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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CHANNELS

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Healing, 627:motion by the mode of clearing certain etheric channels within the etheric structure whichHealing, 627:The etheric body, as a whole, with its channels and communicating lines of energy which underlieHealing, 628:nadis, that system of slightly denser etheric channels or tiny threads of force which underlie theHealing, 645:for a definite circulation of energies. The channels of relationship can be conductors of manyHealing, 696:the second ray (for which all the subrays act as channels) is the one through which the healingHercules, 72:endeavor we are learning to serve and be channels of spiritual energy, then we shall know NereusInitiation, 72:the energy which may pour through him into channels through which the group can be benefited. TheIntellect, 96:taking of counsel, and the utilization of all channels of information in order to gain knowledge.Intellect, 150:truth which cannot be reached by more ordinary channels of experience and reasoning, it isIntellect, 220:The withdrawal of the consciousness from the channels of the senses does not involve the withdrawalMagic, 95:spinal cord, and expresses itself in three nerve channels. These three are called ida, pingala, andMagic, 136:of the forces of reconstruction to other channels, the consequent withholding of opportunities andMagic, 290:clear of impediments and of sediment, and if its channels are not clogged then the circulatingMagic, 290:that they build a clean body and provide clear channels for the passage of forces from and throughMagic, 330:task of swinging the thoughts of men into right channels, for they have not reached as yet theMagic, 331:comes when they recognize those constructive channels into which it can wisely be poured. Hence theMagic, 568:a peculiar definite connection with the blood channels, the veins and arteries." (Pp. 329-330.)Meditation, 103:agent. When directed along certain prepared channels, this fire may act as a purifier and the greatMeditation, 105:centers, to turn the inner fire to proper channels, to distribute the divine heat in equableMeditation, 159:in meditation, will act directly on the pranic channels that go to the makeup of the etheric - thatPatanjali, 157:and the nostrils, those physical organs or channels through which identification with the tangiblePatanjali, 157:and activity in the phenomenal world are channels for the real thinking man; they demonstrate hisPatanjali, 163:interpretation, for the senses and [163] all his channels of contact, telegraph constantPatanjali, 290:out, having "burned out all dross, and left all channels clear" for the use of the ego. DevelopingPatanjali, 330:a peculiar definite connection with the blood channels, the veins and arteries. In this sutra wePatanjali, 333:the throne, through the nerves and the blood channels, then only the purest atoms will be builtPatanjali, 413:functions has self-knowledge; they are only the channels through which knowledge is gained andProblems, 82:If this energy is released into constructive channels and if it remains safely guarded by the rightProblems, 82:will release the creative energy of man into channels undreamed of today. The release of atomicPsychology1, 118:all such communicators will be mental types, channels for the love of God, and group conscious.Psychology1, 163:These seven rays may be described as the seven channels through which all being in His solar systemPsychology1, 163:on earth. Besides regarding the rays as the channels through which all being flows, we mustPsychology1, 252:general grouping of nerves, of force centers and channels with a spinal column and a brain. ThisPsychology1, 359:their magical work has been turned into selfish channels by the tendency of this materialistic age,Psychology1, 426:general grouping of nerves, of force centers and channels, with a spinal column and a brain. ThisPsychology2, 50:prior to physical incarnation, and the potential channels of communication and of exit arePsychology2, 63:threads of force which, in their turn, form the channels along which still more subtle and varyingPsychology2, 112:with their own souls, and can therefore become channels for soul expression, and mediums for thePsychology2, 113:as a group, they unitedly constitute themselves channels for service in pure self-forgetfulness.Psychology2, 132:the individual server must find its own [132] channels and outlets, and that direction of thesePsychology2, 187:group, to instruction and guidance; how free the channels of communication are between the groupsPsychology2, 189:then be found upon the physical plane, those channels of communication which will act as thePsychology2, 190:in their constitution. Their work is to act as channels of communication between the department ofPsychology2, 191:the [191] race of men. It is a noble thing to be channels of the Will of God. 6. Some groups willPsychology2, 191:6. Some groups will be, in a pronounced sense, channels between the activity of the second ray,Psychology2, 191:of etheric vision. These groups will act as channels of communication or intermediaries between thePsychology2, 192:alignment can take place. They act primarily as channels of communication between the soul of manPsychology2, 242:should be given out. It comes today through many channels and from many sources - such is thePsychology2, 469:possible methods of work and one of the many channels of service whereby the sensed plan can bePsychology2, 532:of awakening the centers, of using them as channels for force (at first unconsciously and laterPsychology2, 591:"nadis" exist in their millions and are minute channels of force which underlie the entire nervousPsychology2, 592:the etheric sheath itself. Through these five channels flow the five major pranas - energizing,Psychology2, 593:continue to "appear". The state of the pranic channels reveals this accurately, particularly thosePsychology2, 594:walls within the enclosing sheath of the tiny channels of force eventually dissolve (under thePsychology2, 594:the disciple finds himself able to use the two channels - ida and pingala - which are found up thePsychology2, 685:are seeking to help the planet, more adequate channels of service. Three Masters from each of thePsychology2, 687:of all which could hinder our usefulness as channels of spiritual force. It means that after duePsychology2, 687:spiritual force as we can possibly hold. As channels, we must be prepared to forget ourselves inPsychology2, 696:with their own souls, and can therefore become channels for soul expression, and mediums for thePsychology2, 697:as a group, they unitedly constitute themselves channels for service in pure self-forgetfulness.Psychology2, 737:they are directing world force into the desired channels and are assisted in their efforts by theRays, 172:our being; it is related to the network of life channels which keep the form aspect of theRays, 337:or energies within himself which constitute channels of activity and modes whereby he may acquireRays, 543:and know them as constituting three different channels whereby energy reaches him. They contact hisReappearance, 9:a specific principle or quality They can act as channels for its transmission from the center ofReappearance, 17:enough to reach Him. He will use all possible channels whereby the consciousness of man may beReappearance, 44:cry of humanity has been directed into those channels which reach from Earth to that High PlaceReappearance, 76:to humanity. Other great Sons of God are channels for this energy in relation to the subhumanReappearance, 171:the deflection of adequate sums of money into channels which will definitely aid in the work ofReappearance, 172:assume that money finds it way into four main channels of expenditure: Into the myriad homes in theReappearance, 176:in regard to money, thus deflecting it into channels where it will be more correctly used? TheReappearance, 178:thought to this business of directing money into channels which appeal to them. The question isTelepathy, 151:any particular etheric body, create a network of channels; they produce fine tubes (if I may use soTelepathy, 151:the ovoid appearance is far more frequent. These channels or tubes - according to the type ofTelepathy, 151:of energy are connected each with each by larger channels than the mass of channels whichTelepathy, 151:with each by larger channels than the mass of channels which constitute the etheric body as aTelepathy, 151:the etheric body as a whole, because many lesser channels and lines of force or energy merge andTelepathy, 152:or a focal point. [152] The mass of the smaller channels or the channeling tubes of energyTelepathy, 154:that the substance of which these etheric channels or channeling tubes are composed is planetaryTelepathy, 195:work to be done and that they become "relaying channels and not delaying points of selfish
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