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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CHASED

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Autobiography, 87:hopeless love for me for several years. He even chased me home from India to Scotland to my horrorAutobiography, 113:over to the telephone and from house to house chased the doctor until she caught him and orderedAutobiography, 215:I had worse. I had to stand by and see them chased and hope they would not be taken in; sometimesHercules, 38:dwell the one-eyed men. From place to place he chased the bull, led by the gleaming [40] star whichHercules, 40:to place. Alone, he sought the bull; alone he chased it to its lair; alone he captured it andHercules, 50:bull of desire has to be caught and mastered and chased from one point to another [51] in the lifeHercules, 69:about 250 B.C., speaks of Lepus as being "chased eternally", and it is interesting to note that theHercules, 69:words are characteristics of the lower self chased eternally by the higher self; the human soulHercules, 78:Hercules, seeking to foil his efforts. He chased the doe from point to point and each with subtletyHercules, 95:and time and time again, past the fourth Gate he chased the sacred doe clear to the temple of theHercules, 103:the cave had two openings and that as fast as he chased the lion in at one it emerged at the other.Hercules, 103:to the cave, and this Hercules did. Then he chased the lion into the cave through the unblockedProblems, 101:been wanted by his Gentile brother; he has been chased from place to place; constantly and
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