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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CHILD

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Problems, 48:and undermined right senior authority. A child is apt to become anti-social when he is notProblems, 49:carefully and exhaustively explained so that the child understands the reasons lying behind thisProblems, 51:are potent in effect, especially if the child is taken young enough and if he is shielded from allProblems, 51:new attitudes and techniques which will fit a child for complete living and so make him truly humanProblems, 52:of the World Education is a process whereby the child is equipped with the information which willProblems, 54:of the World The new education will consider a child with due reference to his heredity, his socialProblems, 55:of civilization; they should begin to train the child in the nature of the world in which he shouldProblems, 57:with the details of daily individual living. The child, as an individual, will be developed andProblems, 58:the development of the reasoning powers of the child and not primarily - as is now usually the caseProblems, 58:of their leadership will be considered. Thus the child will absorb a vast amount of historicalProblems, 58:under the new era, receive fuller attention; the child will be spurred on to individual effortProblems, 60:removed and a training given to the developing child which will enable him, when grown up, to liveProblems, 63:in infancy so that the consciousness of the child (so easily directed) can from its earliest daysProblems, 65:and for both of these education must prepare the child. [66] Problems, 74:yet the position of the employed man, woman or child remained deplorable. With invention ofProblems, 104:a solution, and one will be found. This problem child within the family of nations is a child ofProblems, 104:problem child within the family of nations is a child of the one Father and spiritually identifiedPsychology1, 53:every time a soul comes into incarnation and a child is born on earth. Psychology1, 182:proclaim Him, and so intimate that the humblest child can recognize Him. How can this be? you ask.Psychology1, 244:educators who should seek to develop them in the child and the adolescent. They work out today asPsychology1, 284:will involve therefore the protection of the child, so that he may be given those essentials toPsychology1, 287:and emotional, so will be the nature of the child. Thus is the general average determined. Today wePsychology1, 314:spirit-matter, and having nurtured the Christ child through a period of gestation - is now givingPsychology2, 81:over-shadowing of the completed form, i.e. the child in the mother's womb. In the first case, itPsychology2, 130:it be the right guidance of an anti-social child in a family, the wise assimilation of aPsychology2, 130:cities, the correct technique to be employed in child guidance in our educational centers or thePsychology2, 169:chanted forth these words: 'Create again, my child, and build and paint and blend the tones ofPsychology2, 204:who are today relatively children. These are child souls, and though the mental equipment is therePsychology2, 408:great strides forward will be made. When the child receives training in mind control and when thatPsychology2, 408:function as one unit. We have, therefore: The child state, in which the three first integrationsPsychology2, 409:the seeker and the sought, upon God and His child. The Problems of Integration, which produce manyPsychology2, 421:nature after birth and the development in the child of a positive sense of himself, thus making himPsychology2, 566:be the recognition by a mother that a loved child is in danger. A form of clairvoyance whichPsychology2, 615:the processes of unfoldment to which the child and youth will be subjected by the wise educator. Psychology2, 620:remain for a long time (as does the mother of a child) the guiding inspiration, the lovingRays, 86:to the consciously expressed will of the Christ Child when He realized in the Temple that He mustRays, 92:energy: Once in the Temple of Jerusalem as a child, and again in the Garden as a full grown man atRays, 116:just as the words "little ones" or "little child" apply to an initiate of the first or secondRays, 119:in the same way as the instincts in a small child are, in reality, the germs of later intellectualRays, 332:of today will be to this new creative art what a child's building of wooden blocks is to a greatRays, 519:darkness of earth into the light of the sun, a child extricating itself under the life impulse fromRays, 570:"birth" and during the "infancy of the Christ-Child" (again speaking in symbols), the materialRays, 664:aspect of a major truth. Just as the birth of a child is an entrance into light, literallyRays, 668:Christian phrase "the birth of the Christ Child in the heart." It is by means of the touchstone ofRays, 761:and the wanderer through the night becomes the child of the sun, and enters within the portals ofReappearance, 48:plans do not involve the birth of some nice child in some nice home on Earth; they will not produceSoul, 42:came the case, noted by Dr. Berman, in which a child was brought to a German clinic suffering fromTelepathy, 8:is that existing between a mother and her child. It is this type of telepathy which isTelepathy, 17:mother "feels" that some danger threatens her child, or that some happening is taking place inTelepathy, 17:happening is taking place in connection with her child. She is thus sometimes enabled to send, by
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