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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CHAOTIC

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Astrology, 236:bodies, have brought the race to its present chaotic and unintelligent handling of the importantBethlehem, 36:and an experience so unparalleled, our present chaotic bewilderment need cause no surprise. We areBethlehem, 129:be at some date, perhaps not so distant as the chaotic present might lead us to think. Christ heldDestiny, 92:every country in Europe; this leads at times to chaotic conditions and to much confusion ofDiscipleship1, 359:in it much of interest. It is, however, somewhat chaotic and the ideas in it are not easilyExternalisation, 573:dogmatic; Christianity will be in a state of chaotic divisions and upheavals. When this takes placeExternalisation, 650:be so great that totalitarianism, as well as chaotic democracy, will not be able to stand againstFire, 114:round finds the solution of its strenuous and chaotic life in the very simple fact of theFire, 408:great and lesser, and against accumulation of chaotic detail. This apparent chaos, and even seemingFire, 783:but all is as yet inchoate, and the condition is chaotic; there is no definite form. "The Pitris ofFire, 940:can be traced all the way from the nebulous and chaotic stages through the fiery to the solid, orFire, 970:the process as pursued by the adept, or the chaotic attempts of the little evolved. Having graspedFire, 973:or sexual energy which is responsible for the chaotic conditions of the present; the balance is notFire, 995:spiritual man, and of transforming its normal chaotic vibration, and the "stormy sea of life," forHealing, 451:disruption, disintegration and the completely chaotic conditions existing for the past five hundredIntellect, 92:our daily environment, our animal nature and the chaotic world in which our destiny places us. WeIntellect, 209:live in the midst of a thronging multitude and a chaotic situation which makes all vision ofIntellect, 240:will guide us out of the maze of our present chaotic world condition into the light of truth and ofMagic, 160:lost and fail in their objective because of the chaotic and whirling state of the aspirant'sMagic, 198:suppose - to a good deal of difficulty and to chaotic conditions. The heart center is alsoMagic, 277:desire in which men find themselves is now chaotic and so potent that these waters are stirred toMeditation, 40:are found, and all the system seems to be in a chaotic condition. The middle part of a cycle, wherePatanjali, 149:nature and, when this is dominant the life is chaotic, violent, emotional and subjected to everyPatanjali, 414:is carried forward to a logical conclusion) to a chaotic condition. All this has risen from theProblems, 28:in due time bring harmony and the end of these chaotic conditions is right human relations. EveryProblems, 125:and to find in religion a way out of the present chaotic conditions. Yet, humanity has never beforePsychology1, 82:application. Hence the confusion and the chaotic experimentation going on, and hence also thePsychology2, 430:of nervous or mental breakdown, and to generally chaotic and undesirable conditions. AnPsychology2, 723:is sweeping humanity into a period of definitely chaotic destruction, unless the Masters of theRays, 135:disruption, disintegration and the completely chaotic conditions existing for the past five hundredReappearance, 21:Today, in the midst of this devastated, chaotic and unhappy world, mankind has a fresh opportunityReappearance, 108:that every phase of human life is in a state of chaotic turmoil; every aspect [109] of daily living
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