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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CHARACTER

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Magic, 486:enough for them, and as a rule, when that is so, character of sufficient stability and wisdom goesMagic, 543:Work. I take it for granted, however, that the character qualifications are not those to which ourMagic, 545:the four." He has presumably built up a fine character. He has educated himself for service. HisMagic, 559:physical nature, of heredity and environment, of character, of time and conditions, of world karma,Magic, 601:clearly in all instructions of a truly esoteric character concerns the attitude of the student ofMagic, 626:first method builds towards future strength of character, and prevents the coming in of any newMeditation, 89:forms, invocations and mantrams of a specific character; it will not be possible to arouse theMeditation, 90:itself all the lesser - are of too serious a character to be lightly disposed of, and in theMeditation, 102:body and stimulating centers of an undesirable character, or be a vivifying factor, acting as aMeditation, 125:trend of his existence and besmirches a fair character with mud. It carries with it its ownMeditation, 169:of meditation as demonstrated in terms of character, if I may so express it, are really the sameMeditation, 176:are linked with the devas through purity of character and nobility of soul. Through rites andMeditation, 234:Ego. They are recognized by you as the composite character and are seen by the clairvoyant asMeditation, 303:outstanding characteristics: By the basic character of the truths taught as embodied in theMeditation, 303:law of cause and effect. By the emphasis laid on character building and spiritual development as aMeditation, 344:some great ideal - such as holiness of character - that calls forth the soul's best endeavor; or aPatanjali, 187:of the lower personal self and form the basis of character. The yoga practices which so muchPatanjali, 209:aspiration of his heart is of the needed "fiery" character, and that the steady purification of hisPatanjali, 216:They seem essentially in themselves to lack character or form but to be dependent for manifestationPatanjali, 216:earth. It apparently has no voice of its own, no character of its own. This has been pictured forPatanjali, 265:individual characteristics, [265] its essential character, species and genus; we see it in relationPatanjali, 342:the sanyama with the reference to grossness, character, subtlety, concomitance and usefulness."Patanjali, 342:others. Spirit is matter at its lowest point. Character, elemental form. [344] The nature of thePatanjali, 365:1. Genus. 2. Quality. 3. Position in Space. Ray Character Place in body of Heavenly Man. SpiritProblems, 9:forward into greater beauty of expression, of character and of living conditions is the outstandingProblems, 48:but it is fundamental in determining a child's character for good and his future usefulness in theProblems, 58:of ease but with permanent effect upon his character. The continuity of effort, the effects uponProblems, 68:Certain nations, because of their international character and the multiplicity of races whichPsychology1, 28:Asia and Europe, and which partakes of the character of both. Christianity is the religion of thePsychology1, 91:thought and temperament, life and love, character and capacities - all disappear, and there isPsychology1, 119:and their expression, in forms of quality, character, personality, and the environment. We havePsychology1, 167:the dominant and the modifying factors in the character of every human being, as well as to thePsychology1, 169:This personal ray is an important factor in the character of a man during the one lifetime of itsPsychology1, 205:by the fifth ray as the secondary ray, this character is entirely changed. The third and the fifthPsychology1, 323:and of a steady effort to adapt conditions of character and personality life, so that the purelyPsychology1, 352:equally be regarded as embodying the quality and character of the incarnating Logos. SymbolicallyPsychology1, 352:than those which are given to the development of character and quality. This is a psychologicalPsychology2, 11:is an example of the effectiveness of the divine character, when permitted scope and as the productPsychology2, 25:attitudes, or his modes of living, and of his character begins to broaden, to unfold, and toPsychology2, 61:of understanding, the demonstration of good character and high aims, and the expression of anPsychology2, 63:qualities, the type of mental reaction, and the character with which any given subject enters intoPsychology2, 63:towards right conduct, right speech, and good character. The thought underlying this paragraphPsychology2, 71:occupied not only with the establishment of the character aspect of discipleship, but with the morePsychology2, 72:activities are based upon the foundation of good character and the qualities developed upon thePsychology2, 183:Again and again we must come back to these prime character requirements, and tiresome as thePsychology2, 365:is neither integrated nor of a high grade and character. (Is such a phrase as "low grade energies"Psychology2, 380:emerges into living expression. Great beauty of character or great forcefulness will then appear.Psychology2, 426:and gives to it of his best. Thus he grows in character and capacity, as a result of a definitePsychology2, 442:by some particular ray energy). constitute the character of the person. For a long while afterPsychology2, 442:be much conflict, strictly within the realm of character and within the Man's immediatePsychology2, 463:This task of evoking soul action of a dynamic character on behalf of an imprisoned personality,Psychology2, 473:and of misinterpretations. Glamor is astral in character, and is far more potent at this time thanPsychology2, 473:who function astrally always. Maya is vital in character and is a quality of force. It isPsychology2, 490:types of incarnate or discarnate men, ranging in character from very good to very bad. They canPsychology2, 492:misinterpreted if the mind is not developed, the character is not purified and the man is not freePsychology2, 501:psychologist in so far as they indicate the character trends of the patient. One difficulty can,Psychology2, 615:of as pure a type of the new age or Aquarian character as is possible or available at this time.Psychology2, 630:widespread dimensions and of so persistent a character that the peoples of the world would be, inPsychology2, 641:brothers. Attack of personalities, defamation of character, the imputing of motives, and thePsychology2, 708:world. These are predominantly psychological in character and may remain submerged in the realm ofRays, 8:Group Initiation V. The Basic Essential of Pure Character. This is something more than just beingRays, 18:disciples. They must and will still remain the character and purificatory objectives of theRays, 86:out through the revelation of the appalling character of that evil, and through this, unity isRays, 153:This task at first takes the form of character building and disciplining (whilst upon theRays, 156:the date of his achievement and not the character undertakings and the soul contacts which are soRays, 262:will and purpose and is therefore dynamic in character. The initiate is charged constantly withRays, 272:a transition into an automatic, subconscious character and - at the same time - assumes some of itsRays, 309:a civilization, the type of an ideology and the character of a race or nation, [310] preservingRays, 348:man of a nice disposition and possessing certain character developments such as those portrayed inRays, 348:already have been developed. Naturally, the character development must be present and assumed to beRays, 348:no one may pass through this door unless these character indications are developed, but that is dueRays, 348:through on the strength of his will and his character accomplishments and because the groupRays, 446:occupied not only with the establishment of the character aspect of discipleship, but with the moreRays, 447:activities are based upon the foundation of good character and the qualities developed upon theRays, 467:is all that, but it is something far more. Good character and good spiritual aspiration are basicRays, 468:becoming active. In this process, the stages of character building are seen as essential andRays, 468:undertaken. But - when these foundations of good character and intelligent activity are firmlyRays, 487:the soul, in an effort to bring about better character equipment in the personality and anRays, 500:and the effort to develop simultaneously a good character and a stable purpose - the aspirant orRays, 536:The emphasis in the earlier teaching was upon character as the determining factor in decidingRays, 536:which have greatly misled aspirants. Character is of major importance - of such recognizedRays, 536:that it is not necessary to dwell upon it. It is character, however, which enables a man to becomeRays, 537:then through the processes of initiation. It is character which is rightly regarded as the firstRays, 558:which, in the evolutionary cycle, condition his character (or apparatus of contact) and evoke hisRays, 566:related; we are not dealing with the disciple's character and actions. We are considering one thingSoul, 19:it is merely the sum total of the hereditary character and the acquired experiences of theSoul, 22:are demonstrated [22] in a great measure by the character and amount of the internal secretions ofSoul, 25:because it is the extreme instance, of this character." - Hocking, Wm. E., Self, Its Body andSoul, 41:behavior and conduct of affairs, and of his very character. Soul, 63:the molecules of matter are originated of such a character as apparently to bring them under theSoul, 90:soul. The mind has emerged into the limelight; character, ethics and what has been called theSoul, 115:control safe only for those of the highest moral character and purity of life and thought. CertainSoul, 122:intricate system. They are determined by the character of the soul life which plays through them,Soul, 129:energy in the human, etheric body, determine his character, his method of expression, his type andTelepathy, 24:soul aspect; and hence the emphasis laid upon character building and the need for meditation.Telepathy, 106:his personality decentralization. In fact, the character in its entirety is involved in thisTelepathy, 134:Hierarchy and Humanity into phases of the divine character of which, at present, nothing is knownTelepathy, 162:have been presented to us mainly in terms of character-building and of service to humanity. This
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