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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CHEMICAL

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Atom, 37:primal matter before the evolution of the chemical elements. The word I have ventured to use forAtom, 41:or other the ultimate factors in all physical or chemical processes, seems to be capable of easiestAtom, 44:can be extended from such a force center as a chemical atom, on and up through varying grades andAtom, 57:we see Him manifested through the tiny form of a chemical atom, or that gigantic physical body ofAtom, 92:through four types of atoms: first, the chemical atom and all atomic forms; secondly, the humanDiscipleship2, 622:in turn is but the sublimation of the inorganic chemical? As we progress on the Path of Return, doFire, 446:mineral kingdom and give a new impetus to the chemical processes, causing incidentally [447] aFire, 486:contacted, and to emerge from the process of chemical transmutation enriched, not only in knowledgeFire, 487:matter of his own sheaths he has transmuted the chemical and mineral atoms of those sheaths, thenFire, 1039:is true of all atoms, cosmic, solar, individual, chemical, and so forth. When, however, the effectFire, 1040:is in existence dwells within a sphere. 6 The chemical atom is spheroidal; man [1041] dwells withinFire, 1072:stations. Sex, in the mineral kingdom, or chemical affinity, is the display in that kingdom of theFire, 1168:might be enumerated as follows: 1. The Law of Chemical Affinity. This law governs the soul aspectHealing, 219:regarded as essential. The supply of the right chemical properties to the physical body will beHealing, 246:and its reduction to its essential elements - chemical and mineral, plus certain inorganicInitiation, 32:and became radioactive, and a mysterious chemical change took place in the vegetable kingdom. ThisMagic, 282:physical kind which are responsible for that chemical affinity between one animal body and anotherPatanjali, 91:quality, key and note of one soul (whether of a chemical atom, a rose, a pearl, a man or an angel)Psychology1, 267:It is that which lies behind the science of chemical affinity, of the relation of the polarRays, 503:of any scientist in search of some advanced chemical formula. The only difference, scientificallySoul, 19:produce the different parts of a car. These chemical factories consist of cells, manufactureSoul, 19:as a tree of tin crystals arises from the chemical reactions started in a solution of tin salts bySoul, 36:thought to realize that the absence of one chemical can result in a failure of development of theSoul, 37:another form of abnormality. And so far, no chemical discoveries justify any bright hopes ofSoul, 39:"These secretions contain the 'hormones' or chemical messengers of the organism which excite someSoul, 40:physiologically govern the structure, growth and chemical changes of the body, and,Soul, 67:coordination and intelligence, and endows all chemical elements it forms with the properties they
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