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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CHARACTERISTICS

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Magic, 400:all sciences and all philosophies. Their characteristics are synthesis, inclusiveness,Magic, 411:sensitivity of man, with its three outstanding characteristics of instinct, intellect and intuitionMagic, 412:the mechanism employed, and man's urges, characteristics, and with the purpose - apparent or hiddenMagic, 413:as selfishness, separateness, pride and those characteristics which have produced so much harm inMagic, 415:of truth and have demonstrated certain ray characteristics. The new group will express all theMagic, 419:workers will, however, possess certain general characteristics. They will impose no enforced dogmasMagic, 433:and the seven grades of consciousness and of ray characteristics. These differentiations as youMagic, 436:of a particular personality, possessing certain characteristics. The influence of the moon isMagic, 452:qualities, complexes, inhibitions, feelings and characteristics which produce a man's peculiarMagic, 454:a thought-form. This thought-form has four main characteristics: It is brought Into being throughMagic, 465:and astral forms) which produces the [465] characteristics and tendencies which cause the situationMagic, 622:- Rule Fifteen - A Call to Service These latent characteristics often do not make their appearanceMagic, 629:in instincts, seem nevertheless to be divine characteristics, misapplied and misused. When,Magic, 636:as a worker. His temperament, equipment of characteristics (physical, emotional, and mental) doMeditation, 45:away from it even if he will. Certain racial characteristics, certain temperamental tendencies areMeditation, 47:group, involving its special family heredity and characteristics. Every man, who has reached aMeditation, 47:of the physical pedigree and the inherent characteristics of the pupil, both from the point of viewMeditation, 110:meditation. These factors are: The man's subrace characteristics. His type of body, whether it isMeditation, 148:the occultist and the occultist includes the characteristics of the mystic. To make it more simpleMeditation, 184:all other Logoi, and which is the sum of all His characteristics. "Our God is a consuming Fire."Meditation, 239:whereby the indwelling divinity imposes his characteristics upon the material provided for hisMeditation, 239:for use. Inherent faculty has become active characteristics carried to the nth power. The veils areMeditation, 303:school may be recognized by certain outstanding characteristics: By the basic character of theMeditation, 305:though varying in detail, due to the racial characteristics of the races and types dealt with, andPatanjali, 190:are the sine qua non of discipleship. These characteristics must be found in all three bodies.Patanjali, 194:upon the fact that in the perceiver similar characteristics, qualities and objective capacity arePatanjali, 201:understands why the past has been and what its characteristics are; he understands the reason forPatanjali, 234:the aspects of every object are known, their characteristics (or form), their symbolic nature, andPatanjali, 234:of development) are known and realized. 14. The characteristics of every object are acquired,Patanjali, 250:into" that condition which has four outstanding characteristics: Absorption in the soulPatanjali, 264:the aspects of every object are known, their characteristics (or form), their symbolic nature, andPatanjali, 264:this object, seeing at once all its individual characteristics, [265] its essential character,Patanjali, 265:of the object to its environment. 1. Characteristics of the form. In this phrase the tangiblePatanjali, 267:Book 3 - Union achieved and its Results 14. The characteristics of every object are acquired,Patanjali, 267:as in the previous one. In time and space all characteristics have relative values. The goal isPatanjali, 289:meditation upon other animals will give their characteristics. It should be remembered that this isPatanjali, 344:elemental form. [344] The nature of the specific characteristics of the elements. Subtlety, orPatanjali, 344:arrived at a knowledge of all their qualities, characteristics and nature, he can then cooperatePatanjali, 349:of power, love and activity, these are the characteristics of the body of manifestation of any sonPatanjali, 355:senses of hearing, touch and sight are the three characteristics of the three human races and thePatanjali, 363:exist in seven main types, with distinguishing characteristics and natures and with definitePatanjali, 364:of the sources of the manifested life, of its characteristics or qualities, and of its locationPatanjali, 365:esoteric and unseen, produces the varying characteristics plus the distinction produced by: Ray,Patanjali, 365:of vibration, Point of development, and these characteristics form the quality referred to in thePatanjali, 369:of the present is the result of developed characteristics and holds latent seeds of future quality.Patanjali, 369:holds latent seeds of future quality. 13. The characteristics, whether latent or potent, partake ofPatanjali, 398:of the present is the result of developed characteristics, and holds latent seeds of futurePatanjali, 399:of Patanjali - Book 4 - Illumination 13. The characteristics, whether latent or potent, partake ofPatanjali, 399:three gunas (the three qualities of matter). The characteristics are in reality the qualities,Patanjali, 400:which are summed up under the general title of "characteristics" are concerned with the form andPatanjali, 400:of it, the Indweller develops a dual set of characteristics. One set demonstrates in the form ofPatanjali, 400:body of the higher, or causal Self. Hence these characteristics are in both cases concerned withPatanjali, 400:are is the product of the past and shows as the characteristics of the form of the personality.Patanjali, 401:This is achieved through the imposition of the characteristics of activity, the middle guna, andProblems, 20:those conditions are strictly British. All these characteristics have been the cause of extremeProblems, 26:the people of the United States show all the characteristics of adolescence. Again, symbolicallyProblems, 47:certain qualities will flourish and certain characteristics of responsibility and of goodwill willProblems, 86:find themselves in conflict with national characteristics or world trends and these still furtherProblems, 86:full culture of their own, plus certain inherent characteristics which may account for much ofProblems, 98:and conservative race in the world. Racial characteristics have become increasingly pronouncedProblems, 99:and who have outgrown national and racial characteristics. These men and women are, as a group, theProblems, 103:people of distinctive race, religion, goals, characteristics, culture and a uniquely ancient andProblems, 165:churches must work; it is these qualities and characteristics which will condition the New WorldPsychology1, 27:activity and love are the outstanding characteristics of a developed son of God, whilst their lowerPsychology1, 27:lower reflections - sex and desire - are the characteristics of the average man and the undevelopedPsychology1, 29:dawned on you that there may be qualities and characteristics of the divine nature, latent as yetPsychology1, 38:of intelligence - an intelligence whose characteristics are mind and mental awareness, which inPsychology1, 46:major rays of Will and Love we have the two main characteristics of the divine nature, which liePsychology1, 64:annihilates The Most High The qualities and characteristics of this Lord Who brings release may bePsychology1, 70:of evolutionary manifestation - its diverse characteristics. Psychology1, 77:the student to form an idea of the fifth ray characteristics and mission; but the study of the sixPsychology1, 78:ray, they will indicate to him some of the characteristics for which he may look, and perhapsPsychology1, 149:manifested phenomenal world, with its three main characteristics of life-quality-appearance. ForgetPsychology1, 157:settles or determines the aspect assumed and the characteristics expressed by all the forms in thePsychology1, 158:kingdom, and they determine the broad general characteristics which govern the energy, the qualityPsychology1, 163:in His solar system flows, the seven predominant characteristics or modifications of life, for itPsychology1, 163:The following table may explain the various characteristics of the seven rays: No. CharacteristicsPsychology1, 163:various characteristics of the seven rays: No. Characteristics Methods of development PlanetPsychology1, 167:the virtues, the vices and the special human characteristics which differentiate the individualPsychology1, 192:emerges occasionally; though the sum total of characteristics in any one life is colored by divinePsychology1, 201:force would result. When however the three characteristics are united, it becomes a creative andPsychology1, 211:above remarks it may have been inferred that the characteristics of any given ray find closerPsychology1, 212:and perseverance are the corresponding characteristics of the first and the seventh rays. [213] Psychology1, 348:study of the potencies involved) their emerging characteristics and ray forces. By the provingPsychology1, 369:recognition, by science, of certain effects and characteristics of the work being accomplished.Psychology1, 390:of initiation. [390] The analysis of the ray characteristics given earlier can be applied to thePsychology1, 399:and national integrity, are their outstanding characteristics. They cannot be absorbed, and yet soPsychology1, 399:he has preserved intact more of the original characteristics. It is the realization of this commonPsychology1, 401:mixed well, and have therefore preserved their characteristics more successfully than have thePsychology2, 28:the kaleidoscope of events, the emergence of characteristics and tendencies, the appearance ofPsychology2, 30:Being, Wholeness and Unity are the distinctive characteristics of this highly evolved stage, whichPsychology2, 79:They have their own specific qualities and characteristics, and these determine the nature of thePsychology2, 82:rays, they are necessarily qualified by the characteristics of the third major ray, whichPsychology2, 83:rays, and in their expression show the seven characteristics and techniques which are herePsychology2, 85:of the nature of those qualities and characteristics which should distinguish all true believers,Psychology2, 86:emerging "godlike" qualities, these beneficent characteristics, and the slowly appearing virtues ofPsychology2, 97:Initiates know that the varying psychological characteristics of the ray Lives condition mostPsychology2, 124:and why do we call it a science? What are the characteristics of the true server? What effect doesPsychology2, 131:Seven Laws of Soul or Group Life What are the Characteristics of the true Server? ThesePsychology2, 131:the Characteristics of the true Server? These characteristics can be easily and briefly noted. They
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