers. These changes are proceeding slowly and progressively andAstrology, 432:of men begins to throb in 'rhythmic unison. Changes are wrought. The cosmic heart, the heartAstrology, 436:effort is assured. Mercury brings about those changes in mental perception which eventually enableAstrology, 438:Pisces and Capricorn in unison bring about those changes which "lift the disciple out of theAstrology, 446:by the seventh ray, and when certain important changes have been made and the spirit of Masonry isAstrology, 446:of humanity is such that the needed changes can be brought about without such a drastic procedure.Astrology, 449:which we have been dealing refer to and produce changes in the human consciousness. Another seriesAstrology, 450:upon the individual people. They bring about changes in his life focus and in his centers just asAstrology, 450:centers just as they have wrought corresponding changes in the three planetary centers. In view ofAstrology, 469:adequate effect and the needed planetary changes have been produced, the term "sacred" will beAstrology, 473:the struggle and the emergence produce basic changes in consciousness and a greatly extendedAstrology, 477:love expresses itself, brings about the needed changes for that expression, and human consciousnessAstrology, 481:heart of the manifested zodiac, they produce the changes in consciousness which make man divine atAstrology, 486:seen as vibrant living factors, producing world changes and giving a tremendous push onward toAstrology, 539:Ray of Will untidily bringing about fundamental changes, and ushering in the new era. ThisAstrology, 540:or physical plane - the plane whereon major changes in all forms are made and on which the discipleAstrology, 548:great constellations, is potent to effect major changes in our little planet. It is interesting toAstrology, 559:life-quality-appearance, shifts and changes. Upon the Mutable Cross, the crucified man sees naughtAstrology, 594:and from the point of view as producing changes and expansions of consciousness in man, in nationsAstrology, 602:to understanding cooperation) will produce major changes in human polarization and human objectivesAstrology, 617:which brings about the needed mutations and changes through the action of the constant incentive ofAstrology, 618:dynamic will, the "Point in the Center" which changes not but remains ever immovably subject to itsAstrology, 618:will, he can then bring about the needed changes in the form nature without identifying himselfAstrology, 618:himself with it or being himself affected by the changes. This may serve to make my meaning clear.Astrology, 625:Himself - He produced effects also and momentous changes in the world through those presented toAstrology, 642:Vol. I, 628) 7. "The planets have their growth, changes, development and gradual evolution." (S.D.Astrology, 669:(S.D. Vol. II, 26) "The sun...has its growth, changes, development and gradual evolution." (S.D.Autobiography, 2:Britain, Europe, Asia and America led to basic changes in my attitudes to life and people. ToAutobiography, 5:done our tiny part in bringing about much needed changes. The world trend towards federation,Autobiography, 36:was dependent upon how I handled myself and the changes I could manage to make. He said that if IAutobiography, 47:was unrealized at the time, but great interior changes took place. I was, however, so extrovertedAutobiography, 48:underneath all the surety and dogmatism, great changes were taking place. I know that this periodAutobiography, 123:the Church is playing a losing game unless it changes its technique. I cannot understand whyAutobiography, 164:are dropped one by one into my brain. I make no changes in what I give out to the public from thatAutobiography, 169:for discipleship has also been given. Great changes are being made in methods and techniques andAutobiography, 171:or background that made it necessary for changes to take place and out of these our work for theAutobiography, 181:living meant the adjustment of all of us to many changes. For the first time there was not only theAutobiography, 281:of human culture and civilization. These changes, however, must never be at the expense of truth orBethlehem, 29:eyes to see, they can be seen actively bringing changes in the race. Aspiration is a basicBethlehem, 52:been sounded forth and have brought about needed changes, and have signified a potency of trueBethlehem, 55:which He came to teach producing the needed changes in the capacity of men to apprehend. Only nowBethlehem, 196:punitive approaches. As our sense of God changes and develops, and as we approach nearer toBethlehem, 242:be evaded, but which is simply the Bringer of Changes. Thus we make the process of death a plannedBethlehem, 244:the process of death brings about such definite changes in our consciousness that it proves fatalBethlehem, 267:see a more rapid consummation of the desired changes. Theologically, we have said that "God isDestiny, 4:are ceaselessly playing on humanity, producing changes, expressing themselves through successiveDestiny, 13:its presence to be felt through the tremendous changes which were brought about: When the firstDestiny, 13:of God to produce certain radical and momentous changes in the consciousness of the race which willDestiny, 21:can work and so bring about the needed world changes, which are primarily changes in consciousness.Destiny, 21:the needed world changes, which are primarily changes in consciousness. I have dealt somewhat inDestiny, 31:I may evidence will consistently deal. All changes in connection with the human family, the fourthDestiny, 52:to an ideal which is responsible for the potent changes in these four countries. In Germany andDestiny, 116:manifestation - definitely does three things: Changes the nature of the civilization and theDestiny, 116:is first changed, because all basic quality changes work ever from above downwards, and it is theDestiny, 116:sensitive to the incoming differences. Form changes then automatically reverse the process. It isDestiny, 116:accept and study the ray procedure, definite changes in attitude and a closer approach to the truthDestiny, 117:the Hierarchy is the dynamic and living nucleus. Changes in the other kingdoms in nature, producingDestiny, 117:all differ in soul quality) and consequently changes in the form aspect as well. Changes in the
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