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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CHARACTERISTICS

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Psychology2, 131:real channel for the life of the soul. His major characteristics will then be three in number: HePsychology2, 140:not know enough to be discriminating as to their characteristics, and might unduly qualify andPsychology2, 147:it is well to realize that this law has certain characteristics and basic effects which might bePsychology2, 162:as they practice these four virtues, the prime characteristics of a disciple, they are therebyPsychology2, 181:avoid the danger of vitalizing his personality characteristics. This is the major difficulty. To doPsychology2, 183:- The Seven Laws of Soul or Group Life b. The Characteristics of the New Groups This brief summaryPsychology2, 183:look at the groups in greater detail. One of the characteristics distinguishing the groups of worldPsychology2, 184:each has traveled, and the many factors and characteristics, emerging out of a dim and distantPsychology2, 212:is only revealed at initiation. There are as yet characteristics and qualities of the planetaryPsychology2, 226:with the development [226] of those required characteristics which precede the stage of technicalPsychology2, 226:eventually those three outstanding psychological characteristics of divinity: Light, Energy, andPsychology2, 228:the divine psychology and its major trends and characteristics are recognized, and when modernPsychology2, 263:we can look for the rapid development of the characteristics of the incoming Aquarian Age. ThePsychology2, 298:charts of their own nature, qualities and characteristics. It might be of interest to mention thePsychology2, 299:trends and predispositions and emphasized characteristics concern Him, and the obvious lifePsychology2, 304:developed by directed conscious thought; [304] characteristics are unfolded by broodingPsychology2, 316:present family, national and racial inherited characteristics. As we study, let us bear clearly inPsychology2, 326:of quality and the steady acquiring of characteristics, facilities and capacities. Those who arePsychology2, 335:diagnosis from certain physical and psychical characteristics which indicate the quality of thePsychology2, 381:is not that of bad qualities into good or of bad characteristics into good ones (for this shouldPsychology2, 381:and purified personality qualities and characteristics are used by the initiate in the three worldsPsychology2, 387:of fusion, ends by producing second ray characteristics of which illumination, producingPsychology2, 414:and as one of the determining influences and characteristics of the type under consideration. IPsychology2, 414:recognition of the astrological types, of their characteristics and qualities and tendencies.Psychology2, 440:all the acquired and accumulated characteristics (acquired in past incarnations and frequentlyPsychology2, 440:have in the present - the category of qualities, characteristics, powers, tendencies and knowledgesPsychology2, 504:status, astrological indications and inherent characteristics, but also he is confronted with thePsychology2, 513:investigated in connection with the neurotic characteristics which arc frequently to be found inPsychology2, 521:man upon the physical plane, plus his inherent characteristics. All of this information I havePsychology2, 545:desire of a wrong kind and many of the emotional characteristics which are causing people so muchPsychology2, 558:capacity the later Atlantean and present Aryan characteristics. He is intelligently aware of hisPsychology2, 644:the development of the necessary qualities and characteristics. It is of value to reiterate at thisPsychology2, 644:in the principles of cooperation and the characteristics of the new social order, which isPsychology2, 650:World Servers, for lack of a better name. Their characteristics are well known, for many have madePsychology2, 652:of the race. These new ideals and aims are characteristics of the New Age. This statement is ofPsychology2, 709:A close analysis of the life, quality and characteristics of the aspirants in the world should beRays, 181:learns to tread the Path of Discipleship. These characteristics are, however, only the reaction ofRays, 218:and the fatalities which are so frequently the characteristics of the group life in its earlyRays, 307:the forms in the four kingdoms to certain characteristics in time and space, which produce effectsRays, 348:to be stable in the man's equipment; these characteristics have, however, little bearing onRays, 438:any particular racial expression. These divine characteristics - viewed from the angle of time andRays, 561:of love in service; these are the outstanding characteristics of the Hierarchy and the essentialRays, 594:have what have been called the sixth root race characteristics. This state of consciousness willReappearance, 30:of no defeat or withdrawal. These are the characteristics which will be declarative of the KingdomReappearance, 38:portrayed in Their own lives the divine characteristics of the Christ life and (because They livedReappearance, 44:with us the familiar usefulness and peculiar characteristics of our civilization and its many giftsReappearance, 52:in the human consciousness. Accompanying those characteristics which as yet remain deplorable andReappearance, 53:great Sons of God, the three divine aspects or characteristics of the divine Trinity - will, loveSoul, 65:ether, the unmodified and universal ether; its characteristics are strain and stress. Energy isSoul, 114:exhibited by segments, the cord shows different characteristics in different regions. RoughlySoul, 141:body is the seat of the emotional and mental characteristics. In one lobe the reasoning mind hasTelepathyI. The Field of Telepathic Interplay One of the characteristics, distinguishing the group of worldTelepathy, 134:the nine major initiations and those divine characteristics through which [135] the three major
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