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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CHANGES

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Externalisation, 305:synthesis with Him, thereby bringing about rapid changes? This depends upon His being over-shadowedExternalisation, 318:other; Second, they desire to see no territorial changes that do not accord with the freelyExternalisation, 338:period the world has seen great and significant changes, and one of the most significant has beenExternalisation, 434:warfare - they would bring about the needed changes and the ending of wrong conditions. But theExternalisation, 495:dealt with by the investigating scientists, changes were brought about which enabled them toExternalisation, 529:and the tension of world service. All these changes necessitate much adjustment. The interior workExternalisation, 530:intervening between now and then very great changes will be seen taking place, and at the greatExternalisation, 537:and will alleviate much and bring about great changes in due course of time. You will note,Externalisation, 537:the world of forms. Adjustment to certain basic changes within the Hierarchy Itself in preparationExternalisation, 538:and understanding, but awakened and alert for changes. These adjustments are proceeding withExternalisation, 549:new presentation of goodwill as it affects and changes the [550] sovereign world religions whichExternalisation, 573:situation and bring about great and needed changes. All these activities, built upon theExternalisation, 580:has nevertheless [580] been made and great changes will take place during the next twenty-fiveExternalisation, 581:second and fifth rays or to the fundamental changes which the new generation of young people (nowExternalisation, 583:in which they are to bring about certain basic changes in line with hierarchical intent. ThisExternalisation, 584:by the Hierarchy to bring about the needed changes and the new orientation, and not any [585]Externalisation, 585:similar activity and definitely bringing about changes in the branch of human endeavor with whichExternalisation, 600:in leadership, through dynamic but logical changes in world affairs, and through action taken byExternalisation, 636:the lesson had been severe enough to force those changes which were essential to the future ofExternalisation, 645:and of Will can bring about the needed changes in the planetary life. This is not an immediateExternalisation, 647:of goodwill and the instigator of constructive changes between individuals, communities andExternalisation, 652:In what manner will the effective and needed changes be made? How will the proposed organizationExternalisation, 652:organization take place? Of how much of these changes and organization will average humanity beExternalisation, 654:will not bring the sudden and the beneficent changes which the enthusiastic desire. Every necessaryExternalisation, 655:of extraordinary activity, producing basic changes upon all sides, stimulating desire (both goodExternalisation, 656:these are [656] in process of creating great changes in the minds of men concerning the religiousExternalisation, 670:is swept by the energy of goodwill, basic changes in world affairs will take place. I would ask allExternalisation, 670:values for themselves and to make the needed changes of their own free will, and thus produce theExternalisation, 694:1975 - will bring about great and important changes in world living. Another matter to which theFire, 106:reception of prana, and that one of the basic changes that must be made in the life of the humanFire, 116:only termed so in order to make plainer the changes that must be effected and the dangers that mustFire, 131:and turns his attention inward. His polarization changes, and the physical is eventually dropped.Fire, 166:initiation) the Monad, thus bringing about changes and increased vitality within these spheres ofFire, 312:would be unwilling to admit that all these changes are due to Akashic magnetism incessantlyFire, 463:etheric bodies. This will likewise bring about changes in the dense physical body and the bodies ofFire, 651:of the pranic fluids. This will produce certain changes, and improvements, in the physical organs,Fire, 740:- stays and works within his own scheme, but changes may occur through the following factors:Fire, 775:of the antahkarana becomes a possibility. Changes are now taking place in the egoic lotus, and theFire, 779:egoic mantram by the lowest of the three groups changes are brought about and the lunar Pitris (whoFire, 811:Again, this realization will bring about three changes in the thought of the age: (1) AFire, 828:evolution and has been unconscious. Now all that changes as the mental body becomes active, and twoFire, 909:next one hundred years, for they will see great changes in the marriage laws. The present laxityFire, 916:the findings of modern science, and bring about changes in the care of the physical body. Fire, 1165:and the appearance of the manifesting activity changes. The motion of the lotus or wheel for a longGlamour, 136:small circle (through the medium of the changes and effects wrought in his personal life) to thoseGlamour, 155:appears to dominate; after that the balance changes and the personality steadily becomes negativeGlamour, 207:but to give you a formula which - with slight changes and additions - can serve the individual andGlamour, 248:our study and which will be evocative of basic changes in the life of the disciple. He will add toGlamour, 262:or other of the centers, he is bringing about changes and readjustments within the mechanism whichHealing, 28:of the effect of these causes as they produce changes in the outer garment of man, as science hasHealing, 48:and vital realm, we shall see radical and needed changes, leading to simplification and not to aHealing, 151:where the disciple is concerned; the rulership changes after the third initiation or before theHealing, 220:disciples will demonstrate such definite changes in the ductless glands that the medical professionHealing, 224:more homogeneous humanity will appear during the changes of the next one hundred years. ManyHealing, 224:and will materially bring about far-reaching changes. These interracial and mixed relationshipsHealing, 251:of the world war will be to force the needed changes, the required rebuilding, and the scientificHealing, 269:established and hard to overcome. But the needed changes can be made if goodwill directs the spokenHealing, 288:cooperate. Dates, incidental phenomena, changes for the better or the worse should be rioted, alongHealing, 381:will before long bring about major changes in the approach to disease.. These will lead to theHealing, 382:two planetary centers will bring about major changes and unfoldments, and this not only in theHealing, 419:and turns his attention inward. His polarization changes, and the physical is eventually dropped.Healing, 447:an uprising and a consequent abstraction. The changes wrought in the centers when the death of theHealing, 449:Chamber at Shamballa. "The Law demands that the changes thus effected remove the form, bringHealing, 503:past few years of war has produced phenomenal changes upon the astral plane and has shattered anHealing, 557:orthodox physician or surgeon, then tremendous changes will be brought about. Great enlightenmentHealing, 613:it is not the seed or germ of anything. Any changes wrought in the physical body are secondary toHealing, 681:of the difference would lead to basic changes in technique. In the one case, you are working withHealing, 689:angles, this is not so, and this fact definitely changes and conditions the thinking and work ofHercules, 67:a powerful mutable sign, it inaugurates many changes; new ideas flood the world; new impulses makeHercules, 67:the polar opposites takes place. But all these changes and unifications naturally inaugurate a newHercules, 83:play their subtle parts in bringing about the changes in the life of man. Three words summarize theHercules, 116:heart of the manifested zodiac, they produce the changes in consciousness that make man divine atHercules, 207:and religious angles, bringing definite changes in man's attitude to life as a whole. It is thisHercules, 228:greatest trial and [228] thenceforth his problem changes. He has controlled and demonstrated hisInitiation, 145:of the Lodge, and the entire ceremonial then changes, prior to the taking of the oath and theInitiation, 197:and an ability to move slowly when effecting changes in the diet and in the habits of a lifetime.Initiation, 199:the immediate consequence will be important changes in the life of every day. These changes might,Initiation, 199:changes in the life of every day. These changes might, for the sake of their practical use, beIntellect, 14:interlude in experience and in development which changes the visionary mystic into the practicalIntellect, 155:of divine realities. Now the focus of attention changes, and Deity turns its eyes upon the waitingIntellect, 211:these two effects have been produced certain changes take place in the mechanism of thought andMagicIt is this state of realization which produces changes in form and environment commensurate withMagic, 11:climbing the mountain of vision his perspective changes and his horizon enlarges, he comes to theMagic, 46:will be recognized later, play upon and produce changes in our solar system and consequently uponMagic, 78:newness of the occident, and the rapid changes which have been the outstanding feature of EuropeanMagic, 82:He aspires to the occult path and considers changes and events in the light of all precedingMagic, 111:ray of the Monad continues through the aeon. It changes not. It is one of the three primary raysMagic, 129:These are days wherein many adjustments and changes are being wrought in the world of men. In theMagic, 167:use or resume it at will, then his whole status changes and his usefulness increases. Through theMagic, 183:It is in this gland that the first physiological changes take place incident upon soul contact andMagic, 192:The second fact to bear in mind is that as these changes and reorientations take place, theMagic, 194:strives, meditates, studies and serves, certain changes will take place within him, and that thereMagic, 262:pulsating life progresses its rate of vibration changes, and in this changing of vibration lies hidMagic, 264:more rapid is the development, and the key changes from life to life, whereas in the earlier stagesMagic, 264:forms, and from lesser cycle to lesser cycle he changes the key, often in one life heightening hisMagic, 264:rapidity, is one of constant movement, constant changes and differentiations, and continuousMagic, 335:nature gives forth will be studied and known and changes will be brought about and new formsMagic, 336:produce in this transition period the needed changes, and will inaugurate a new era whereinMagic, 336:of sound will bring about those structural changes and those material transformations which willMagic, 346:first method with the following additions and changes. You link yourself up either as an individual
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