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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CHANNEL

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Psychology2, 594:spinal column, one on each side of the central channel. There can now be the free flow of force upPsychology2, 595:fires of life. The [595] "sushumna" or central channel can be slowly utilized. This parallels thePsychology2, 595:the free flow of soul force through the central channel in the "nadis". Eventually this centralPsychology2, 595:channel in the "nadis". Eventually this central channel comes into full activity. All this can bePsychology2, 646:the hands of the Hierarchy and established a "channel of contact" which can never again be broken.Psychology2, 649:So let it be, and help us to do our part the channel is widened and firmly established, and a dayPsychology2, 685:forces are banded together to act as a group channel of service on the day of the Wesak FestivalPsychology2, 686:form of planetary alignment and the needed open channel through which these extra-planetaryPsychology2, 686:opportunity to focus in their turn and act as a channel of transmission. We have also the unhappyPsychology2, 687:men and the necessity of providing a group channel whereby the spiritual forces can be pouredPsychology2, 695:of all peoples at each May full moon - so that a channel can be cleared, opened and establishedPsychology2, 695:or faith) and the waiting Hierarchy. Once this channel is permanently established and a largePsychology2, 696:cooperation. The establishing of such a channel by the world aspirants is possible. This is aPsychology2, 696:to the subhuman kingdoms, and will constitute a channel of communication between "that which isPsychology2, 698:other and the Hierarchy, and thus keeping the channel open through which the needed wisdom,Psychology2, 706:only the pouring in of soul force, through the channel of contact which the man has opened, willPsychology2, 742:work. The New Group of World Servers provides a channel through which the power of God, focused inPsychology2, 751:inner cooperation which will construct that channel through which the spirit of peace can work andRays, 42:it has also been called "the funnel or the channel for the sound"; it has been named the "trumpetRays, 42:AUM can pass." The ability to use this door or channel is brought about by the practice ofRays, 69:of the Registrants of the Purpose is to keep the channel open between our Earth, the planet VenusRays, 147:unfoldment, and which creates the medium or channel of related communication between the greatRays, 168:present, the individual applicant becomes only a channel for the group will and activity, and thisRays, 216:the antahkarana and thus establishes a direct channel of communication between the Monad and theRays, 253:i.e., the forming of the network of light as the channel of communication between the Hierarchy andRays, 257:unity that the group antahkarana becomes a channel of unimpeded communication direct from ShamballaRays, 258:the one known God - walks the ways of Earth as a channel for the three divine qualities (love, willRays, 258:(love, will and intelligence), but also as a channel for that which these three qualities willRays, 266:in which he moves, making him an unimpeded channel for energy and, therefore, an integral andRays, 279:is constructed and constitutes an active channel of contact. The soul which has for ages directedRays, 280:the antahkarana. The "rainbow bridge" becomes a channel for the impact of monadic or life energyRays, 349:and not in order that he may become a channel for the energy of light; he works with power (theRays, 437:the need for alignment, or for the creation of a channel of direct relation from the brain to theRays, 442:demonstrating a clear alignment and a direct channel from the Spiritual Triad straight through toRays, 486:of Discipleship and Initiation; it can create a channel of light and life between the higher andRays, 510:this Word produces three effects: It keeps the channel for the descending light of the SpiritualRays, 619:are in a state of positive contact; when this channel is open and unobstructed, then the ChristRays, 619:effectively concluded, will bring about a clear channel or pathway of return or line of light orRays, 669:endocrine system; the energies which the centers channel and the forces which they generate can beRays, 690:member of the Hierarchy and is also a pure channel for transmission. The peculiar energy which isRays, 698:of the higher will which - using the spinal channel as the pathway or the symbol of the antahkaranaReappearance, 75:but the Christ will act and serve as the channel for His directed potency. The inflow of His divineReappearance, 77:is necessarily a mass activity, for He can only channel His energies through the mass consciousnessReappearance, 93:The Hierarchy is at this time attempting to channel them into the Assembly of the United Nations;Reappearance, 112:that "life more abundantly" (which He seeks to channel to us) is a free and flowing current,Reappearance, 135:reached a point of intensive usefulness as the channel of communication between "the Center whereReappearance, 159:This group is, in a pronounced sense, a [159] channel for the activities of the Christ, the worldReappearance, 186:the outer success is guaranteed. They provide a channel through which the light, love and power ofSoul, 88:located the soul in the Aqueduct of Sylvius, the channel connecting the third and fourth ventricleSoul, 112:account that they can be conceived as a kind of channel in which the air circulates; this would beTelepathy, 70:the higher aspect of the antahkarana as its channel of contact. I refer not here to the thread asTelepathy, 105:will be dependent upon the condition of the channel of reception, the antahkarana; in thisTelepathy, 106:largely upon the purity of the receiving channel and upon the freedom of his nature from allTelepathy, 107:of a factual alignment so that a direct channel is created, along which the impression (directed byTelepathy, 107:can descend into the brain. At first, this channel and alignment must be established between theTelepathy, 108:has received through the medium of his aligning channel becomes a potent factor in invoking a freshTelepathy, 115:impinge upon it, pass through it or use it as a channel. This training is automatic; evidence of itTelepathy, 156:intended - as far as man is concerned - to be a channel or expression of the four cosmic ethers. AtTelepathy, 156:is built and acts, therefore, as a direct channel for the cosmic ethers to which we have given theTelepathy, 157:from the four cosmic etheric levels. The channel is then direct, completed and unimpeded; theTelepathy, 195:The members of the Ashram constitute a united channel for the new energies which are, at this time,
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