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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CHAOS

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Astrology, 172:consequently find ourselves today in a state of chaos and trouble, but as far as the consciousnessAstrology, 430:"The sevenfold light of the Father brought from chaos into the ordered day His purpose and HisAstrology, 519:planet. This means an interim of upheaval, chaos and of difficulty. This transference out of theAtom, 22:force which is gradually bringing order out of chaos; ultimate perfection out of temporaryAutobiography, 252:the entire world was hurled into, the consequent chaos, horror, disaster, death and agony, manyBethlehem, 20:processes of readjustment a period of temporary chaos is inevitable. Christianity will not beBethlehem, 39:we are not to be submerged in the apparent world chaos and thus lose our perspective. One is thatBethlehem, 227:ever hearing of Christ. We live in a world of chaos, endeavoring to build a kingdom of God divorcedBethlehem, 254:being readjusted, and the immediate result is chaos. But the new direction is assured, and nothingBethlehem, 254:Let us understand the upheaval and the chaos, as humanity breaks out of the tom of selfishness andBethlehem, 268:be an easier place in which to live. The present chaos and turmoil would then more rapidlyDestiny, 7:- good and bad - and produce the turmoil [7] and chaos, the warring forces and the beneficentDestiny, 11:you see the world picture as one of outstanding chaos, of striving ideologies and warring forces,Destiny, 27:in producing the necessity for the present chaos; the other is potential and holds in its activityDestiny, 30:and clear vision, bring order out of the present chaos. They must materialize those new andDestiny, 32:this time, the whole world is embroiled in the chaos [33] and the turmoil incident upon theDestiny, 107:and initiates are concerned. There is much chaos on the plane of desire, and the world Arjuna isDestiny, 108:The result of this dualism is the external chaos, the differentiation of the two group ideals intoDestiny, 146:of transition, with all its resultant outer chaos and upheaval, is given the task of expressingDiscipleship1, 66:ephemeral and fleeting personalities and to the chaos everywhere to be seen and so endeavor to tuneDiscipleship1, 550:in the quiet of your own room and away from the chaos of modern life (which is your presentDiscipleship1, 620:present task of all disciples. In the dust and chaos and wreckage, the vision disappears from sightDiscipleship1, 670:and close to him, but has disappeared in the chaos of the European war. [673] Discipleship1, 730:- producing beauty out of the present chaos. The disciples, therefore, of the Master Morya, of theDiscipleship1, 750:marked by disturbances, by points of crisis and chaos, replaced later (when successfully handled)Discipleship1, 784:the entire world was hurled into the consequent chaos, horror, disaster, death and agony, manyDiscipleship2, 66:consists, apart from the physical disasters and chaos, with its agony, despair, anxiety, and itsDiscipleship2, 218:destruction of the old world order and in the chaos of these modern times, the work of the newDiscipleship2, 218:two parts: The work of bringing order out of chaos. The task of preparing the way for theDiscipleship2, 305:of its meaning: Formula IV - Lead us from chaos to Beauty. This formula is presented in the form ofDiscipleship2, 314:have proved most successful, and out of the chaos of the world war (precipitated by humanityDiscipleship2, 365:and life energy. Formula 4. Transition from chaos to ordered Beauty. Relation of the world ofDiscipleship2, 695:as they seek (as they do) to bring order out of chaos. I would like to see you resume your work inDiscipleship2, 703:To this must be added the turmoil and the chaos of the war. This has made great demands upon yourEducation, 90:It is largely responsible for the present chaos and for the banding together of the United Nations.Education, 103:apparent that behind all the surface turmoil and chaos so devastatingly present today in theEducation, 109:enquiry are responsible for the present world chaos; they have produced the conflicting ideologies,Externalisation, 84:standards of living. Pouring through the chaos of offensive and defensive groups and through theExternalisation, 104:with each other, and this produces the present chaos. The new order will be brought into expressionExternalisation, 106:right and essential attitudes and that the chaos and clamor does not shut out response to the voiceExternalisation, 123:to an abrupt end after a long period of chaos and disaster. This took place through the medium of aExternalisation, 139:of humanity as a whole) are today in a state of chaos, and are swept by ancient desires, ancientExternalisation, 181:pressures which are producing the present chaos or those which can produce eventual order? BeforeExternalisation, 182:march towards their inevitable finale - war and chaos. The economic situation also provides aExternalisation, 317:You who are working in the midst of the chaos and conflict cannot and will not be able to judgeExternalisation, 317:have to carry on their work in the midst of chaos, turmoil, questioning, pain, and distress. TheyExternalisation, 326:decisive in human affairs. By the end of 1942, chaos and difficulty will still be present, but theExternalisation, 485:precipitate Themselves into this human world of chaos, confusion, aspiration and bewilderment.Externalisation, 516:that lurk in the darkness of the present chaos. The living organism of aspirants and disciples canExternalisation, 622:the race of men" - a center at present full of chaos, [623] turmoil and confusion, a humanity fullExternalisation, 623:and bring a new order out of the present world chaos. This is perhaps the major difficulty, and itExternalisation, 668:is being constantly made to arrest the ugly chaos of the present and to produce the ordered beautyExternalisation, 668:now being used by the combined Forces of Evil is chaos, disruption, lack of established security,Externalisation, 668:group of people and to all the ideologies. The chaos produced by indifference, the chaos producedExternalisation, 668:The chaos produced by indifference, the chaos produced by uncertainty, the chaos produced by fear,Externalisation, 668:the chaos produced by uncertainty, the chaos produced by fear, by starvation, by insecurity, byExternalisation, 668:by watching others suffer innocently, and the chaos produced by the warring and conflictingExternalisation, 668:which, in every country, are responsible for the chaos and uncertainty, have eventually to beExternalisation, 668:the fact that in the substitution of order for chaos, national cultures must be preserved and theExternalisation, 679:thought and produced the present [679] mental chaos and the many conflicting schools andExternalisation, 682:had I walked daily in the midst of the noise and chaos of human affairs. I lead a normal and, IExternalisation, 701:are actively working to bring order out of chaos. You must tell them that there is a Plan, and thatFire, 129:(as the true note and rate is sought) cycles of chaos, of experiment, of experience and ofFire, 361:the thoughts of men as they view the apparent chaos of the moment. Let us not forget, that whenFire, 408:accumulation of chaotic detail. This apparent chaos, and even seeming contradiction, is the resultFire, 425:period of man, was distinguished by disaster, chaos, and the destruction of many in the thirdFire, 467:occultly termed the "Reflection in the Water of Chaos" of the planetary Logos. Hence in the matterFire, 747:approach is seen the uttermost disaster, and the chaos of that which seeketh to withstand. [748]Fire, 748:uttered with sevenfold intensity. Greater the chaos becometh; the major center with all the sevenFire, 783:there is no definite form. "The Pitris of the Chaos" hold sway, and are characterized by excessiveFire, 837:so often buried in the depths of this mysterious Chaos, thereby making visible the darkness, soFire, 912:gradually evolve out of the present world chaos, devas and human beings will meet as friends. AsFire, 954:men, awakens opposition, and produces temporary chaos. The prominent workers and thinkers of theFire, 1020:at all stages of construction, and the ensuing chaos is terrible. The rule which we are commentingFire, 1076:utilized to liberate the human spark. Out of the chaos and turmoil of the World War, for instance,Fire, 1079:been fulfiled. First, when the present world chaos has subsided. Next, when the present generationHealing, 43:going on and producing, therefore, a temporary chaos. The astral body of man, being the latest toHealing, 418:(as the true note and rate are sought) cycles of chaos, of experiment, of experience and ofInitiation, 54:of eventually guiding India out of her present chaos and unrest, and of welding her diverse peoplesInitiation, 60:unrest, out of the present turmoil and chaos, will arise the future world condition which will haveIntellect, 11:past behind him, in a present that is full of chaos, and before a future into which he cannot look.Intellect, 265:from its present agony, economic distress, and chaos? What is going to usher in the New Age ofMagic, 222:in disorder, he blends in with the surrounding chaos to such an extent that it is at first almostMagic, 232:command the elementals, and bring order out of chaos. He is no longer immersed in the worldMagic, 322:Opportunity is offered to demonstrate in chaos the potentialities of the ego or soul, and itsMagic, 322:attention upon the not-self and leads to added chaos. The effort should be along the lines of anMagic, 323:a point of contact, between conditions of chaos and Those Who work for constructive ends and order,Magic, 324:and register continuity. If emotional or mental chaos exists, then again the currents are deflectedMagic, 325:forms and seasons, will see order brought out of chaos, construction out of past destruction. andMagic, 327:we are passing through an intermediate stage of chaos and of questioning, of rebellion andMagic, 355:The dark becomes more truly apparent; the chaos and misery and failure of the world groups standMagic, 409:of humanity is sound and that out of the present chaos and perhaps largely because of it, thereMeditation, 20:of the obvious condition of variety and apparent chaos in which these lives are spent. When theMeditation, 41:communities of men, and instead of social chaos as now you will have social order and rule; insteadMeditation, 42:words with deliberation), a [42] fresh period of chaos, and the escape of the imprisoned life fromMeditation, 42:and Order seeks to straighten out the temporary chaos, and aims at the reduction within limits ofMeditation, 175:together, harmony out of discord, beauty out of chaos. The lower kingdoms of the devas work, guidedPatanjali, 85:vibration of the cells of the physical brain. Chaos, lack of continuity and ill regulatedProblems, 64:It is largely responsible for the present chaos and for the banding together of the United Nations.Problems, 155:the midst of a [155] ruined world and a general chaos, they are ready for the rebuilding. The
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