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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CHECK

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Autobiography, 66:of the Soldiers Homes. Another sent a nice, fat check and still another, a prominent railroad man,Autobiography, 228:and ordered some of their books, enclosing a check in payment. I received no reply and no booksAutobiography, 228:no reply and no books were sent me, though the check was cashed. After some months I sent a carbonDestiny, 63:signs to the various countries and nations or to check the accuracy or the inaccuracy of theDiscipleship1, 328:spiritual realities as you have been instructed, check up your progress during the month in thisDiscipleship1, 512:the real self is hidden from your eyes. You can check the accuracy of the above statement in aExternalisation, 127:are in no position to verify what I say or to check the accuracy of my statements. The point whichFire, 163:and prove for himself, it will be possible to check up these statements; the time is not yet,Fire, 888:nature, and the only way in which students can check up the approximate accuracy of that which isInitiation, 143:of the initiate is also invariably cast so as to check the time for an individual initiation, andInitiation, 199:Motives will be closely searched, and a strict check will be kept upon originating impulses. HenceMagic, 175:They are unconscious mediums and are unable to check the source from whence the teachings come; ifMeditation, 316:be developed as much as possible, and kept in check by the other ten teachers who watch over thePsychology1, 348:section of our treatise, it may be possible to check the information, to correlate the ray types,Psychology2, 44:was not permitted. This was inculcated as a check upon physical utterance of wrong words and ideas,Psychology2, 210:past their possible corroboration or capacity to check. There is no standard of comparison nor canPsychology2, 211:thought, but which it is impossible either to check or accept except as being inferential orSoul, 31:their effects to be on human behavior, and to check the claims, so often made, that the mysteriousTelepathy, 164:inter-communicating system or in which you can check and confirm what I say; but then, my brothers,
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