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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CHARACTERIZES

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Astrology, 362:the imprisoned soul upon the astral plane" which characterizes our planetary life. These fourfoldAtom, 58:This fundamental faculty of intelligence characterizes all atomic matter, and also governs theAtom, 70:of that tremendous reach of consciousness which characterizes that great Existence Who is theBethlehem, 151:which expresses itself in wisdom, and characterizes the sage and the wise upon earth; this lightDestiny, 128:producing integration; and the dualism which characterizes it will be that of a center of energyDiscipleship1, 28:power which has to be unfolded. It is one which characterizes all liberated souls, no matter whatDiscipleship1, 54:group members in that synthetic relation which characterizes the Hierarchy and so prepare them forDiscipleship1, 471:whole; a joy which is related to the bliss which characterizes the soul on its own level whereonDiscipleship1, 665:and providing also that field of conflict which characterizes your entire life. Harmony throughDiscipleship1, 741:[741] It is this synchronization which characterizes all grades of initiates and which indicates toDiscipleship2, 34:and the close sense of relationship which characterizes an Ashram. A Master's Ashram has peopleDiscipleship2, 42:to date in the all-out effort which characterizes today the activities of the Hierarchy; it takesEducation, 29:but not a permanent stage. It is one which characterizes the aspirant of this world cycle, perhapsExternalisation, 151:and the unselfish struggle to serve which characterizes millions of people in the world who do prayExternalisation, 549:will produce the possibility of that peace which characterizes the Hierarchy appearing on earth,Fire, 157:inertia, mobility and rhythm. 1. Inertia. This characterizes every atom at the dawn ofFire, 583:yet apparent to the circumscribed vision which characterizes most of us. Close proximity to anFire, 784:it produces that pulsation at the center which characterizes the sun, the planet, and the variousFire, 1119:of inertia, mobility and rhythm. Inertia characterizes the stage prior to the revolution of theFire, 1188:of form utilization and of form rejection which characterizes the incarnations of every kind andGlamour, 77:primarily on a theory of love and service, which characterizes so many human relationships such asGlamour, 178:divine isolation and appropriate response which characterizes the intuition. This they can doGlamour, 244:at the same "divine indifference" which characterizes Sanat Kumara, the Lord of the World;Healing, 5:desires and occasional mental processes which characterizes the three subtler bodies and determinesHealing, 462:during the long or short period of coma which characterizes so many death beds. Coma, esotericallyIntellect, 80:the urge to inquire and to investigate, which characterizes all minds at a high or a low level,Intellect, 168:the idea of desire, of feeling and of duality characterizes the ecstatic condition. Passion,Magic, 16:is but the forerunner of that omniscience which characterizes the soul. The truth about all thingsMagic, 103:that instantaneous response to true need which characterizes the Great Ones who (passing beneathMagic, 142:forms are made and initiates that activity which characterizes even the atom of substance. TheMagic, 171:love of power, and the self-sufficiency which characterizes many mental types test out theMagic, 257:by the applied use of the mind, then impurity characterizes that action. If the impulse emanatesMagic, 299:(or of matter) which colors fundamentally or characterizes the astral or sentient body of ourMagic, 433:incident to the satisfying of desire. [433] This characterizes our present civilization and is nowMagic, 606:they have to cultivate that detachment which characterizes the soul which knows itself. SteadilyMeditation, 346:dependence on God's law. A joyous confidence characterizes his habitual attitude. He harbors noPatanjali, 69:This is of a nature inconceivable to man and characterizes the realization of those Existences WhoPatanjali, 148:that: [148] The attribute of inertia (or tamas) characterizes the lower personal self, the sheathsPatanjali, 169:a search for the knowledge of the self or soul characterizes the period spent in the Hall ofPatanjali, 250:or realization of one's own individual identity, characterizes consciousness in the three worlds.Patanjali, 287:state of feeling is sometimes called mercy, and characterizes all the servers of the race. ItPatanjali, 391:practised by the aspirant and the disciple. It characterizes the stage of the Path prior toPsychology1, 356:- a curious synthesis which characterizes average man today, and leads to his complicated problem.Psychology2, 24:early stages, when the "Lemurian consciousness" characterizes the phenomenal man, that fragmentaryPsychology2, 155:the deep seated desire for heaven and rest which characterizes the Christian, or the aspiration forPsychology2, 551:produces the abnormal tension which characterizes the race. This tension, with the average man,Rays, 277:for the growing sense of responsibility which characterizes all human advancement upon the way ofRays, 277:expression of livingness. It is this also which characterizes the ideal for which the HierarchyRays, 517:from the angle of that divine quality which characterizes matter; just as the second ray discipleRays, 723:sense the nature of the Transfiguration which characterizes them, from the hierarchical point ofSoul, 22:in matter. Dr. Leary says: "Consciousness characterizes nerves as vibration characterizes otherSoul, 22:"Consciousness characterizes nerves as vibration characterizes other forms of matter." - Leary,Telepathy, 53:upon the foreground of daily life which characterizes most people, the intense preoccupation withTelepathy, 53:interior states or moods of the lower self which characterizes the spiritually minded people andTelepathy, 53:the imperviousness or lack of sensitivity which characterizes the mass of men. The Kingdom of God
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