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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CHANGES

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Magic, 361:of the Atlantean period, when certain great changes and experiments were wrought, a shift in theMagic, 373:the etheric body that leads to slow but definite changes in the internal structure of the atom, theMagic, 374:forward. As that unfoldment produces constant changes in realization and a consequent constantMagic, 375:predominantly that of the form. Gradually this changes, - so gradually that the aspirant learns theMagic, 375:dealings with people. Then the point of balance changes, and the soul appears to dominate from theMagic, 410:the political activities which have brought such changes in the nations. Under the fifth and thirdMagic, 416:like a Beethoven, or to bring about world changes like Napoleon. But the new type of group workerMagic, 467:and held, used and discarded, until the red changes to rose [468] and rose to palest pink, and pinkMagic, 468:yet the full blown flower. Stage II The picture changes form. Another voice, coming from close atMagic, 610:work of the new age, and can inaugurate those changes and that rebuilding which will bring aboutMagic, 638:to occult principles so that definite changes are produced in the bodies used, and an increasingMeditation, 2:his apotheosis, and has rung most of the changes in the world of form. Later comes coordinationMeditation, 4:our various incarnations we strike and ring the changes on all the intervening notes, and sometimesMeditation, 10:urge arises until the man has run through many changes and many lives, has tasted the cup ofMeditation, 27:inherent ray of the Spirit or Monad, to cyclic changes, to diversity of forces playingMeditation, 125:plunges on an apparent downward path, when he changes the whole trend of his existence andMeditation, 260:the full chord of the Monad, and can ring the changes therefore at will upon all the notes from theMeditation, Since:of men) have Their habitat, [Since 1920, great changes have occurred. Now (1949) there has been aMeditation, 332:evolution proceeds the polarization of the race changes. Men are polarized now principally in theirPatanjali, 179:things of the spirit. They cause also certain changes of conditions within the head, reorganize thePatanjali, 226:and which veil the divinity which is man. These changes are dealt with in the next two sutras. ThePatanjali, 382:follows thought" as an explanation. As a man changes his desires, so he changes himself; as hePatanjali, 382:explanation. As a man changes his desires, so he changes himself; as he shifts his consciousnessPatanjali, 384:methods are followed they bring about certain changes within the forms occupied by the real orProblems, 5:and obliterate recognition of the long range changes which have taken place within the humanProblems, 20:since the beginning of the 20th Century, great changes have taken place in the thinking of theProblems, 58:be recognized and thus great and needed changes will be brought about in human psychology as aProblems, 66:the incoming civilization is unpredictable. The changes which are imminent are so far-reaching thatProblems, 66:These are two instances of the fundamental changes which the use of atomic energy may make inProblems, 81:that it is possible to bring about the needed changes, provided that the correct steps are takenProblems, 138:for adult mankind. These are imperative changes. Nothing can prevent the new world religion fromProblems, 152:of God on earth? The answer is yes. These changes [153] can be made and their possibility can beProblems, 157:registered. Many groups are wrestling with these changes and this is, in itself, most hopeful. InProblems, 171:worth living? All this can happen unless basic changes are made and made with goodwill and lovingPsychology1, 4:man, and the influence of the ray will produce changes in the mind content and the emotional naturePsychology1, 83:years, and during the next two hundred years the changes will be still more rapid and deep seated,Psychology1, 170:discussed in greater detail, certain necessary changes [171] (growing out of the results of thePsychology1, 222:be felt, then humanity must be prepared for such changes as are inevitable. Left alone and unaided,Psychology1, 225:therefore supremely powerful, do certain hidden changes take place in these seven groups. These arePsychology1, 262:energy [262] in order to bring about the needed changes, and hence also one of the great results ofPsychology1, 268:the sex function. We shall see consequent changes in the attitude of man towards this mostPsychology1, 293:In no department of life will these coming great changes show more potently than in the attitude ofPsychology1, 293:to meet the disasters of the hour; these changes will come slowly, as the result of the intelligentPsychology1, 298:thus we shall lay the foundation for the later changes. I should like here to remind you that thePsychology1, 326:produces (surely and inevitably) corresponding changes in mechanism and structure, and in sensePsychology1, 326:through the apparatus of the body. On these changes I lay no emphasis in this treatise, for theyPsychology1, 372:that attends its entry has produced the adequate changes in the nervous system, it will not bePsychology1, 385:ideal which is responsible also for the potent changes in these four countries; in Germany andPsychology2, 21:all the time, producing modifications and changes until, slowly and gradually, the ray of thePsychology2, 21:Later, this inherent quality of the appearance changes, [22] and it is the quality nature of DeityPsychology2, 91:of the mutable Cross is nevertheless producing changes in the evolutionary cycle, in order to bringPsychology2, 113:such a flood of power that it will work definite changes [114] in the human consciousness and helpPsychology2, 133:inner condition, the demonstration of the above changes becomes more regular and less spasmodic andPsychology2, 143:can predict exactly the time limit within which changes can eventuate, nor the reaction of humanityPsychology2, 217:be a factor in the solar system, bringing about changes and events of a unique nature in thePsychology2, 260:It will be apparent therefore, that the needed changes in our civilization can be brought aboutPsychology2, 342:Return, and desire for identification with form changes into aspiration for self-awareness. Later,Psychology2, 351:This reveals to him, as he slowly [351] changes his direction, the still greater Whole of humanity.Psychology2, 353:of method, and a different attitude. These three changes are described in the Old Commentary (inPsychology2, 407:world, will produce great mental and material changes, with their transitory accompaniments andPsychology2, 414:let us remember that the fusion effected and the changes brought about are the result of the steadyPsychology2, 542:and altruistically to bring about the needed changes, a better understanding of man's physical andPsychology2, 574:sciences will undergo definite [574] changes - much to the assistance and aid of humanity. ThePsychology2, 644:subjective realignment, resulting in pronounced changes brought about through the weight of a worldPsychology2, 644:teachings upon universal good will, so that it changes from a beautiful sentiment and becomes thePsychology2, 651:is offered for the bringing of sorely needed changes. It is hard too to gauge the extent and thePsychology2, 652:of the Plan as it has always existed. No changes in the basic idea are involved. The success of thePsychology2, 658:of an idea; they are bringing about definite changes in the minds of their fellow men and in worldPsychology2, 658:the world in their debt, by inaugurating those changes which are altering the world rhythm andPsychology2, 658:preparing us for the still more revolutionary changes of the new age. Some of them are to be foundPsychology2, 660:to go forward with its work, it can make real changes in the public consciousness during the nextPsychology2, 661:power in moulding men's ideas to the needed changes of thought and the new technique of work allPsychology2, 678:of these two facts will bring about great changes in world attitudes and governments, when thePsychology2, 698:such a flood of power that it will work definite changes in the human consciousness and amelioratePsychology2, 704:it to the fore in human lives, the needed changes in our civilization can be produced. The averagePsychology2, 705:effective. These people will then bring about changes of such far-reaching importance that thePsychology2, 706:This development will produce definite habit changes in the physical plane life of the aspirant. ItPsychology2, 725:are entirely adequate to bring about the desired changes, if they care enough, are ready enough toPsychology2, 733:which will bring about the needed intelligent changes, which can affect every human being. The hopePsychology2, 743:of a simple way to lay the ground for needed changes. [744] Rays, 12:well to remember that all basic and fundamental changes taking place upon the physical plane areRays, 12:and ambition. Is it not possible that these changes are being brought about as the result ofRays, 13:plane, has produced and is producing all the changes of which mankind is so terribly aware at thisRays, 16:preparatory to bringing about stupendous changes in His life-expression, within His vehicle ofRays, 17:objectives. These are all the results of great changes in the field of the higher consciousness andRays, 17:soul are but aspects or expressions. It is these changes in the "moving, shifting realities" of theRays, 41:have been undergone the attitude of the initiate changes and he sees possibilities and factors andRays, 62:our various incarnations we strike and ring the changes on all the intervening notes, and sometimesRays, 98:stimulating potency; this effects great changes in him, and produces both eliminating andRays, 151:the entering forces. The Law demands that the changes thus effected remove the form, bring qualityRays, 159:the impact of energy and this impact has wrought changes in the activity of the center, but thereRays, 164:an uprising and a consequent abstraction. The changes wrought in the centers when the death of theRays, 165:For Group Initiation The Law demands that the changes thus effected remove the form, bring qualityRays, 189:and useful to the Hierarchy, necessitating some changes in hierarchical techniques, releasing someRays, 220:of the group, the sound emitted by the group changes in quality, is amplified and diversified, isRays, 239:will bring about great, necessary and unexpected changes. Some of these, I have earlier hinted, mayRays, 260:during this incarnation has wrought the needed changes through a process of transformation andRays, 307:social organizations which produce permanent changes in types, constitutions, planetary areas andRays, 332:that new life must be poured in and great changes wrought in the awareness and in the training ofRays, 332:through and in these two media of truth. Those changes have not yet been carried out, for it will
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