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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CHARGED

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Autobiography, 49:why I had so many appointments was that I never charged for them and people do love something forAutobiography, 199:There was one woman in New York at that time who charged $500 for a half hour appointment and sheAutobiography, 269:It indicates that he is not a disciple, charged with the work of the Hierarchy. 6. An esotericExternalisation, 557:of humanity, the energy with which you may be charged. Externalisation, 571:of preparation, the task of the disciple who is charged with laying the foundation for the New AgeFire, 213:definite effects between the two. The Rods are charged with Fohat which is fire of matter plusFire, 280:observed. A planet repulses a planet similarly charged, for it is a known law that like particlesFire, 713:through His body, and by means of the Rod (charged with positive manasic force) transmits thisHealing, 257:will usually call in a physician rather than be charged with murder. All the above is said in noHealing, 369:electrified particles positively or negatively charged, and they are able to produce artificiallyHealing, 369:and headache, while if exposed to negatively charged ions a feeling of exhilaration wasInitiation, 126:the Rod of Power, wielded by the solar Logos, is charged with pure electrical force from Sirius,Initiation, 127:force with which their rods of office must be charged, and commits to their keeping the peculiarInitiation, 130:termed "the central spiritual sun." One Rod is charged anew at Shamballa for each new WorldInitiation, 130:new World Teacher; the Rod of Sanat Kumara is charged afresh at each recurring world period, andMagic, 488:can act like a boomerang. It can return, charged with increased velocity, to the one who sent it onMagic, 488:in mental matter, can return to its creator charged with the energy of the hated person, and canMeditation, 320:and family ties. There will be no fees or money charged, and no money transaction. The pupil mustRays, 262:therefore dynamic in character. The initiate is charged constantly with life, and consequently canSoul, 68:by life, much as a length of wire may be charged with an electric current. It is a current of lifeSoul, 147:superstition; it is too widespread, too highly charged with emotion, too much shared in even by
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