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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CHOHAN

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Astrology, 655:Being Entity manifesting - The Thinker, a Dhyan Chohan. Body of manifestation - Physical body.Discipleship2, 110:around that of the One who was my Master, the Chohan K.H. There has been much pressure on you thisDiscipleship2, 465:immediate working out, whilst K.H., being a Chohan, is more active in the handling of the deeperDiscipleship2, 564:pour into the Ashram. The Master K.H., being a Chohan and one of the senior Masters (ranking nextDiscipleship2, 566:is ever to be experienced in the Ashram of a Chohan. Mine, as you know, is an Ashram subsidiary toDiscipleship2, 566:of a Master or that done in the Ashram of a Chohan would come to you if you meditated upon the twoDiscipleship2, 606:vibration which distinguishes the Ashram of a Chohan from that of a Master. It would require tooDiscipleship2, 613:step into the ring-pass-not of the Ashram of the Chohan K.H. No one can do this for you. In yourExternalisation, 505:the benefit of humanity. The Master K.H., the Chohan on the teaching ray and He Who will be theExternalisation, 527:Hierarchy are each presided over by Masters of Chohan rank; the seven subsidiary centers or AshramsExternalisation, 544:the members of the Hierarchy, from the highest Chohan down to the humblest accepted disciple; it isFire, 63:that appeared in the shape of the first Dhyan Chohan, or planetary Spirit, when the evolution ofFire, 69:are the sumtotal of the Logos. S. D., 1, 169. 24 Chohan (Tibetan). A Lord or Master. A high Adept.Fire, 84:BEING Entity manifesting The thinker, A Dhyan Chohan. Body of manifestation Physical body.Fire, 211:and (being the talisman of this evolution) the Chohan of the second Ray is - under the Lord of theFire, 211:responsible for its custody, and under them the Chohan of the Ray. It is produced only at statedFire, 256:up to the most radiant and cosmic ethereal Dhyan Chohan. This sevenfold vibratory measure is theFire, 433:first Logos circulates through the body of the Chohan. It might be tabulated thus: The magicalFire, 439:Christian enthusiasm. This Ray, on which the Chohan Jesus may be found, will no longer pour itsFire, 509:on cosmic planes beyond the ken of the highest Chohan. It might be of value here if I pointed outFire, 569:of the sheaths, of the fivefold superman. A Chohan of the sixth Initiation discards all the sheathsFire, 608:of initiates, and why even the perfected Dhyan Chohan cannot penetrate the secrets of the LogosFire, 610:riddle... before which even the highest Dhyan Chohan must bow in silence and ignorance - theFire, 640:The informing entity in the Microcosm is a Dhyan Chohan. The informing entity in the causal body isFire, 689:even the illuminated mind of the highest Dhyan-chohan can not yet conceive. 24 Compare S. D., I,Fire, 740:planetary Logos and through the medium of the chohan of his Ray. He is then "abstracted" under aFire, 836:is initiation, or to become a conscious Dhyan Chohan, and in some distant cycle to do for theFire, 857:on astral matter by an effort of will by the Chohan responsible for the particular group involved. Fire, 869:the cooperation of the Mahachohan, of the Chohan of a man's egoic group, and the particular EgoFire, 911:He is a deva of rank and power equal to a Chohan of a Ray; He presides over everything outside theFire, 914:with a presiding officer of rank equal to a Chohan. The number of the deva evolution is six, asFire, 1046:is but dimly cognized by the most advanced Dhyan Chohan. 8 The four subdivisions of desire shouldFire, 1054:of many kinds in the three worlds, as the Chohan does on the five planes of evolution. Thus theFire, 1085:are told that even to the [1085] liberated Dhyan Chohan the mystery of that which lies beyond hisFire, 1161:truth being obscure to even the highest Dhyan Chohan of our system. Fire, 1231:system, it is not possible for the highest Dhyan Chohan to think in terms of the negation ofFire, 1254:our present solar system is but the second. Each Chohan of a Ray takes a certain number ofFire, 1280:Name as yet is hid [1280] e'en from the highest Chohan, holdeth within Himself the source of cosmicFire, 1283:which is beyond the comprehension of the highest Chohan - the marriage song of the Heavenly Man. Initiation, 69:are kept. They are under [69] the care of a Chohan of a Ray, each ray having its own collection ofInitiation, 90:wields the law in the three worlds, whilst a Chohan of the sixth initiation wields the law in theInitiation, 90:wields the law in the chain on all levels; a Chohan of the seventh initiation wields the law in theInitiation, 108:the Hierophant, the Mahachohan, the Manu, and a Chohan who temporarily represents the secondInitiation, 129:and being the talisman of this evolution the Chohan of the second ray is - under the Lord of theInitiation, 129:responsible for its custody, and under them the Chohan of the ray. It is produced only at statedInitiation, 180:take the two final initiations which make him a Chohan of the sixth degree, and a Buddha, beforeInitiation, 187:present system is the second major system. Each Chohan of a ray takes a certain number of initiatesInitiation, 217:on the part of a human being no longer exists. Chohan Lord, Master, a Chief. In this book it refersMeditation, 264:(be he an average man, an initiate, a Master, a Chohan, or a Buddha) can remain in a conditionMeditation, 302:work of the Hierarchy. There will be found the Chohan Who is directly responsible for the variousMeditation, 304:being all focused and under the control of the Chohan at Shamballa. The heads of each of the fourMeditation, 352:on the part of a human being no longer exists. Chohan Lord, Master, a Chief. In this book it refersRays, 150:and understanding. Each is presided over by a Chohan and a group is called an Ashram. These majorRays, 150:presided over by a Master on the same ray as the Chohan, and are capable at any moment of beingRays, 284:When this initiation has been consummated, the Chohan then transcends the three worlds of theRays, 285:which has ever over-shadowed Sanat Kumara. The Chohan has now taken the seventh initiation. Rays, 720:and opportunities. They put the Master or the Chohan (we seem to have no word to express the typeTelepathy, 194:seven Ray Ashrams, each having at its center a Chohan or a Master of the Wisdom; each of the seven
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