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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CHILD

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Education, 139:and the thread of light connecting parent and child (of which the umbilical cord is the exotericEducation, 139:be skillfully and patiently constructed. The child will come into incarnation with its light bodyEducation, 139:and simply hovers over the physical form of the child, waiting [140] for an opportunity to enterEducation, 140:parents of the new age and facilitated, as the child matures, by the teaching and influence of theExternalisation, 116:itself. The mother dies in order that the child may live; the form is sacrificed to the life. ButExternalisation, 116:dying consciously, and just as consciously the child, the infant civilization, is coming intoExternalisation, 122:as a free gift, much as people today give to a child beautiful and wonderful things which the childExternalisation, 122:a child beautiful and wonderful things which the child uses and enjoys but which he does notExternalisation, 122:remnants, and the modern skyscraper the child) were everywhere to be found. Most of our modernExternalisation, 122:a task, any more than is the mind of a little child. The cleavage between the two groups (the oneExternalisation, 155:Virgo is esoterically the mother of the Christ child and is, therefore, the emanator of energiesExternalisation, 196:taught right attitudes and will respond, for a child sees and recognizes no differences, and theExternalisation, 196:the truth of the Biblical promise that "a little child shall lead them" will be provenExternalisation, 240:clear thinking. Humanity has come of age; the child stage is over, and for [241] weal or woe, forExternalisation, 281:its own fate. Men have transcended the child stage and are now adult, though not mature. MaturityExternalisation, 386:cooperation of trained experts in the field of child welfare, doctors, surgeons, nurses,Externalisation, 386:of education; the relationship of mother and child did not enter into the calculation of the GermanExternalisation, 386:they separated children from parents and set the child adrift in a world of carnage or in anExternalisation, 545:war which will make the past war appear like child's play; antagonisms and hatreds will embroilExternalisation, 602:plans do not involve the birth of some nice child in some nice home on earth; they will not produceFire, 139:in the first Initiation. When the Christ-child (as the Christian so beautifully expresses it) hasFire, 240:and of Spirit or the basic will. He is the child born of their marriage or at-one-ment. He assumesFire, 458:Nourishment, until in each case the human child, or the Christ child, is brought to the birth. ThisFire, 458:in each case the human child, or the Christ child, is brought to the birth. This is a very occultFire, 493:lying down with the lamb"; his comment "a little child shall lead them" is largely the esotericFire, 493:human family will stand upon the Path, 'a little child' being the name applied to probationers andFire, 685:the prenatal period, when the heart of the child thrills with life and individual existence becomesFire, 787:makes his contact with the physical brain of the child. A similar occurrence takes place inFire, 956:have - on mental levels - a small creation, the child of his will, which he can use as a messenger,Fire, 1242:undertaking. It is as if one tried to force a child in the first grade in school to comprehend theGlamour, 107:and living, and their simplicity, like that of a child, saves and protects them from many of theGlamour, 134:relationship which characterized the race in its child state, in its primitive condition. Then,Healing, 19:will not here be considered. For these no child is individually responsible. I am concerned withHealing, 19:internal conditions. The responsibility of a child for his living conditions is practically nil,Healing, 37:unfoldment which takes place as a physical plane child grows from an infant to a man. By the timeHealing, 229:these infant peoples, just as the smallest child can be taught today to refrain from certainHealing, 263:of the sword, sparing neither man, woman nor child. Their religious history has been built around aHealing, 404:minds are powerful in caliber. Children and child-races on the one hand, and those highly advancedHealing, 427:the son comes into being, and during the child stage carries on his life processes within the auraHealing, 427:soul) is finally broken. The son, the Christ-child, released from the guardianship and clingingHealing, 595:[595] mother is lost to sight because the Christ-Child assumed the place of interest. The soul isHercules, 33:which later leads to the birth of the Christ child, in Virgo, to that of the world Savior, inHercules, 35:find Cassiopeia, the Dominant Woman. Woman and Child and as we shall later see, mother-matter isHercules, 113:strife, a symbol of motherhood and of the sacred Child to whom all human life is truly turned.Hercules, 113:the possible? Why kill the mother of the sacred Child? Again, we mark a failure. Again you have notHercules, 115:world, but it is Mary who at length bears the Child in her arms. And it is in this sign that theHercules, 115:words, the next sign before that in which the Child is brought to birth, the sign which will seeHercules, 117:equivocation, "Why kill the mother of the sacred Child? Again we mark a failure. Again you have notHercules, 124:herself, and she says: 'I am the mother and the child. I, God, I, matter am." The Tibetan adds:Hercules, 124:aspects, matter and spirit, the mother and the child." (Esoteric Astrology, pp. 284-5). The firstHercules, 147:risks life itself. A mother, snatching her child from danger, forgets her own fears. The motorist,Hercules, 212:from the angle of soul, "I am the Mother and the Child. I, God, I, matter am". [213] Libra, theHercules, 223:lower. Virgo The form which nurtures the Christ child. Sagittarius The aspirant, speeding towardsHercules, 226:be regarded simply as the mother of the Christ Child. This progressive knowledge begins in Virgo,Initiation, 44:realization within each human being that he is a child of God and a son of the Most High. Just asInitiation, 113:It is known that the first senses developed in a child are hearing, touch, and sight; the infantIntellect, 22:seems to fail in its mission with the unusual child and with the gifted man or woman. Our mode ofIntellect, 25:the inherent instincts and potentialities of the child in order to lead him out of one state ofIntellect, 43:for imparted facts and the training given every child is intended to make him a useful member ofIntellect, 50:and choke The spark of God that glints in every child. All children are, by nature, bits of God;Intellect, 72:and the concepts of me and thee, of God and a child of God, have faded away in the knowledge andIntellect, 219:resemble the discipline that we impose upon a child when we set it in a corner and tell it to keepMagic, 25:jumble of words to the average grammar school child, but would carry a clear definition and meaningMagic, 67:between right and wrong which occupies the child soul is succeeded by the finer distinctions ofMagic, 121:and the wanderer through the night becometh the child of the sun, and entereth within the portalsMagic, 263:maybe the aim of the devotee - love of wife or child, or family, pride of race, love of popularity,Magic, 273:The importance of the right placement of the child within the womb is never overlooked by a goodMagic, 274:of space, is born of desire and, therefore, a child of necessity. It draws its life from itsMagic, 440:and That am I. Virgo - I am the Mother and the Child, I God, I matter am. Libra - I choose the WayMagic, 556:will at a later date be deemed no better than a child's rough scrawl. A new picture will then beMagic, 559:slays that which he has attempted to create, the child of his thought is stillborn. All workers inMagic, 624:to be right, but which is separative and the child of their minds and not the child of their souls.Magic, 624:and the child of their minds and not the child of their souls. Some, in their turn, more potent andMeditation, 24:may be higher. This period parallels that of the child from one to seven years. At this time theMeditation, 25:is an analogous one to that in the life of a child from seven to fourteen years, or that periodMeditation, 25:period when adolescence is traversed and the child is maturing. This maturity is the product ofMeditation, 69:and sound. Still other groups will deal with child culture, with the individual training of people,Meditation, 126:enter another body in much the same way that a child loves to dress up. Occasional visitors fromMeditation, 134:future avoid like errors in the same way as a child once burnt avoids the fire. It is the man whoMeditation, 135:desists not from the hurt of any man, woman or child, provided that in the process his own ends arePatanjali, 47:or known. Ishvara is God in the heart of every child of God; He is to be found in the cave of thePatanjali, 258:is a reversion to the animal state and to the child stage of the human race. It is undesirable andPatanjali, 381:Mother aspect, is so perfected that the Christ Child can be formed within the prepared vessel. ItProblems, 37:generally speaking, has been to equip the child to compete with his fellow citizens in "making aProblems, 37:and, therefore, separative. It has trained the child to regard the material values as of majorProblems, 37:national prejudices which are instilled into the child from his earliest years, but which are notProblems, 43:date usually remembered by the average British child is "William, the Conqueror, 1066". TheProblems, 43:is "William, the Conqueror, 1066". The American child remembers the landing of the Pilgrim FathersProblems, 47:of an atmosphere which will foster the child's sense of responsibility and set him free from theProblems, 47:creation of the correct atmosphere around the child and in this atmosphere certain qualities willProblems, 47:of love wherein fear is cast out and the child realizes that he has no cause for timidity. It is anProblems, 47:upon a realization of the potentialities of the child as an individual, upon freedom from prejudiceProblems, 47:of daily living, upon sensitivity to a child's normally affectionate response, and upon theProblems, 47:patience. It is in such an atmosphere that the child can learn the first rudiments ofProblems, 48:teacher but it is fundamental in determining a child's character for good and his future usefulnessProblems, 48:So few teachers or parents explain to a child the reasons for the activities and the demands thatProblems, 48:will inevitably evoke response, for a child thinks more than is realized and the process willProblems, 48:of motives. Many of the things which an average child does are not wrong in themselves; they areProblems, 48:individual. Older people are apt to foster in a child an early and unnecessary sense of wrongdoing;Problems, 48:right group relations, is not developed but if a child is handled with understanding, then the
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