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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CHARACTERISTICS

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Astrology, 69:through an investigation as to quality and characteristics and life objectives. [70] AstrologersAstrology, 123:this stage has within him the potencies and the characteristics of the indwelling Christ, but theyAstrology, 137:reach harmony and thus express all truly human characteristics, for the fourth ray and the fourthAstrology, 145:listed above. Exoteric astrology deals with the characteristics and qualities of the personalityAstrology, 169:of the Zodiacal Constellations A study of the characteristics and qualities of the man who is bornAstrology, 171:attainment; a study of India - her history, characteristics [172] and spiritual qualities - willAstrology, 174:I could continue to summarize the qualities and characteristics of these three and their peculiarAstrology, 182:angle, can be gained if we give the two sets of characteristics which distinguish the man upon thisAstrology, 207:Dweller is the sumtotal of all the personality characteristics which have remained unconquered andAstrology, 212:and problem, of conflict and of death. All those characteristics are familiar to us in theAstrology, 215:of armaments discloses. All these are sixth ray characteristics, emphasized by Scorpio andAstrology, 224:clear to you. Uranus is the planet whose characteristics are the scientific mind, which, at thisAstrology, 250:become definitely formulated in your mind. The characteristics of this sign are not easy to defineAstrology, 250:verge of treading it, it might be said that his characteristics and qualities in this sign are:Astrology, 274:and continuity of effort and is one of the characteristics imparted or stimulated by energiesAstrology, 336:also think more in terms of qualities and of characteristics, as is the trend of the more advancedAstrology, 452:through the Universal Mind, are the outstanding characteristics and that these are steadilyAstrology, 496:happenings, precipitated events, and personal characteristics (which are distinctive of exotericAstrology, 504:that there are divine aspects and divine characteristics which are [505] as yet totally unrevealedAstrology, 525:intent (if intuitive enough) and develop the characteristics of the people, leaving in fact behindAstrology, 643:furnish our humanity with its outward and inward characteristics and their Regents or Rectors withAutobiography, 119:probably lies deeply rooted in certain racial characteristics. People complain (and it isAutobiography, 145:we look at some of the leading nations and their characteristics. Take the United States. TheAutobiography, 157:of interpretation and impersonality were the characteristics which should have governed policiesAutobiography, 278:seven major types of people are studied; their characteristics are investigated, plus theirBethlehem, 20:hitherto unknown. May there not be qualities and characteristics of the divine nature which are asBethlehem, 92:Is it not possible that there may be aspects and characteristics of the divine Nature of which weBethlehem, 92:before still other divine and spiritual characteristics can be safely revealed to us and in us?Bethlehem, 105:Purification. It is a process of growth in the characteristics of the kingdom, and the gradualBethlehem, 113:defined as finiteness and infinity which are the characteristics, one of man and the other of God.Bethlehem, 140:others are beginning to display qualities and characteristics which are superhuman. The questionBethlehem, 148:mystic a realization of a subjective world whose characteristics are light, radiance, beauty andBethlehem, 167:responded to the need. One of the outstanding characteristics of each initiation is the increasedBethlehem, 259:of its qualifications, and showed us the characteristics of the citizen of that kingdom. ThroughBethlehem, 261:recognition of divinity - these are the characteristics of the citizen of the kingdom, [262] andBethlehem, 274:will make apparent that the three outstanding characteristics of His work and the three main linesBethlehem, 277:that which in ourselves is divine, and whose characteristics can be known by the sense of value, byDestiny, 26:for hate, separation, fear, pride and other characteristics which feed the fires which threaten toDestiny, 41:that there are divine [41] attributes and ray characteristics which have hitherto never beenDestiny, 62:or the next, but it is rooted in national characteristics and the law of probability. We have beenDestiny, 100:intent (if intuitive enough) and develop the characteristics of the people, leaving in fact behindDestiny, 109:it has been transmuted from method and mode into characteristics and established habits. It is theDestiny, 110:the sixth ray methods of activity and its major characteristics first of all. They are, for us, theDestiny, 126:and peculiar difficulties. One of the major characteristics of the seventh ray disciple is hisDestiny, 135:sensitivity and an unbalanced unfoldment of characteristics. It is our characteristics whichDestiny, 135:unfoldment of characteristics. It is our characteristics which influence our conduct and ourDestiny, 150:of the emotional nature and of all Piscean characteristics. The thirty years can be looked upon asDiscipleship1, 4:starts upon this work with certain fundamental characteristics; each of you is beginning thisDiscipleship1, 12:yet avoiding the vitalization of his personality characteristics. You should learn always to thinkDiscipleship1, 16:need not specific statements as to faults and characteristics. I seek only to make suggestion as toDiscipleship1, 22:naught can produce in the group the purely human characteristics of separation, of personalDiscipleship1, 30:established, we shall have the germ of those characteristics which will dignify the New Age groups.Discipleship1, 51:quality of a brother's faults than to his divine characteristics? In what way does criticismDiscipleship1, 54:for the coming types of civilization and the characteristics and activities which could be unfoldedDiscipleship1, 159:Therefore, there must be a preservation of such characteristics - with persistence - throughout theDiscipleship1, 230:reticence which is so pre-eminently one of your characteristics. The intensification of the potencyDiscipleship1, 242:first ray soul impulse. A study of the sixth ray characteristics will help you here, particularlyDiscipleship1, 254:of the sixth ray with its glamor-producing characteristics are to be offset and balance achieved.Discipleship1, 257:need which is faced. What, my brother, are the characteristics of a fourth ray mental body? Let meDiscipleship1, 329:with truth as well as one's environment, one's characteristics and one's responsibilities. It is anDiscipleship1, 350:nature which is one of your outstanding characteristics - a great asset when rightly used; a majorDiscipleship1, 374:brother, a paper in which you will emphasize the characteristics of a second ray astral body. YouDiscipleship1, 378:but to the absorbing, assimilating, isolating characteristics of the first ray nature. It is theDiscipleship1, 424:of those who had essentially the New Age characteristics, and could therefore be trusted to tune inDiscipleship1, 548:physical vitality far more than the virtues, characteristics and realizations usually regarded asDiscipleship1, 564:upon them, making them in this way distinctive characteristics of your life. I have a definiteDiscipleship1, 581:body. This inevitably produces the accompanying characteristics of an intense centralization (I didDiscipleship1, 585:by forcing the emergence of your second ray characteristics. This is not suggested because you, asDiscipleship1, 650:life. They should and can be your outstanding characteristics, and that for which you can be knownDiscipleship1, 659:predominates, 2.4.6, and though the first ray characteristics are strong and powerful, they are notDiscipleship1, 668:a hard way to go. Yet it is one of the needed characteristics of discipleship, leading - as it doesDiscipleship2, XIII:but to be transcended. He knew the astrological characteristics of the soul, a factor as yetDiscipleship2, 35:the group aura, or rather anent its general characteristics, might prove of interest to you. ADiscipleship2, 82:tested; unsuspected weaknesses have emerged and characteristics which should be straightened outDiscipleship2, 155:yourself. This again will have the outstanding characteristics of your ray, though those of theDiscipleship2, 195:by the life qualities and the developed ray characteristics. Along that stream, the life qualitiesDiscipleship2, 195:stream, the life qualities and the developed ray characteristics can pass at will; the discipleDiscipleship2, 196:is tinctured by the life quality and the ray characteristics of the group personnel. Along thisDiscipleship2, 196:and the descending life quality and ray characteristics can pass at will, and the disciple willDiscipleship2, 387:and the lack of true perspective which are basic characteristics of the Jewish people, in spite ofDiscipleship2, 513:disciple in the technical sense of the word, the characteristics of the sixth ray - owing to yourDiscipleship2, 599:beauty of purpose, devotion and sincerity - all characteristics of the advanced disciple. TheDiscipleship2, 600:psychology, national inclinations and traits and characteristics, lies behind every singleDiscipleship2, 600:origins, to your so-called racial loyalties and characteristics, acquired through environingDiscipleship2, 632:stimulates certain qualities and new characteristics, and brings to his mind enlightenment. TheseDiscipleship2, 643:August 1940 MY BROTHER: One of the outstanding characteristics of the pledged disciple is that heDiscipleship2, 699:aim, therefore, should be to cultivate all the characteristics which are the most distasteful toEducation, 40:terror evoked by divinity and to the emotional characteristics of God, to the sense of light and toEducation, 71:lives will be of no interest, the recognition of characteristics which have been inherited from theEducation, 119:nature and produces finally certain physical characteristics. The outstanding type of awareness ofEducation, 141:facilitate the emergence of certain great divine characteristics. These will, in due time, changeExternalisation, 28:widely different ideas which are the distinctive characteristics of the new age, the Aquarian Age.Externalisation, 70:might be, because I am anxious to have its major characteristics - those of unity and synthesis -Externalisation, 81:basic goodwill which is one of the deepest human characteristics and our divine inheritance. TheseExternalisation, 103:that I have emphasized so strongly the ordinary characteristics of the trained disciple, which areExternalisation, 104:which is that of energy. The qualities, characteristics and activity upon which you should beExternalisation, 125:safeguarding but should express its major divine characteristics. Of these, free will and theExternalisation, Esoter:dangerous and terrible, have developed two vital characteristics in humanity. One has been theExternalisation, 183:march of national conquerors were outstanding characteristics. A relatively small number of peopleExternalisation, 422:Full Moons will be concerned with the divine characteristics and their development in mankind. Thus
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