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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CHARACTERIZE

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Atom, 124:two stages of atomic activity and radioactivity characterize the evolution of all atoms in theBethlehem, 72:deeper contacts and richer understandings will characterize humanity. When Christ came, we readDestiny, 109:involved and the differing modes of work which characterize those who worked in the past under theDiscipleship1, 25:the wasted effort and the foolish impulses which characterize the present occult and worldDiscipleship1, 43:the group work which should be done and should characterize the disciples to be chosen forDiscipleship2, 692:reason for the long hours by yourself which characterize your life at this time and which will beDiscipleship2, 720:is the assured peace and inner confidence which characterize its vibration. There is too much feverEducation, 42:two preceding civilizations have produced, will characterize the coming Aquarian Age and itsExternalisation, 20:and the fanaticism and separativeness which characterize the small mind and the beginner upon theExternalisation, 318:throughout the world. Let quietness and depth characterize your inner life. Externalisation, 433:presentation of the factual situation which characterize the best minds in every nation and whichExternalisation, 480:or theme which will distinguish the New Age and characterize the coming civilization and culture.Fire, 462:about by the strong manasic impulse which will characterize the whole cycle of the fifth round, andFire, 849:invocation and the thunderbolt of vengeance characterize this Hall. [850] Within the Hall ofFire, 877:of the Past, the Present and the Future) characterize the natures of all the manifesting entities -Glamour, 106:produce the "seeds of death and of decay" which characterize our planetary evolution in all theHealing, 128:all that is required for right human living will characterize the world to be. Today theseHealing, 213:be that perfect balance and perfect health which characterize a Master of the Wisdom. KnowledgeHealing, 441:the hour, and that nothing but happiness would characterize the passing? That in the minds of thoseHealing, 506:negation of quality or of the qualities which characterize the personal self. They speak ofHercules, 4:the nature of the training and attainments which characterize the man who is nearing liberation. HeHercules, 21:condition of turmoil and the difficulties which characterize that stage. It is of value perhaps toHercules, 32:Impulses in Aries Three outstanding urges characterize this sign. There is, as we have seen, theHercules, 208:of the training and the attainments which should characterize a son of God, marching on towardsHercules, 229:been tested and tried until the qualities which characterize the form have been transmuted intoInitiation, 184:is an occult statement of fact, and should characterize the whole daily activity of the trueMagic, 50:attractive or magnetic energy. These two types characterize the universal soul likewise - the forceMagic, 83:Paul, "Let us eat and drink for tomorrow we die" characterize the attitude of the majority of men.Magic, 243:[243] and apparent betrayal into darkness, characterize the growth of all forms, distinguish theMagic, 245:and a steady intellectual urge will characterize the mind of the aspirant. To this may succeed aMagic, 261:all true servers. "May the Love of the One Soul characterize the lives of all who seek to aid theMagic, 481:Selfishness, ruthlessness, hatred, and cruelty characterize the worker in mental substance whoseMagic, 482:self and the manifestation of a loving spirit characterize those who are oriented towards the lifeMagic, 500:on the hour and that nothing but happiness would characterize the passing? That in the minds ofMeditation, 82:darkness and disruption - all these things characterize the life of the aspirant or the disciple.Patanjali, 215:the things of the soul, then steadiness and ease characterize the man on the physical plane. He isPatanjali, xii:longings, desires, and emotional reactions which characterize the life of the average man and hasPatanjali, xiii:second and third aspects) are brought together, characterize his life on earth, and he can say asProblems, 10:nation. This spirit and attitude will some day characterize the attitude of nation to nation. AtPsychology1, 69:race to demonstrate. The qualities which characterize this ray Lord might be enumerated in thePsychology1, 292:presence felt. Three things we are told will characterize the coming Aquarian age, and they will bePsychology1, 347:and wisdom and intuitional buddhic response will characterize humanity. There is a close interplayPsychology1, 353:matter is the outer garment of God. This will characterize the intellectual achievement of thePsychology2, 19:of the personal and individual into the Whole, characterize this stage on the path of evolution.Psychology2, 154:that major attitude towards existence which we characterize as Desire. All lesser complexities arePsychology2, 364:Nor is it the sense of identification which can characterize the occultist; with that there isPsychology2, 398:attributes", it might be stated that those which characterize the soul and which cannot expressRays, 523:the relative differences and difficulties which characterize all the religions of the world and allRays, 638:a small scale the behavior which will some day characterize enlightened humanity; let them not be
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