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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CHEER

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Astrology, 532:of the situation emerge more clearly. Be of good cheer for there is no true defeat of the humanAutobiography, 55:Then a voice came from the back of the room: "Cheer up, Miss. I'll finish it for you and that willDestiny, 106:to carry the revelation further. Be of good cheer, for there is no true defeat of the human spirit;Discipleship1, 148:Servers... My word to you today is simply one of cheer and of recognition. Persist upon the Way. Discipleship1, 363:I there sought to give to you. But be of good cheer and go forward with joy upon the Way. There isDiscipleship1, 402:you powerfully (and this should interest and cheer you) with the Masters M. and K. H. who togetherDiscipleship1, 433:has been your major lesson this life. Be of good cheer, brother of mine. You are needed by us.Discipleship1, 505:1933 MY BROTHER: I have for you today a word of cheer. Part of your life trouble has been that notDiscipleship1, 567:engaged ever in speaking words of wisdom and of cheer to any of you, except in one or two cases ofDiscipleship1, 568:delude you; it can speak good words of mediocre cheer and encouragement, but they are not my words,Discipleship1, 579:5th month - I am a voice that calls and carries cheer because I see the vision. 6th month - AllDiscipleship1, 647:two, with this brief word of encouragement and cheer, must be studied and assimilated. They willDiscipleship2, 507:present relatively unproductive? So be of good cheer. Your work is more fruitful than you realizeDiscipleship2, 650:you enter your next incarnation. So be of good cheer, and look forward and out towards a future ofDiscipleship2, 654:and welcome with a smile and words of love and cheer the sad, unwelcome, miserable crowd. TheDiscipleship2, 672:you a prospect of a possibility which should cheer you on your way. You can regard what I have toldExternalisation, 7:a clarion call goes forth to man to be of good cheer and of goodwill, for deliverance is on theFire, 641:fires of the hearth, or those fires which warm, cheer and produce livable conditions in a planet,Glamour, 44:bear in mind also (for his strengthening and cheer) that every bit of glamor dissipated and everyHercules, 58:transpired. To him the Teacher gave the word of cheer and then with pointing finger indicated theIntellect, 243:smiled at them, and told them to "be of good cheer. You are making good progress. You are a chosenMagic, 325:of world unrest and upheaval, I have a word of cheer to give you. Though, to you, the wholeMagic, 617:drifting clouds, expanses of the blue of heaven cheer the tired eyes of the disciple. "Let theMeditation, 43:when assigning Meditation Some Words of Cheer June 18, 1920 ...It is only as the disciple isProblems, 154:everywhere respond. Let them have courage and cheer, optimism and joy, for the forces of evil have
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