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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CHILDREN

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Astrology, 235:and highly intelligent emerging generation - the children and babies of today. The teaching ofAstrology, 237:out when the environing conditions in which children live are bettered, when physical attention isAstrology, 238:usefulness, and in this process legislation for children will assume great importance and be theAtom, 25:the little evolved races of the world, in small children, and in those who are little developed.Atom, 88:all his own. Anyone who has brought up children knows that stage well. It can be seen in thatAtom, 88:for himself, with no thought of any other self. Children are naturally, advisedly, and wiselyAtom, 104:are not mentally alive. One notices it, also, in children; some respond so quickly, while others weAtom, 132:to see in subtler matter. Everywhere there are children being born who see more than you or I can.Autobiography, 12:wondered what goes on in the mind of a child? Children do have definite ideas on life andAutobiography, 13:or sugar) and dry bread so that my three [13] children could have what was essential to eat. As aAutobiography, 13:I have worked as a factory hand to support the children. It was a sardine cannery and I still doAutobiography, 14:signs as my rising sign - Virgo, because I love children and cooking, and "mothering" anAutobiography, 15:of her six boys with whom we spent much time as children. Her husband, my Uncle Clare, a somewhatAutobiography, 16:felt my mother would be alive if having two children had not drained her physical resources. MyAutobiography, 17:our grandparents we saw much of her and her four children. Two of these cousins remained my closeAutobiography, 19:for the fact that my cousins and their children have been, many of them, notable men or goodAutobiography, 23:help him and a short time before his death we children were moved with him to Pau in the Pyrenees.Autobiography, 25:going off into a reverie or day dream (as all children do) with my elbow on the table and gazingAutobiography, 27:cart," designed, I presume, specially for small children. On summer days my sister and I used toAutobiography, 47:and not so particularly because they are my children. I think once the need for the physical careAutobiography, 47:once the need for the physical care of small children is no longer required that parents would doAutobiography, 57:teaching will appear to be the ABC for little children, which shows how infantile we are now." AtAutobiography, 61:or hell can come between the love of God and His children. I know that He stays on guard watchingAutobiography, 70:palm trees and bamboos, lovely little children and women (in those days) carrying water-pots onAutobiography, 83:Rajputs and the babus, sweepers, men, women and children who passed ceaselessly along the road.Autobiography, 106:Negro lawyer said to me once: "Most of us are children, particularly in the South, and need lovingAutobiography, 106:the South, and need loving and developing like children." A few years ago in London I had a letterAutobiography, 107:I have been curiously unlucky when my three children were born, and only once had a hospital nurseAutobiography, 111:two larger houses, one of which housed twelve children and their parents and I lived in a constantAutobiography, 111:their parents and I lived in a constant riot of children's voices. The little town was typical -Autobiography, 111:topic of conversation seemed to rotate around children, crops, food and local gossip. For months IAutobiography, 112:never touched Dorothy. He was always lovely to children. My daughter Mildred was born in AugustAutobiography, 112:was 112 degrees on my porch; the twelve children next door were terribly noisy; I had been very illAutobiography, 115:called me up and asked me to bring the three children over for the day, saying that she would fetchAutobiography, 116:ill on a quilt on the floor whilst the other two children were playing in a neighbor's yard. MyAutobiography, 116:Ellison after this up to San Francisco to the Children's Hospital and see if something could beAutobiography, 116:be done. Ellison Sanford took the two other children, in spite of the fact she had four of her own,Autobiography, 117:her and go back to look after the other two children. I will not enlarge upon the difficulty ofAutobiography, 117:the difficulty of that episode. Those who have children will understand. I never expected to seeAutobiography, 117:had gone to San Francisco I was left with three children and lots of bills. He had no sense ofAutobiography, 122:no bathroom or indoor toilet. Even keeping the children and the place clean was a problem. We hadAutobiography, 122:in the surrounding woods with a wheelbarrow, the children trotting after me, and collect the woodAutobiography, 125:was the sardine industry and rather than let the children [126] starve I decided to become aAutobiography, 127:despair. The only comfort which I had were the children and they were so tiny that their healingAutobiography, 127:day when I was quite desperate and, leaving the children in the care of a neighbor, I went out intoAutobiography, 129:financially worth while. I wanted money for the children, so I brought my mind to bear on theAutobiography, 132:prospect of going back to him or subjecting the children to his tempers and sulkiness. He had givenAutobiography, 132:evidenced no sense of responsibility where the children and I were concerned. In 1917, when theAutobiography, 132:sense of relief because he was so far away. The children were well and a great joy and I was allAutobiography, 135:clean the house, prepare the lunch for the three children and at 6 o'clock give them theirAutobiography, 135:If it was winter time, I would play with the children indoors or read to them. If it was summerAutobiography, 136:for all these things and yet not neglect my children. I never neglected the children, but it tookAutobiography, 136:not neglect my children. I never neglected the children, but it took some planning, some schemingAutobiography, 136:watched a woman of my acquaintance who had five children. She apparently had a call from the LordAutobiography, 136:and she went and taught - at the expense of the children whom she left at home in the care of theAutobiography, 136:The child did her best but caring for four other children is no joke. We all had to help feed themAutobiography, 138:as to be near them. It was safe ground for the children, trees to climb, gardening to do and noAutobiography, 143:is happily married, lives in India and has two children. I am sure she is proud of me, but ourAutobiography, 144:T.S. headquarters, and I settled there with the children, in a cottage on Beechwood Drive.Autobiography, 148:fears are for other people - my husband and my children - but I have one personal fear to which IAutobiography, 152:Life in Hollywood was now easier for me. The children were old enough to go to school andAutobiography, 153:coming across the Theosophical teaching. My children had never tasted meat or chicken or fish and IAutobiography, 155:Hierarchy has to learn. During all this time the children were growing and learning and wereAutobiography, 156:or two questions as to residence and age of the children and then said, "I have read theAutobiography, 156:Evans, take your decree and the custody of the children. Good morning - next case." So that cycleAutobiography, 156:I knew that I had done the best thing for the children. California is one of the most difficultAutobiography, 156:then living on Beechwood Drive with the three children and Foster Bailey was living in a tent atAutobiography, 160:had been working hard in our T.S. offices; the children were well; we were planning to get marriedAutobiography, 160:when he chose to throw in his lot with mine. The children adored him and do to this day and theAutobiography, 162:first contact with The Tibetan. I had sent the children off to school and thought I would snatch aAutobiography, 163:evening as I sat in my sitting-room after the children had gone to bed. Again I refused, but theAutobiography, 175:my days to suit myself except as far as the children were concerned; no one was clamoring forAutobiography, 176:without jobs, no money, no future, three children and utterly uncertain [177] as to what it was weAutobiography, 177:Whilst I was unmarried and whilst the children were tiny I always had some elderly friend live withAutobiography, 177:live with me. After marriage my husband and the children themselves have proved adequateAutobiography, 177:woman would live in such a way that her children as they get older are critical of her. This hasAutobiography, 180:the developments were and to take care of the children. Living with me at that time was AugustaAutobiography, 180:many years and was greatly loved by me and the children. She was a unique person, rippling with witAutobiography, 180:to me to join him in New York and I left the children in Craigie's care, knowing they would beAutobiography, 181:J., and then for Foster to go West and fetch the children. I stayed behind to get things ready,Autobiography, 181:down in the new home. It was the first time the children had ever been East. They had never seenAutobiography, 181:out what a marvelous stepfather he was to the children. He never allowed them whilst they wereAutobiography, 181:children. He never allowed them whilst they were children to realize they were not his own andAutobiography, 181:of a household, with the education of the children and - which I found the most difficult - withAutobiography, 182:lecturer and teacher but whose family of six children never saw her and the responsibility forAutobiography, 184: Autobiography of Alice A. Bailey - Chapter V The children were now reaching the age where theAutobiography, 184:an exceedingly difficult one - difficult for the children and frightfully difficult for theAutobiography, 184:idea of what the relationship between mother and children should be. They had no such exalted idea.Autobiography, 184:Looking back I don't honestly think that my children had a great deal of cause for disagreementAutobiography, 184:United States we are so lax and lenient with our children that they have very little sense ofAutobiography, 185:as to the tens of thousands of illegitimate children they left behind uncared for and unrecognizedAutobiography, 186:the house at Ridgefield Park. I had to send my children to the public schools in New Jersey. I wasAutobiography, 186:coeducation but only among an exclusive set of children all of whom were under ten years old. I,Autobiography, 186:system and was not at all sure I liked it for children who were nearing their 'teens but I had noAutobiography, 188:"I have calculated [188] that as there are 60 children in my class it will be three weeks beforeAutobiography, 201:and who shall say they are wrong? Illegitimate children as a result of the war psychosis in everyAutobiography, 201:march hundreds of thousands of illegitimate children are the result. The church fulminates againstAutobiography, 203:they are full of fear and do not trust their children. All this is in the nature of a preliminaryAutobiography, 232:Jewish dispensation when Moses was leading the children of Israel out of Egypt the sun was in theAutobiography, 232:the sacrifice of the sacred bull. The sin of the children of Israel in the wilderness which so
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