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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CHARACTERISTIC

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Fire, 179:Son, was produced - that Son of desire, Whose characteristic is love, and Whose nature is buddhi orFire, 179:it is the product of transmuted desire, whose characteristic (when fully demonstrated) will beFire, 234:we call love-wisdom. That is the fundamental characteristic He has to develop during His lifeFire, 320:and the electrical force that is its peculiar characteristic, are beginning to be felt, and itsFire, 342:mind, or the fifth Principle, is His prime characteristic, and was perfected by Him in an earlierFire, 357:Logos of a scheme will embody some outstanding characteristic. The ten schemes are the seven, andFire, 394:those Entities Whose outstanding quality and characteristic it is. To the life of that littleFire, 397:types of energy. They are the dynamic quality or characteristic of a planetary Logos. They are theFire, 423:reference to what has been said anent the second characteristic of manas, a very interestingFire, 423:the matter aspect to the Spirit aspect, and is a characteristic inherent in matter itself. It worksFire, 456:be more prominent than now, but the outstanding characteristic will be the ability of the units ofFire, 593:love consciousness which is the predominant characteristic of the Ego. A Master of CompassionFire, 612:to Self-Consciousness (which is the distinctive characteristic of humanity) can best be studied inFire, 716:substances made their appearance. This characteristic (or radioactivity) of pitchblende and theFire, 717:of Individualization We have seen how the characteristic method of individualization in this solarFire, 803:with the quality of heat as its predominant characteristic; it is latent heat or sensation. BothFire, 1095:system) expressing those qualities which are characteristic of the solar Logos and His presentFire, 1095:physical plane, are vibrating to a key which is characteristic of the preceding system, being aFire, 1095:a decisiveness of grouping that is inherently characteristic of the present body of manifestationFire, 1253:identification which is the distinguishing characteristic of the seven cosmic paths. The adept whoFire, 1262:in one specific direction. Their main characteristic or attribute may be described as a sense ofGlamour, 26:is primarily of a mental quality and was characteristic of the attitude of mind of those people whoGlamour, 35:or from illusion? Do I know which quality or characteristic in my nature facilitates my tuning inGlamour, 125:powerfully organized, and is the dominant characteristic of the astral plane emerged clearly, asGlamour, 140:be stated as follows: The quality and the major characteristic of the soul is light. Therefore, ifGlamour, 140:The quality of the astral plane - its major characteristic - is [141] glamor. It is the fieldGlamour, 179:reflection. This will be the outstanding characteristic of the Western disciple inGlamour, 196:idea of altitude and of distance which are so characteristic of the mystical approach. Power to useGlamour, 197:live and work in the midst of glamor. The second characteristic of the new era will be theHealing, 55:stages in evolutionary development which are characteristic of those upon the more advanced stagesHealing, 113:willingness to die which is so frequently a characteristic of the final stage immediately precedingHealing, 120:soul, seeking full expression of some divine characteristic or inner spiritual reality, producesHealing, 127:is being changed; the selfish life (characteristic of the man centered in his desires andHealing, 134:soul, seeking full expression of some divine characteristic or inner spiritual reality, producesHealing, 158:likewise, of [158] that state of being which is characteristic of the monad and which cannot beHealing, 302:and mental trouble. Cleavage is the outstanding characteristic - cleavage within the individual orHealing, 345:(above all other qualities) is the dominant characteristic of all rays. This question is not onlyHealing, 356:this phrase), and love is all that is. The main characteristic of the distinction between soulHealing, 399:than the process of death. This attitude, characteristic of the sensitive and the right thinkingHealing, 404:and the constant emphasis laid upon timing, are characteristic of all highly developed people inHealing, 418:on these two degrees of motion (which are characteristic of the atom, Man, of the Heavenly Man orHealing, 497:This constitutes a state of consciousness (characteristic of the normal state of the advanced man)Healing, 508:the emotional nature and the brain is the major characteristic of all advanced human beings - theHealing, 533:soul, seeking full expression of some divine characteristic or inner spiritual reality, produces,Healing, 564:soul, seeking full expression of some divine characteristic or inner spiritual reality, produces -Healing, 569:soul, seeking full expression of some divine characteristic or inner spiritual reality, producesHercules, 35:takes his stand as the warrior. His outstanding characteristic in this sign is the pioneering,Hercules, 131:in which each aspect achieves due importance is characteristic of the more highly organized Libran.Hercules, 133:The constant weighing and measuring so characteristic of Libra have one aim; the establishment ofHercules, 184:see how much persistence he had. The outstanding characteristic of the aspirant is endurance andHercules, 198:lower desires, desire being ever an outstanding characteristic of humanity. They are guarded by aInitiation, 7:of awareness that constitutes the predominant characteristic of the indwelling Thinker. It is theInitiation, 21:the discriminative and selective activity. One characteristic of all matter is activity of someInitiation, 56:and for the great renunciation which is the characteristic of the fourth initiation. As AppolloniusInitiation, 117:and that dynamic will which is the prime characteristic of Spirit. The lower self has served theInitiation, 157:or form-building aspect, which is the prime characteristic of the Ego on its own plane. It would beIntellect, 69:all other knowledge is ignorance." "The second characteristic of mysticism is its belief in unity,Intellect, 93:not what the symbology employed may be), is the characteristic of the true aspirant, and, before weIntellect, 98:is rightly considered as one of the most characteristic notes of Christian asceticism andIntellect, 144:also attains to what is, I think, its really characteristic quality. It develops the power ofIntellect, 169:constant pouring in of vital force is eminently characteristic, for the coordination between theMagic, 39:and of unification. This is the paramount soul characteristic, for only the soul has [40] it as theMagic, 58:disgust, distaste, and a deep fatigue are characteristic very frequently of those who are on theMagic, 82:be: The comparative newness and change which is characteristic of the Occident. The development ofMagic, 165:and the linking of cause and effect which are characteristic of the higher kingdom in nature. AMagic, 167:the use of a still higher faculty, which is a characteristic of the soul, he enters into voluntaryMagic, 258:by the Dweller to the desired end. Then the characteristic is purity within the group limitations,Magic, 263:the fourth degree) this complete isolation is a characteristic feature. He stands midway betweenMagic, 302:state of mind is predominantly a human characteristic and is that germ of the imaginative faculty,Magic, 317:brings one to the consideration of that basic characteristic which cannot be over-emphasized inMagic, 336:- The Present Age and the Future The outstanding characteristic, however, of the coming cycle willMagic, 426:and have no shibboleths. Their outstanding characteristic will be an individual and group freedomMagic, 449:the soul embodied in the form (whose lowest characteristic is desire, the reflection of love) andMagic, 560:consequently, separativeness) is the outstanding characteristic of mental types and also of allMagic, 603:that breathes and feels which is the outstanding characteristic of all truly functioning sons ofMeditation, 62:When this is done, that tenseness that is the characteristic of so many will be gone and the lowerMeditation, 313:and steadfastness that is their predominant characteristic and must be that too of the occultist.Patanjali, 57:out, we call consciousness and the essential characteristic of this consciousness is love. The GuruPatanjali, 69:comprehension of the things of the soul which is characteristic of the man who - throughPatanjali, 71:produced in the mental body and is itself a characteristic of what may be called "the unregeneratedPatanjali, 71:and thither in search of peace. It is the main characteristic at this time of our mental Aryan racePatanjali, 74:sheaths must express the principle which is the characteristic or quality underlying each plane.Patanjali, 103:is the defilement which has the distinguishing characteristic of obscuration. Clearness is freedPatanjali, 131:of ignorance, or the "state of avidya" is characteristic of all those who as yet do notPatanjali, 148:man. The attribute of activity is the prime characteristic of the soul, and it is this qualityPatanjali, 149:The quality of activity or mobility is the [149] characteristic of the emotional or astral naturePatanjali, 194:17, Patanjali tells us that the perception of a characteristic, of a quality and of an objectivePatanjali, 199:with entire conformity to the law of the land is characteristic of every true aspirant. Apart fromPatanjali, 268:and much light will be forthcoming. In the characteristic form (taking into consideration itsPatanjali, 282:soul light Matter form substance The outstanding characteristic of spirit (or energy) is thePatanjali, 282:all things to be and to persist. The outstanding characteristic of the soul (or of force) is light.Patanjali, 282:visibility that which exists. The outstanding characteristic of living matter is that it is thatPatanjali, 300:of beauty, Delighting in love, for love is the characteristic of the soul, and all sons of God, orPatanjali, 320:into [320] functioning activity. It is the characteristic of spirit, and demonstrates purpose andPatanjali, 342:The second form is their respective generic characteristic: Shape for the earth, viscidity for thePatanjali, 347:It is this quality which is the distinguishing characteristic of the black and the white magicianProblems, 9:of living conditions is the outstanding eternal characteristic of mankind. In the earlier stages ofProblems, 10:they regard this as a right attitude and as characteristic of good citizenship. Nations are coloredProblems, 35:quality in every man, an innate, inherent characteristic to which one may give the name "mysticalProblems, 35:may give the name "mystical perception". This characteristic connotes an undying, though oft
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