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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CHERISH

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Bethlehem, 74:Therefore let all of us who are mature believers cherish these thoughts; and if in any respect youBethlehem, 146:and treatment of the physical body. We shall cherish these bodies, through which we temporarilyBethlehem, 248:and space, the familiar state which we love and cherish. We desire compensation for what we haveDestiny, 30:desirable future, all that they have learnt to cherish and to hold dear is rapidly failing. Discipleship1, 10:it is with all of you in my group. As souls, I cherish you and seek to aid and lift, to expand andDiscipleship1, 140:shelter and to guard so strong that they unduly cherish those who are linked to them by karmicDiscipleship1, 436:change and of hard work. Guard it well and cherish it with care. Remember that it is not where youDiscipleship1, 621:create with facility a protecting shell and they cherish - with high idealism - their isolation.Externalisation, 235:pay any price for what they profess so much to cherish. A complete refusal to fight on the part ofExternalisation, 457:of conferences: The tendency to crystallize, to cherish that which has gone (and gone forever, letHercules, 55:tree is [55] guarded well. Three maidens fair cherish the tree, protecting well its fruit. A dragonPsychology2, 34:Way of Purification and step by step all that we cherish is removed, - lust for form life, desirePsychology2, 105:learnt much personal detachment. Little may they cherish the gain of contact with the lowerPsychology2, 105:the constant losing of that which they so much cherish, their love enters into a newer, a higherPsychology2, 117:personality claims and happenings, they learn to cherish a spirit of confidence, of joy and ofPsychology2, 369:soul to form: 'Behind that form, I am. Know Me. Cherish and know and understand the nature of the
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