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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CHARACTERISTIC

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Astrology, 185:and the conflict which is the distinguishing characteristic of the human family can be instrumentalAstrology, 188:the Sons of Mind, of Venusian origin; they are characteristic of the Lords of Sacrifice and WillAstrology, 190:goal. This sense of direction or guidance is characteristic of the enlightened man, of the aspirantAstrology, 192:concept and method of work is always the characteristic of discipleship during the early stages ofAstrology, 272:major constellations, one clear understanding characteristic can be noted, and that is theirAstrology, 285:to be intensely self-aware. This is the major characteristic of the Leo person. What [286] part LeoAstrology, 321:the significant indication and the outstanding characteristic of Cancer and its subjects. The Moon,Astrology, 357:of potent struggle and of difficulty which is so characteristic of our planetary life, but whichAstrology, 364:with the dual tendency to struggle, which is characteristic of this sign, and also the dualAstrology, 367:self or soul. Sensitivity and quick reaction are characteristic of people born with the Sun in thisAstrology, 377:the self-will or of the will-to-power which is characteristic of the developed lower nature, theAstrology, 397:self-centeredness. Temper, which is so characteristic of the Bull, must give place to directedAstrology, 401:between body and soul which is so marked a characteristic of the Taurian subject. It prepares theAstrology, 420:top and become, for the cycle, the outstanding characteristic of the triangle. Such cosmic eventsAstrology, 542:in the historical records as the outstanding characteristic of this age of major conflict. HumanityAstrology, 546:known - those relations which are so basically characteristic of the Kingdom of God. The completelyAtom, 47:That is the present stage of many and is characteristic of the majority; it is the period ofAtom, 57:were coming to recognize one distinguishing characteristic. They have been shown to possessAtom, 58:the essential nature of the atom, and its prime characteristic of intelligence, and have laid ourAutobiography, 11:under the influence of man's great outstanding characteristic - Fear. In esoteric circles, there isAutobiography, 150:over things that never happened. Fear is a basic characteristic of humanity. Everybody is afraidAutobiography, 153:complex which is often an outstanding characteristic of a vegetarian. I am convinced that thereAutobiography, 299:objective of all that has been done. It is characteristic of truly spiritual and constructiveBethlehem, 29:Spiritual selfishness, which has been such a characteristic of aspirants in the past, has to beBethlehem, 90:and in the fullness of time this outstanding characteristic of the divine nature had to be revealedBethlehem, 99:and emotional natures; all early races have this characteristic, and the probability is that, inBethlehem, 139:necessary to the good; for it sets it its characteristic problem, the conquest of the bad. And theBethlehem, 148:and transmutation) which was the distinguishing characteristic of the Transfiguration initiation.Bethlehem, 166:demonstration of detachment - that outstanding characteristic of the man who has been born again,Bethlehem, 197:as well as more human. It is a human [197] characteristic to be conscious of sin, and to realizeBethlehem, 211:attention to the principle of love as the major characteristic of divinity, only to find that thisBethlehem, 218:is becoming irradiated by divine love, the major characteristic of the second Person of the divineBethlehem, 222:to undertake the task of Savior. It is characteristic of all who have attained that they cannotBethlehem, 269:for the development of those qualities which are characteristic of the Christ in the human heart,Bethlehem, 270:at the unfoldment of those qualities which are characteristic of the man who is ready to tread theBethlehem, 274:the qualities and the consciousness which is characteristic of such citizens; by men and womenBethlehem, 276:is the founding of the kingdom, and the primary characteristic of its citizens is immortality. TheyBethlehem, 276:a larger and fuller life is just as much a human characteristic as the normal tendency of theDestiny, 39:of separateness (which are ever the outstanding characteristic of the lower sixth ray activity) canDestiny, 43:upon phenomena (which is its outstanding characteristic and emphasis today) that the true nature ofDestiny, 51:of the Ray of Will or Power is the outstanding characteristic of Great Britain. England is anDestiny, 80:to the center from which they came. This is characteristic of the race. It is the Gemini influenceDestiny, 110:upon the physical plane. The outstanding characteristic of the disciple and the aspirant under theDestiny, 123:through its mediumship that significant soul characteristic and quality which we call radiation.Discipleship1, 7:self-analysis which is such an outstanding characteristic of the introspective, yet ambitiousDiscipleship1, 126:so that intelligent love may be your outstanding characteristic. This shift will do certain thingsDiscipleship1, 205:to produce good out of seeming evil. This latter characteristic is outstandingly yours. I wouldDiscipleship1, 244:left as ever the "one who stands alone." This is characteristic of the beginner in the consciousDiscipleship1, 244:a worker; hence my emphasis upon this first ray characteristic of your soul (as it vitalizes yourDiscipleship1, 293:that inner detachment which is his outstanding characteristic, should be your main thought andDiscipleship1, 330:my brother, that every disciple has some major characteristic which requires transmutation. SomeDiscipleship1, 396:is seeking to swing him off the Path. His characteristic life tendency of pushing unemotionallyDiscipleship1, 397:to joy? a. What do I know of each? b. Which is characteristic of the soul? 3rd month - How can theDiscipleship1, 398:to build in that quality of joy which is the characteristic of a personality which is consciouslyDiscipleship1, 403:world glamor. Harmony through Conflict is the characteristic and result of fourth ray activity. ItDiscipleship1, 405:detached and isolated strength which is the main characteristic of the first ray. The intent was toDiscipleship1, 498:which you handle detail (which is a second ray characteristic). But it is the first rayDiscipleship1, 657:center of the stage in your life is a first ray characteristic? In your case, it is dominantly aDiscipleship1, 754:we give the name Shamballa) has the outstanding characteristic of the first aspect, life itself.Discipleship2, 41:the old, and a demand for the ancient ways are characteristic. You will also have to aid in theDiscipleship2, 64:of humanity. All these things are at this time characteristic of the Hierarchy. I would remind youDiscipleship2, 95:at this basic sense of inclusiveness which is characteristic of the Hierarchy. At present you doDiscipleship2, 220:and with the processes and the methods which are characteristic of the civilizations which haveDiscipleship2, 326:are today witnessing the emergence of a solar characteristic, through the medium of their planetaryDiscipleship2, 390:responsibility is the first and the outstanding characteristic of the soul. In so far, therefore,Discipleship2, 481:in a particular incarnation, lacks some needed characteristic, or some desirable quality, either inDiscipleship2, 660:immortality and persistence which is a soul characteristic. Life, or expressed activity which isDiscipleship2, 760:you have that persistent staying power which is characteristic of all those whose personalities areEducation, 34:mental laziness and mystical inertia which are characteristic of so many mystics and the line ofEducation, 54:Group love is, and must be, the outstanding characteristic of the Illuminati of the world, and itEducation, 78:which are not innate in the child or truly characteristic of him, but which are the result of hisEducation, 112:to world suffering is a great and divine characteristic; when, however, it is qualified by emotion,Education, 113:in every human being - an innate, inherent characteristic which is inevitably present - to whichEducation, 131:the civilization of light and love which will be characteristic of the Aquarian Age. It is theseEducation, 144:matter. Light is also the quality or major characteristic of the soul in its own realm, and of theExternalisationdirect knowledge. The activity of these forces, characteristic of the two signs, produces in theExternalisation, 55:momentum from the fact that the outstanding [55] characteristic of the human consciousness is theExternalisation, 102:which is the protective and essential characteristic of the fifth kingdom, and it is this latent,Externalisation, 138:this has been the outstanding significant characteristic of the present conflict. There is littleExternalisation, 181:and untrammeled selfishness has ever been a characteristic of man; the desire for power and forExternalisation, 275:the divine Will, which will be its outstanding characteristic. One hint here I will give. Just asExternalisation, 278:"power to relinquish," which becomes in time the characteristic of the pledged disciple. The newExternalisation, 286:spiritual fact. The expression of this divine characteristic can be summed up in the words from TheExternalisation, 293:of the selfish habits and desires which are characteristic of the material nature of the disciple.Externalisation, 334:love note which should be the outstanding characteristic of all workers with the Plan at this time.Externalisation, 412:with the personality," which is so characteristic of the majority of men. Personality holds so manyExternalisation, 428:aggressive, selfish and evil lines has been characteristic of the German mentality for a greatExternalisation, 440:and creatively will become an outstanding characteristic of the masses. Knowledge is the first stepExternalisation, 440:of devotion and idealism) will become a human characteristic - a sublimation of the basic instinctExternalisation, 584:purpose which are his service dynamic. One major characteristic is, however, present in all theseExternalisation, 639:kindness which is such a strong American characteristic - a mass characteristic. These mixedExternalisation, 639:such a strong American characteristic - a mass characteristic. These mixed motives will produceExternalisation, 648:that synthesis is an aspect of the first divine characteristic, the Will, or rather, theFire, 38:Him from all other Logoi; it is His dominant characteristic, and the sign of His place in cosmicFire, 129:on these two degrees of motion (which are characteristic of the atom, Man, of the Heavenly ManFire, 141:in matter itself, a motion that is the prime characteristic and basic quality of the Primordial RayFire, 143:aim of adaptability, and that this is His main characteristic. The Second Logos. The second Logos,Fire, 150:we call magnetism. A man's emanation, or characteristic vibration, is the result of the blending ofFire, 151:that we are dealing now simply with the inherent characteristic of matter itself, and not withFire, 154:agelong duel between Spirit and matter, which is characteristic of manifestation, one aspect
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