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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CHANGING

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Astrology, 18:subsequent dissipation of the temporary and ever-changing form which the quota of mental energy hasAstrology, 32:represented by the triangles [32] (shifting and changing) which can be constructed in connectionAstrology, 69:taking place, such as the gradual shifting and changing brought about by the precession of theAstrology, 81:of light from Aries to Pisces, via Taurus. This changing experience is expressed for us mostAstrology, 84:Crosses - the cross of the Personality or the changing form, the Cross of the Disciple or theAstrology, 84:The Crisis of Reorientation. The Fixed Cross The Changing to the 2nd Cross - The life of the soulAstrology, 130:basic duality, but the experience of the many changing incarnations has done its work, and the BandAstrology, 141:is pre-eminently a sign of constant movement, of changing activity and recurrent mutations, and theAstrology, 144:to translate: The Mutable Cross - The Cross of changing and absorbed Experience. This is the placeAstrology, 157:This is the red of greed and anger, changing eventually into the golden light of illumination. TheAstrology, 257:of which it is the symbol and also the "Cross of Changing Lives". It pictorially represents theAstrology, 261:mass movement but this time with changed and changing attitudes of selfless service, a personalityAstrology, 367:the ceaseless movement and the unending changing conditions which are inherent in the sign itself;Astrology, 408:great life cycle of the Earth, there have been changing "polestars" and that our present polestarAstrology, 420:dependent upon constant mutation and infinitely changing processes. The statements made by me inAstrology, 450:future - of human evolution. It accounts for the changing emphases of that story, its shiftingAstrology, 450:of fusion and its steady progress, through changing process, towards an ultimate revelation. Astrology, 479:major construction of the web but this is slowly changing as the divine plan works out. The ethericAstrology, 514:The whole subject is constantly shifting and changing, just as the individual human being isAstrology, 514:just as the individual human being is constantly changing his focus or is to be found working firstAstrology, 515:substantial bodies) and then in another. Each changing personality sees a different ray force enterAutobiography, 35:do in the world but that it would entail my changing my disposition [36] very considerably; I wouldAutobiography, 184:the attention of the average mother was changing into emotional demands. This cycle which lastsAutobiography, 213:still keep it, fluid in an effort to meet the changing needs and we were gradually acquiring aAutobiography, 255:of contradicting or reversing myself and so changing my policy. Actually I am not doing so. TheAutobiography, 281:of the One Truth should change with the changing times, thus meeting the need of the varied peoplesBethlehem, 55:of Christ to current affairs, modifying them, changing them and determining - far more than we canBethlehem, 76:the calm answer, spoken with conviction, and so changing all life for her: "Wist ye not that I mustBethlehem, 91:their impact upon the human consciousness, thus changing the course of human affairs, is the storyBethlehem, 237:glorifying it by the bliss body He was wearing, changing the body of flesh by contact with the bodyDestiny, 28:those forces and potencies which are directly changing the current of men's thoughts, which areDiscipleship1, 5:of some degree of the Hierarchy are necessarily changing the old ways and adapting the old methodsDiscipleship1, 6:employ so inadequate a term. The experiment of changing methods and of implementing the newDiscipleship1, 266:given by me to my group, that I am somewhat changing my approach and giving each of you a slightlyDiscipleship1, 272:himself. In the regeneration of money and in the changing of man's attitude to it will eventuallyDiscipleship1, 311:to leave your meditation as it is at present, changing only the theme of your meditation. TheseDiscipleship1, 347:Great Ones face as they deal with a constantly changing humanity? Principles remain eternally theDiscipleship1, 396:of a right inner attitude and not by the changing of outer circumstances. When an individual isDiscipleship1, 478:and you can also give him much. I had considered changing your meditation but feel, after dueDiscipleship1, 484:referred in my last [484] instruction. I am not changing your work at this time. I only seek toDiscipleship1, 532:to you that there would be no gain in my changing your work at this time, for you have been soDiscipleship1, 589:plans which are impossible of accomplishment, changing such plans at frequent intervals and usingDiscipleship1, 668:center of your environment and in the midst of changing circumstance, will be tested out in youDiscipleship1, 787:of contradicting or reversing myself, and so changing my policy. Actually I am not doing so. TheDiscipleship2, 22:those who see no need or possibility for any changing of hierarchical methods, and who are theDiscipleship2, 65:they must fall in line and they must accept the changing curriculum. Forget not that disciples inDiscipleship2, 65:work with the newer modes of training and the changing forms of teaching applied by the Masters whoDiscipleship2, 255:and up until the year 1875: Hints as to the changing of personality character as preparatory toDiscipleship2, 258:is extraordinarily [258] changed, and in that changing the plan or purpose of Deity takes on anDiscipleship2, 276:gave were concerned largely with the building or changing of character and with the awakening ofDiscipleship2, 294:that the techniques for training disciples are changing in order to conform to the rapid progressDiscipleship2, 325:unknown. Needless to say, this shifting and changing presents its own peculiar difficulties andDiscipleship2, 357:Adapt himself to the rapidly developing and changing events which are taking place within theDiscipleship2, 357:This he does by realizing himself as a center of changing energies. This is the way the HierarchyDiscipleship2, 367:once he is an initiate within the Ashram and is changing his apparatus of perception from theDiscipleship2, 462:(I would remind you that transmutation is the changing of one vibration and one vibratory activityDiscipleship2, 535:life. Most things can be viewed as too late for changing if approached in terms of one incarnation,Discipleship2, 576:coming months, cooperate with A.A.B. in their changing and assembling under the correct rays. ThisDiscipleship2, 595:The Plan, within our planet as a whole, is the changing of the energy discharging unit (the ethericDiscipleship2, 675:to their surmounting (which in this case means changing them) and he, therefore, submits to theDiscipleship2, 723:in due course, results in a restless, constantly changing physical plane life. Talk this over withDiscipleship2, 727:which will have much to [727] do with the changing of the consciousness of humanity. Remember thatEducation, 8:was: "Are there definite types of activities, changing with the growing years and based on theEducation, 101:of a general planetary picture. The changing outlines of this picture are today producing mentalEducation, 102:the early years of this century) has been slowly changing, so that today in many countries theExternalisation, 82:to hold us joyously steady in the midst of a changing world? Will you, therefore, carry with youExternalisation, 93:in their parallelism in this solar system of changing forces, shifting cycles and constant mutationExternalisation, 115:soul is persistent and deathless; the form is changing and doomed to die. The processes ofExternalisation, 116:(begun in 1914) is bringing about a salutary and changing world consciousness. The Lord of Pain hasExternalisation, 120:Right before our eyes this rhythm is today changing and a serious problem is being solved; citiesExternalisation, 130:are appearing everywhere and, secondly, the changing of frontiers and the altering of boundaries soExternalisation, Esoter:The General World Picture In the second group of changing ideologies and of reaction to mass need,Externalisation, 134:cataclysmic happenings, the presentation of many changing circumstances and the many points of viewExternalisation, 140:of a joint shouldering of the stupendous task of changing present conditions and of institutingExternalisation, 222:or some man or group of men who are capable of changing world affairs and inaugurating - under theExternalisation, 237:emphasis upon a new world order within a rapidly changing world. The Allies uphold one point ofExternalisation, 238:the necessity of change in a constantly changing world with security against the disturbance of theExternalisation, 427:ambitions threatened by the conditionings of a changing world. They would sacrifice futureExternalisation, 550:masses for better conditions, and to aid in the changing of ecclesiastical and political abuses,Externalisation, 578:intuitional consciousness and - consequently - a changing political consciousness and situation inExternalisation, 582:leading to an expansion of perception and the changing of acquired academic knowledge into an overExternalisation, 697:recognized, and already they have succeeded in changing the consciousness and the thinking of manyFire, 312:electrified conductor, whose potential is ever changing owing to its rotation and its annualFire, 595:the interlocking, the gradual shifting and changing, that takes place in time on all [596] theFire, 598:I mean the fact that there is a constant changing and shifting, an endless interweaving andFire, 671:sees the deva substance or the deva evolution changing; they also evolve and, therefore, theFire, 995:been said) lower desire into aspiration; at changing the lower cruder colors which distinguish theFire, 1085:indicates a motion wheel or the great wheel of changing life in which the human entities have beenGlamour, 32:appears to be walking in a deep and constantly changing density of currents which hide and distort,Glamour, 98:until suddenly he is brought sharply up against changing conditions and recognizes another and farHealing, 43:and the disciple, the process of thus definitely changing the direction of the forces is going onHealing, 48:who will gradually assume the new types and a changing physical organism. Electricity, in relationHealing, 107:to the physical body. This is now in process of changing. The whole trend of medical science shouldHealing, 181:and stages of activity which produce constantly changing results and varying aspects of theHealing, 236:of humanity towards the light is steadily changing and "light dispels all evil." The light ofHealing, 269:disciples who will work with full intent at the changing of the situation. There are Jews today, aHealing, 296:soul, for it places the transient, constantly changing form-nature in a position of undueHealing, 312:occult causes might suppose that when people are changing their focus of attention from theHealing, 312:find it difficult to find a person or a patient "changing his focus of attention from physical toHealing, 641:for centuries; the attitude is, however, slowly changing, and the time will eventually come when
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