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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CHANNEL

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Initiation, 85:and held, before the further expansion of the channel can be safely permitted. Many of us areInitiation, 86:life ever more into the prepared and cleansed channel, just as in the third, or Moon Chain, the EgoInitiation, 118:as one with the Planetary Logos. Through the channel of his own Monad he sees the selfsame aspectsIntellect, 169:steadily in [169] spiritual being. The line or channel of communication eventually is direct andIntellect, 172:to illuminate all humanity and is therefore the channel for the world soul. The rays of mentalIntellect, 228:and mental) as In contact with the soul. As a channel for soul energy, through the medium of theIntellect, 251:- again quite unconsciously - to feel he is a channel through which the Christ can communicate. IMagic, 95:three are called ida, pingala, and the central channel, the sushumna. When the negative andMagic, 95:the forces can ascend and descend by the central channel to and from the brain, passing through theMagic, 96:the physical plane will employ the central nerve channel up the spine. This will occur as theMagic, 96:and truth to the physical brain, via the central channel of the linking sutratma, really works outMagic, 96:in symbol) which come via the sutratmic negative channel are well meaning, but lack force and peterMagic, 96:mind can give. Those which come via the opposite channel (speaking figuratively) produce too rapidMagic, 96:the sutratmic sushumna, the central nerve channel and its energy is employed, the soul, as aMagic, 99:dependent upon humanity for a functioning channel. Humanity's function is to transmit and handleMagic, 103:emotional reaction. This will result in being a channel for the love aspect of the soul.Magic, 112:vehicle. Polarity indicates the clarity of the channel. Let me illustrate. The ego of the averageMagic, 133:serve as a vessel meet for the Master's use, a channel [134] through which He can unhindered pourMagic, 135:mystics is given the opportunity of being the channel through which the Hierarchy can work, andMagic, 139:New Age. Above all, They look for an enlarged channel from the soul to the physical brain, via theMagic, 139:physical brain, via the mind. Such an enlarged channel indicates that a man can be used. One mightMagic, 139:look for the perfecting of the antahkarana, that channel of communication between the soulMagic, 151:forth into the phenomenal world, to serve as a channel of experience, a medium of expression and aMagic, 171:of all disciples. It is to keep the [171] channel of communication open between the soul and theMagic, 171:before He can get His disciple's ear, for the channel upward is closed and the soul is not enMagic, 180:things: He may use the brain of the appointed channel, throwing thoughts into it. He may occupy hisMagic, 184:soul that it can and does become a veritable channel of communication between the man and his ego.Magic, 204:The man comes to know himself as naught but a channel through which spiritual agencies can work,Magic, 294:This in its turn is influenced by, and is a channel for sentient forces, emanating from vastMagic, 322:and in direct relation to the clarity of the channel linking the [323] physical brain to the causalMagic, 345:Hence the necessity for always keeping the channel clear. Do not crush out fear. Force it out byMagic, 354:In this way each one of you will provide a pure channel, will become an outpost for theMagic, 400:forms and His note sounding forth through every channel of communication between the subjectiveMeditation, 2:It is, right through, a question of an unimpeded channel. Study, therefore, in this connection andMeditation, 2:coordination perfected with the Higher Self, the channel of communication reaching in line direct,Meditation, 4:itself sufficiently to form a fairly unimpeded channel. Then at intervals, rare at first but ofMeditation, 15:inhibits all hindrances and literally forces a channel, thus driving itself into the Triad. WhenMeditation, 16:the forcing upward had a like result; the opened channel admitted the downflow of force or fireMeditation, 16:is brought about by the widening of the channel, due to the driving power of will in the firstMeditation, 27:therefore, at infinite cost, the necessary channel. He attracts the attention of the Teachers. [28]Meditation, 33:to the Personality became ever closer and the channel connecting the two became ever more clear andMeditation, 36:self, at the enlargement of the communicating channel, and at the transmission to the physicalMeditation, 59:one or other of his bodies, should open up the channel to a greater extent, and so provide a moreMeditation, 63:plane to the intuitional plane, via the atomic channel that exists between the two. It sweepsMeditation, 63:the two. It sweeps upward and clarifies the channel. On the Physical Planes: Here the effect isMeditation, 64:will be perfect, the bodies will be pure, the channel [65] free from obstruction, and the higherMeditation, 65:en rapport with the Brotherhood, permitting the channel to be cleared for the transmission ofMeditation, 68:purpose is to effect alignment, and to clear the channel betwixt the higher and the lower. GroupsMeditation, 91:passes on to greater knowledge. Only [91] as the channel opens to the intuition and closes to theMeditation, 94:the causal body, using the antahkarana, as the channel of communication between the higher and theMeditation, 121:of the above, which makes a man positive and a channel, therefore, for force or power. When this isMeditation, 145:kind of mayavirupa that acts as his intermediate channel. These forms are usually, though notMeditation, 164:by the sound. There is then formed a direct channel of communication. You will see therefore why itMeditation, 179:he who knows the secret of being naught but a channel, and who abides still within the secretMeditation, 192:who thus approach Them. The funnel [192] forms a channel whereby the contact can be made. The wholeMeditation, 195:of people is desirous of linking up with that channel of force that works through the emotions, andMeditation, 198:when their auras blend and form one united channel for the downflow, the effect is tremendouslyMeditation, 198:this day, when the Hierarchy forms itself into a channel for the transmission of power and blessingMeditation, 198:Aura - pours it out over mankind by means of the channel provided by the assembled Lords, Masters,Meditation, 198:Masters, graded initiates and disciples. This channel is formed by the use of sound and rhythmMeditation, 202:of the students, and the strengthening of the channel between higher and lower mind will be greatlyMeditation, 237:of abstract thought, and to the widening of the channel that communicates with the intuition. I butMeditation, 275:work accomplished by the pupil whilst making the channel between higher and lower mind, whilst heMeditation, 275:lower mind, whilst he builds and employs this channel (the antahkarana). This channel eventuallyMeditation, 275:and employs this channel (the antahkarana). This channel eventually supersedes the causal body as aMeditation, 281:him. When he opens the [281] door and widens the channel, light and knowledge will pour in.Meditation, 290:and aspiring to the Master. Making a definite channel between the heart center (wherein he isMeditation, 293:the law and with deliberation can make the channel of access, through power developed inMeditation, 302:subrace) the Himalayan Brotherhood is the main channel of effort, power and light. But the workPatanjali, 109:bodies are aligned upon it, producing a direct channel of communication with the physical brain,Patanjali, 182:man so that the three sheaths can form a perfect channel for the expression or manifestation of thePatanjali, 209:burns out all obstructions in the spinal etheric channel and vitalizes or electrifies the fivePatanjali, 417:emotional and mental bodies form simply a channel for the divine light, and constitute the vehiclePatanjali, 425:moment; his understanding and usefulness as a channel for spiritual force are of importance. ItPsychology1, xix:so that the entire lower man may be a pure channel and instrument through which spiritual force mayPsychology1, 76:other function in the divine plan than to be a channel for, and the medium of expression of, thePsychology1, 76:soul, so the lower mind is intended to be the channel for the pure inflow of higher mind energy.Psychology1, 76:His quality of higher mind, this ray is a pure channel for the divine will. Through the septenaryPsychology1, 110:group of waiting pupils. The group is simply the channel through which a particular aspect of thePsychology1, 111:we may be of service, and so constitute a good channel for the helping of humanity? First of all,Psychology1, 314:the Christ to the world, and constitute a channel for the Christ force and life. It is indeed andPsychology1, 345:interplay of energies and a straight aligned channel between the various aspects of divinity, thenPsychology1, 351:their united responsiveness will constitute a channel through which this first ray can come intoPsychology1, 374:The bringing in of force and the offering of a channel are all mystical ways of expressing aPsychology2, 50:and of exit are established. These are the main channel or line of communication found between thePsychology2, 64:the mysteries. I previously referred to the main channel of communication between the soul and itsPsychology2, 75:thus a delicate and (at first) almost nebulous channel of communication is established between thePsychology2, 112:to the subhuman kingdoms, and will constitute a channel of communication between "that which isPsychology2, 114:other and the Hierarchy, and thus keeping the channel open through which the needed wisdom,Psychology2, 131:of Service. They will appear when he is a real channel for the life of the soul. His majorPsychology2, 134:to serve; he creates this, that and the other channel for the expression of the force which isPsychology2, 149:to use the mind, there is no medium or channel through which this influence can flow or work. NeverPsychology2, 150:there is a thread of light to act as [150] a channel, that which this law can convey will remainPsychology2, 151:unless there is a thread of light to act as a channel, that which this law conveys will remainPsychology2, 298:forth, and whose vehicles are outstandingly the channel for divine love. Many such charts could bePsychology2, 387:line of approach, or pours down through a direct channel from The level of Atma, or that center ofPsychology2, 388:sense of separativeness is again possible. The channel through which this synthesizing and creativePsychology2, 390:to be recognized by the human consciousness. The channel of approach or of downflow is as follows:Psychology2, 492:and there is consequently [492] a indirect channel of communication from soul to brain, via thePsychology2, 594:force can now flow unimpeded through the central channel of the "nadi" and all the other forces can
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