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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CHANGES

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Discipleship2, 277:disciples, and they then initiate the required changes. When these occur at a time of crisis andDiscipleship2, 288:needed activities and brings about the required changes, but he receives no reward, save the rewardDiscipleship2, 289:becomes known and the goal of attention changes. There follows the ability to focus in theDiscipleship2, 296:is increasing; its livingness is producing changes in the human organism. The tide of spiritualDiscipleship2, 296:can surely appreciate, will produce fundamental changes also in the immediate objectives beforeDiscipleship2, 301:might be summarized as follows: That the great changes being brought about in the Hierarchy, and inDiscipleship2, 319:valuable to you and to other disciples: That the changes brought about in the Hierarchy have beenDiscipleship2, 325:perforce produce certain important hierarchical changes; new situations come about in initiateDiscipleship2, 342:of inducing the Hierarchy to make certain needed changes where the task of influencing humanity isDiscipleship2, 345:an aspect of the mind. Formula III... Deals with changes in the soul nature. Time and space. TheDiscipleship2, 356:hint to you, the wording is as follows: "The changes brought about in the Hierarchy have been theDiscipleship2, 356:and runs as follows: "Regard and recognize the changes in the hearts of men, and change the rulesDiscipleship2, 357:to do: Deal with the constantly transforming changes in his own personality. Adapt himself to theDiscipleship2, 357:at this time is partially the effect of the changes produced in the Hierarchy by two major factors,Discipleship2, 358:sense and the acute realization of the basic changes in the human consciousness which are theDiscipleship2, 362:readjustments of the pattern and the demanded changes in the program as the process ofDiscipleship2, 387:I have already dealt. They were: Hint I. - The changes brought about in the Hierarchy have been theDiscipleship2, 410:that - as you know - has necessitated drastic changes in the presentation of the training to beDiscipleship2, 446:a year ago, life has brought you certain radical changes - some of them as a result of the war andDiscipleship2, 446:of them as a consequence of soul impulse. These changes and their resultant readjustments have beenDiscipleship2, 447:have offset greatly your reactions, and changes in your personality life, in your environment andDiscipleship2, 449:represent into your life pattern, welcoming the changes which they may bring and knowing that theyDiscipleship2, 473:You may feel it necessary to make certain changes in the one you are now doing; feel free to changeDiscipleship2, 501:and intended. You are at this time facing changes. The choice with which you are confronted is notDiscipleship2, 504:group thought which is so potent in effecting changes in the human consciousness. The peculiarDiscipleship2, 506:expression, and become increasingly aware of the changes which conscious, deliberate thinking willDiscipleship2, 512:cultivation of that divine indifference which changes or shifts the present almost too violentDiscipleship2, 519:your reaction to this word and practice and the changes it may make in your life and thinking.Discipleship2, 532:adapted to bring about in you the needed changes, provided you follow the meditation withDiscipleship2, 588:the same processes, the same eliminations and changes, the same discriminative idealism and theDiscipleship2, 611:life and circumstance into true perspective and changes attitudes so completely that theDiscipleship2, 628:rate indeed. Usually during these basic life changes, and during periods wherein the pattern of aDiscipleship2, 630:the nature and purpose of the experiences and changes to which you have been subjected. Endeavor toDiscipleship2, 651:The year that is on its way will hold great changes for you but you are strong enough andDiscipleship2, 687:and with no biassed idea as to results, that changes will be [688] wrought in your consciousness ofDiscipleship2, 688:There is much for you to do. Prepare for changes and welcome each departure from the normal way.Discipleship2, 688:do they not? And each year sees and should see changes. In my last set of injunctions, if I mayDiscipleship2, 688:gave you a year ago, I asked you to prepare for changes. I have an idea, my brother, that youDiscipleship2, 688:that you interpreted that to mean physical changes in your life - the changes which environment andDiscipleship2, 688:that to mean physical changes in your life - the changes which environment and circumstance imposeDiscipleship2, 688:to you somewhat clearer. There are certain changes which disciples must themselves initiate; theseDiscipleship2, 700:musical impact, I suggest great and significant changes will be brought about in your life. OnceDiscipleship2, 706:of what you would like to change or see altered? Changes mean nothing unless they are the result ofDiscipleship2, 709:center; contact with my mind will bring about changes in your head center - probably (at this stageDiscipleship2, 728:not young enough to make many basic personality changes, for the sixth ray crystallizes tooDiscipleship2, 736:the buddhic or intuitional plane. You are facing changes in your life. I would here point out toDiscipleship2, 736:in your life. I would here point out to you that changes in the life of a pledged disciple can beDiscipleship2, 751:forward looking attitude of a world disciple. Changes will then come because your inner attitudeDiscipleship2, 754:plus skill in action) may cause almost dramatic changes in your life. Bring about focus in the soulDiscipleship2, 757:however that it is the truth as you see it which changes and conditions your life. You mustEducation, 37:Endocrinology as a material means of producing changes, usually in deficient children and morons.Education, 37:and is doing much to bring about radical changes in our educational systems. Much remains to beEducation, 37:and his activities, will bring about immediate changes. [38] Education, 40:up until the advent of Christ, Who wrought great changes in the human consciousness and ushered inEducation, 85:be recognized and thus great and needed changes will be brought about in human psychology as aEducation, 110:of planetary crisis and upheaval, of drastic changes, and of the stepping up of humanity to newEducation, 116:an unfoldment which necessitates drastic changes in man's entire attitude to life and to all hisEducation, 116:to life and to all his world relations. These changes are being self-initiated by him and are notEducation, 127:recognizable. Inevitably, however, subjective changes are wrought in the life of the individual. AsEducation, 133:of the times will eventually produce radical changes in the approach to family life, parenthood andEducation, 135:must produce certain automatic and inherent changes. This is a point which must be grasped byEducation, 136:brought about, will produce certain fundamental changes - regulated sex life, an organized parentalEducation, 139:we can then look forward to adjustments and changes, which are bound to come, with confidence andEducation, 139:leading to marriage will undergo profound changes during the next one thousand years, though theEducation, 141:divine whole to see the personality subjected to changes and transmutations, produced as a resultEducation, 144:with its results of revelation and consequent changes. It should be remembered that: Light isEducation, 149:[149] vague, of the line along which major changes can be expected to come. You can begin,Externalisation, 4:therefore, that this must bring about vast changes and alterations in the human consciousness.Externalisation, 51:Between these two ways of working, many changes can be rung, though the system of cooperation,Externalisation, 86:world today all the political and organizational changes which are so prevalent and so disturbing.Externalisation, 88:present world cycle. The emphasis of the rays changes in connection with the last two types ofExternalisation, 88:all the four kingdoms in nature for the coming changes. As the plowman turns the soil of his fieldExternalisation, 106:its presence to be felt through the tremendous changes which were brought about. Let usExternalisation, 107:of God to produce certain racial and momentous changes in the consciousness of the race which willExternalisation, 109:destiny it is to bring about great evolutionary changes. Upon certain planetary happenings,Externalisation, 110:out of inexplicable conflicts and drastic changes in their lives, so the same is true of the worldExternalisation, 130:focal points are used to bring about two major changes in the world; the first is the fusion andExternalisation, 132:major interest upon Asia, bringing about great changes on that continent, as far as the Pacific.Externalisation, 132:of the principle of federation, can affect major changes in Europe if there is an awakened insight,Externalisation, Esoter:energies. These have wrought significant changes in their day and generation and altered the faceExternalisation, 135:They are being used to engineer great and needed changes and to alter the face of civilization. TheExternalisation, 136:change and the wise engineering of these needed changes so that real progress can be made; theExternalisation, 138:may produce deep psychological and unavoidable changes in human thought and action. This must beExternalisation, 142:potent solar instrument designed to bring about changes and needed readjustments. It is so powerfulExternalisation, 145:effective when rightly used and will produce changes, destroy that which must be eliminated orExternalisation, 145:(though none the less certainly) needed changes and the wise reconstruction of the individual life.Externalisation, 146:This could be done so rapidly, that the needed changes would come about almost overnight; theExternalisation, 147:chooses to produce the desired unfoldments and changes upon the physical plane [148] only throughExternalisation, 175:its amazing opportunity to bring about needed changes, and to point out the lines of demarcationExternalisation, 182:in which it is possible to institute those changes [183] in attitude which will bring an era ofExternalisation, 197:opportunity to effect drastic and deeply needed changes and the establishing [198] of a newExternalisation, 208:possibilities for good and for constructive changes lies ahead. The future must be developed by allExternalisation, 211:is a dynamic energy which can bring about world changes of a fundamental kind, and that its mode ofExternalisation, 225:descent of the waiting Potencies, certain great changes may take place, for which all the past hasExternalisation, 253:Natural law is today producing great changes in nature [254] through the effects of aerial andExternalisation, 254:and through the effects of vast economic changes and processes. Conditions have been set in motionExternalisation, 262:along a particular line, and this might lead to changes of so auspicious a nature that a new heavenExternalisation, 262:event take place which will produce stupendous changes. I would remind you here that the evocationExternalisation, 263:produce something entirely new and bring about changes not normally anticipated. These we are nowExternalisation, 291:appeal, and evokes response and consequent changes in the life activity, the culture and the
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