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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CHARACTERIZED

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Astrology, Saturn:it necessary to say at this time. Initiation - characterized by self-initiation - is the demand ofAtom, 25:and with that which is tangible; they are characterized by a necessary and protective selfishness.Atom, 72:of the world's history, a period which is characterized by the breaking up of nations, the smashingAutobiography, 230:nucleus of the coming world civilization and was characterized by the qualities that wouldAutobiography, 246:mistakes. The Masters Whom they portrayed were characterized by an impossible infallibility becauseBethlehem, 38:of the New Age into a world which will be characterized by newer awareness, a deeper understandingBethlehem, 211:war, culminating in the World War, which have characterized the official rendering of His teaching,Destiny, 20:of the response to the Shamballa activity is characterized by fear and terror, by sensitivity andDestiny, 114:the less material values. The instinct which has characterized this passing sixth ray period andDiscipleship1, 21:side of life, forms an integrated organism, characterized by mutual life, love and interplay. TheDiscipleship1, 44:vision and achievement to their credit has characterized the mystical history of the past. Some ofDiscipleship1, 160:life in the three worlds and you become potently characterized by the quality of the unfoldingDiscipleship1, 238:of any kind? Yet balanced effort has not characterized your work the past few months. You have beenDiscipleship1, 778:mistakes. The Masters whom they portrayed were characterized by an impossible infallibility,Discipleship2, 550:your chosen and useful field could at present be characterized by the term "cycles of speech,"Discipleship2, 698:distorted and unhappy life conditions which have characterized you, which you [699] recognize, andDiscipleship2, 730:to cultivate the glamorous thinking which characterized you in past years and so oft proved yourEducationin the field of educational theory today is characterized by deep concern over both theEducation, 148:finally two great stations of energy, one characterized by power and the other by love, and allExternalisation, 94:a large scale everywhere - groups which will be characterized by vision, cohesion, love,Externalisation, 139:activity of the mental processes of man which is characterized by pronounced and developedExternalisation, 185:nations must be changed into a world which is characterized by one endeavor - the establishing ofExternalisation, 257:at the same time excluding that real love which characterized His every act and which would driveExternalisation, 426:the lines of indiscriminate cruelty which characterized the German and Japanese techniques:Externalisation, 483:suffering, the failure and the evil which have characterized the career of mankind down the agesExternalisation, 678:for and against aspects of the truth, have characterized modern thought and produced the presentFire, 129:the utter shattering of the forms. Motion is characterized, as we know, by three qualities:Fire, 142:The Third Logos. The third Logos, or Brahma, is characterized by active intelligence; His mode ofFire, 143:to blend with the principle of Intelligence, is characterized by Love. His motion is that which weFire, 153:certain rules, fulfil certain conditions and are characterized by the same fundamentalFire, 157:Rotary Motion Every rotating sphere of matter is characterized by the three qualities, of inertia,Fire, 196:basic consciousness in our solar system. It is characterized by emotion, by feeling, sensation,Fire, 214:of those Entities who are His expression, is characterized by that method in the distribution ofFire, 228:the case and each Son of God is a perfected Sun, characterized by perfectly expressed light andFire, 229:be the perfected Sun. The system will then be characterized by a "blaze of refulgent glory," and byFire, 326:we might call "discovered"), is at this stage characterized by certain things. I might enumerate aFire, 357:Heavenly Men, making systemic triangles. 32 Be characterized by different stages of activityFire, 409:from its groups. Each of these divisions is characterized by: An ensouling life, which - as far asFire, 515:astral substance, composed of atomic matter, and characterized by the following qualities:Fire, 643:of the forces of nature for selfish ends; it is characterized by intense selfishness andFire, 686:II, 83, 84, 243.) As might be expected, they are characterized by active intelligence, achieved andFire, 783:all have the gift of occult hearing, they are characterized as the "Pitris with the open ear"; theyFire, 783:"The Pitris of the Chaos" hold sway, and are characterized by excessive energy, and violentFire, 787:of incarnation marks a definite crisis, and is characterized by the exertion of the will inFire, 793:The entire solar sphere is full of such bodies, characterized by the same features as are the sevenFire, 838:incessant, noise and fire and smoldering heat characterized Their cycles. But the Lhas in TheirFire, 847:at the seventh Initiation) System I - was characterized by the organization of a center, and theFire, 847:"lowest vibration of the center." System II - is characterized by the activity in three dimensionsFire, 847:the forces in the center. System III - will be characterized by the fourth dimensional activity ofFire, 954:be seen surrounded by clear-cut thought forms, characterized by a distinctive vibration, andGlamour, 134:the spiral) of that spiritual relationship which characterized the race in its child state, in itsGlamour, 267:aspiration - a phase of aspiration which is characterized by the conscious will, just as theGlamour, 267:will, just as the aspiration of the disciple is characterized by sublimated desire. These thingsGlamour, 272:of all the travail and struggle which has characterized your way of life is my heart's desire forHealing, 418:the utter shattering of the forms. Motion is characterized, as we know, by three qualities: 1.Healing, 429:a stream of personality force; and this force is characterized by desire (emotional or astralHealing, 450:great upheaval in all the kingdoms in nature has characterized this day and generation; aHealing, 511:spiritual Entity. This aspect of the One Life is characterized by pure mind, pure reason, pure loveHealing, 683:dissociation becomes longer and longer, and is characterized by a developing clarity of thought andHercules, 70:out in the crucible of life an equipment that is characterized by sincerity, good desire, fineHercules, 115:experience, "in the womb of time", and should be characterized by warmth, quietness, deepHercules, 128:straightforward conduct, and the Libran may be characterized by materialistic or by spiritualHercules, 225:of the disciple, hitherto subjective and characterized by thought and desire, works out intoHercules, 226:his refocused and coordinated personality is characterized by that determined courage which is theInitiation, 25:experience. These elder brothers of humanity are characterized by a love which endures, and whichIntellect, 31:achieve some of the magnificence which has characterized the World Figures of the past. Is it notIntellect, 57:self, the soul. It is this emotional body, characterized by feeling and desire, that acts mostIntellect, 69:in all ages and in all parts of the world, is characterized by certain beliefs which areMagic, 215:and fluidic tempestuousness which have hitherto characterized it. Through the controlling magneticMagic, 227:is the outstanding achievement. This is also characterized by three stages: The stage wherein theMagic, 326:in their theologies and forms of worship, though characterized by distinctions of organization andMagic, 406:part isolated units who have founded schools characterized by partisanship and separativeness. NowMagic, 407:relation, though not at-one, and a humanity characterized by three things: An amazing interrelationMagic, 407:political and educational activities are characterized by a world consciousness and the welfare ofMagic, 408:about an international synthesis which will be characterized by political and nationalMagic, 512:of those periods or interludes which are characterized by speech and by silence. It is here thatMagic, 552:or they will be animated by personal intent, characterized by separated, selfish purpose, andMagic, 552:idea of some creative Thinker, and qualified or characterized by the nature of his thought and heldMagic, 631:by understanding and by love; their minds are characterized by a trained spiritual perception andMeditation, 157:an accurate transmitter, and which [157] is characterized by a stable vibration, a steady rhythmicPatanjali, 45:those gentle souls whose will may be regarded as characterized by an imperturbable pertinacity andPatanjali, 147:remember that every form on every plane is thus characterized, and this is true of the highest formPatanjali, 334:of consciousness are possible. All of these are characterized by certain qualities andPatanjali, 344:to its place in the manifested scheme is characterized by inertia, activity or rhythm. It isPatanjali, 353:swiftly achieved that his physical plane life is characterized by a most startling activity andPatanjali, 386:pleasure, and there starts a new effort which is characterized by a gradual withdrawal of thePatanjali, 391:pairs of opposites, and whose life experience is characterized by a swinging back and forth betweenProblems, 16:seated modes of behavior and thought which have characterized them for generations. We need, in theProblems, 91:and culture. All of these without exception are characterized by a spirit of nationalism, by aPsychology1, 20:appearance of an entity or central life which is characterized by its own quality, and whichPsychology1, 22:Father and mother are at-one. This unity is characterized by quality. Through this triplicity ofPsychology1, 63:power ray are relatively not so few. They are characterized by a dynamic will, and their powerPsychology1, 395:independence" and to that "breaking away" which characterized the major grouping. Back in laterPsychology2, 38:and followed the Way without discretion. Fury characterized his efforts. The way led down into thePsychology2, 187:side of life, forms an integrated organism, characterized by mutual love, life and interplay. ThePsychology2, 361:alignment naturally produces a crisis which is characterized by two qualities: The quality of deepPsychology2, 411:entity, and a strictly human being, characterized by intelligence, comes into active expression.Rays, 18:have been shown will be the same Hierarchy, characterized by the same soul awareness, animated byRays, 134:great upheaval in all the kingdoms in nature has characterized this day and generation; aRays, 204:is neither spiritual nor human but which is characterized by divinity. Divinity is the expression
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