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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CHARACTER

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Astrology, 8:you emanate influences, send forth some form of character radiation and express some quality orAstrology, 30:response. The vibration is of too high a character. Speculation along these lines is profitless. AAstrology, 91:to consider what I have to say from the angle of character effects, of problems presented and ofAstrology, 148:and in manifesting its true nature and character, in spite of the personality and the antagonism ofAstrology, 205:not of a physical nature but is more mental in character. Therefore, you have in the category ofAstrology, 210:disciple has now to demonstrate the strength, character and quality which he has unfolded andAstrology, 222:to discover the personality ray from a study of character, of the physical indications, of theAstrology, 227:and vibratory activities intensify in character until the time comes when the reversal of the wheelAstrology, 240:is governed are expressions of God's quality and character. This is Legislation, or Libra inAstrology, 327:of classifying and isolating group activity and character down the ages. When the majorAstrology, 334:standpoint of both the personality and the soul, character indications, as well as a close study ofAstrology, 354:emergence of the divine Messenger in his true character, able to comprehend extremes and to relateAstrology, 396:impact, profound disruptions and alterations in character, quality and direction take place. It isAutobiography, 9:are the hours, days, weeks and months in which character forms, stabilizes and becomes availableAutobiography, 9:the years confronted. Then what we developed as character either stands the test [10] and indicatesAutobiography, 212:and family we are linked with and the quality, character and temperament which we show indicatesAutobiography, 224:psychologist. He is a man of rare beauty of character. He could not come into a room without hisAutobiography, 232:men in this field are primarily concerned with character delineation which is most helpful and withAutobiography, 262:occult information, emphasizes the need for character-building and purity, indicates to them theAutobiography, 269:development of the disciple receives attention. Character-building and unselfish aspiration areBethlehem, 3:As to the perfection of the portrayed character of Christ there is never any question. The enemiesBethlehem, 38:as a microcosm has acquired or is acquiring a character of its own and a relative persistence - theBethlehem, 44:to the basic qualifications of a sound moral character and devotion. Through discipline he hasBethlehem, 63:meaning a 'jollification' - gave it a merry character which it did not possess in the south. ThisBethlehem, 63:which it did not possess in the south. This character has survived, and is in marked contrast toBethlehem, 118:Deity, and we are part of it. Maya is vital in character, and we know little of its effect upon theBethlehem, 127:the realm of power that Christ was next tried. A character that has been carried to a high degreeBethlehem, 127:when it is pointed out to them that a fine character can itself be a source of difficulty. It isBethlehem, 127:words spoken by a highly developed person whose character is outstandingly fine and whoseBethlehem, 127:more power than the average. Just what is a fine character, and how is it produced? First, ofBethlehem, 128:and because of the strength of the character involved they are of the fiercest kind and the mostBethlehem, 168:we do, for it constitutes the basic, fundamental character and quality of all events, no matterBethlehem, 198:in those times supposed to be an historical character) is guilty from his birth of original sin, inBethlehem, 204:serve... "in the main to reveal the fundamental character of our problem as resulting from aBethlehem, 205:to God he succeeded in making redemption of his character possible with his fellow men. It isBethlehem, 232:eager missionaries. What has given them this new character? Not long before some of them had fledBethlehem, 260:kingdom in His Own life, portraying for us the character of its citizenship, and He opened the doorBethlehem, 266:is not the simple matter of building a good character and being nice and kind. More than that isBethlehem, 266:the point in evolution and the development of character of those to be loved; but in spite of all,Bethlehem, 283:of myself I dreamed, the perfection of my own character and personality is but imperfection whileBethlehem, 284:speaketh the Buddha, by its inspiration to inner character, its aspiration to outer personality,Destiny, 27:indications which will truly present the future. Character indications and small personalityDestiny, 44:world forces and entities of a most undesirable character. The negativity of the majority of thoseDestiny, 62:religious and mystical quality of the Spanish character, they are obviously of sixth ray origin andDestiny, 112:as a result of transmuting human quality and character in and through its disciples, has been theDestiny, 120:and this has led to the aggressive and grasping character of the motives which have led to war.Discipleship1, XII:one is, therefore, set apart by perfection of character and isolated by the aspiration whichDiscipleship1, XII:with problems, struggling to solve them; with character limitations which they are endeavoring toDiscipleship1, 12:stating of problems related to circumstance and character, or through the tendering of advice andDiscipleship1, 13:the aiding of each other in specific problems of character but not of circumstance. Ponder on thisDiscipleship1, 16:Again and again, I come back to these prime character requirements and - tiresome as theDiscipleship1, 16:ask my disciples to love each other in spite of character and ray differences and to work loyallyDiscipleship1, 88:love of humanity which is the major lack in the character of many disciples today. They love thoseDiscipleship1, 93:fall into two categories: Hints anent personal character in relation to reality and preparation forDiscipleship1, 97:of the personality expression, some weakness of character, some dear objective, or some physicalDiscipleship1, 159:meditation should be of a brief and yet potent character and can best be described by the followingDiscipleship1, 279:and yet who still have individual limitations, character defects and over-accentuated personalityDiscipleship1, 285:I intended." These achievements (of a minor character and of a major character) must be tangible,Discipleship1, 285:(of a minor character and of a major character) must be tangible, and should be the emergence intoDiscipleship1, 322:acts oft as a distorted where your vision of character is concerned. Where the Master's work andDiscipleship1, 381:it will serve to round out and strengthen your character. I have for you at this time nothing butDiscipleship1, 420:if you adjust in yourself those weaknesses of character which call for reticence and joy as theirDiscipleship1, 552:and good, is slow. In connection with your own character development, seek to bring about twoDiscipleship1, 588:again to your personality problems and to your character difficulties. With a disciple, asDiscipleship1, 650:say to you that you do not already know, where character building is concerned. There is so littleDiscipleship1, 683:and soul contact. It is not a place where character discipline is imposed and right relationsDiscipleship1, 704:and of being misunderstood, the many problems of character, the pressures of psychic unfoldment andDiscipleship1, 709:focused upon the disciple and his problems of character and personality. [710] It will not beDiscipleship1, 727:The searchlight of the soul reveals faults in character, limitations in expression and inadequaciesDiscipleship1, 747:Is your main objective the building of character and the development of purity? If this is so, doDiscipleship1, 770:their own problems as disciples, with their own character training, and with their status in aDiscipleship2, 6:or unified enough to assimilate certain types of character and certain tendencies. The recognitionDiscipleship2, 22:personality into relation with the soul, with character building, integration and alignmentDiscipleship2, 45:that which is incident to those weaknesses of character which repel one's fellowmen, to an aloof orDiscipleship2, 70:bodies, the general result is purification and character building. The aspirant is then still uponDiscipleship2, 168:in his own attitudes; his life intention, character and goals will be changed and his life will beDiscipleship2, 255:1875: Hints as to the changing of personality character as preparatory to initiation. Teaching asDiscipleship2, 255:processes and to world events which is based on character (necessarily), interpreted in the worldDiscipleship2, 276:largely with the building or changing of character and with the awakening of the chela. These noDiscipleship2, 276:he knows enough by himself to work on his own character, and he has penetrated to the fringe of theDiscipleship2, 543:with yourself and the formation of your own character or with your own development. As I saidDiscipleship2, 627:them; try to comprehend their problems of time, character and of aspiration. Write to them, if youDiscipleship2, 633:A disciple at this stage is a man whose character and capacities have permitted him to enter theDiscipleship2, 638:simply an expression of habit and of established character, and prevents the undertaking of any newDiscipleship2, 669:are and a love which is able to see in character and temperament the working out of karma. It isDiscipleship2, 676:or initiate receives training, injunctions as to character development and personality attitudes. ADiscipleship2, 683:that need was of a spiritual nature, determining character and conditioning the future? Is not suchDiscipleship2, 684:to waste no time in indicating weaknesses in character and areas of failure in performance must notDiscipleship2, 752:the plane of daily life. I refer not here to character expression or to being what peopleEducation, 41:statement is superficial and of so general a character that it does not deal with the relativelyEducation, 71:breath, often accompanied by the first cry. Character delineations will be noted and compared with,Education, 71:of relationships, of life objectives, of basic character predispositions and of the soul purpose,Education, 77:is a potent factor in determining a child's character and future vocation. 4. An atmosphere ofEducation, 78:based upon the point in evolution and character tendencies which are determined by ray forces andEducation, 78:see the major lines of difficulty, the basic character trends and the gaps in his equipment emergeEducation, 85:of ease but with permanent effect upon his character. The continuity of effort, the effects uponExternalisation, 14:will have to be careful analysis of the type and character of the psychic, and then the applicationExternalisation, Esoter:who (during the past 150 years) have altered the character of their national life, and emphasizedExternalisation, 448:theological definitions, based upon sweetness of character, which often works singularly forExternalisation, 451:forces of evil will now endeavor to utilize the character of humanity as a whole (at its present
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