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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CHOHANS

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Astrology, 637:26) "There are seven chief groups of such Dhyan Chohans. They are the primeval seven Rays... HenceAstrology, 642:Spirits art: The seven chief groups of Dhyan Chohans. The seven Primeval Rays." (S.D. Vol. I, 626)Astrology, 646:or Angels... are identical with the Dhyan Chohans of the esoteric doctrine and have beenDiscipleship2, 135:also registered by their senior disciples, the Chohans and initiates of the sixth initiation, suchDiscipleship2, 136:Ashrams. Some of these are working under the Chohans; others are working under the Masters, andDiscipleship2, 136:the Ashrams of the Masters (not yet of the Chohans, because they are still basically too potent)Discipleship2, 137:of the Masters, guided by the Ashrams of the Chohans, welded together in the great Ashram of theDiscipleship2, 139:the Purpose, implemented by the Ashrams of the Chohans. Impressed by the energy of Will as theDiscipleship2, 246:of you knew me well when working with the two Chohans, and hence the decision for you to work underExternalisation, 522:to contact you than it would be for some of the Chohans, such as the Masters M. and K.H. I amExternalisation, 522:the fifth initiation, nearly ninety years ago. Chohans have taken a still higher initiation and areExternalisation, 525:it has been called) through the medium of its Chohans and its senior Directors, such as the Christ,Externalisation, 528:- Hierarchy - working through The seven major Chohans and Their Ashrams. The forty-nine Masters ofExternalisation, 529:hierarchical alignment is in the charge of the Chohans of the Major Ashrams, whilst the task ofExternalisation, 529:movement between the three planetary centers. Chohans are today passing out of the Hierarchy intoExternalisation, 529:grades of initiation and taking the rank of Chohans; initiates above the third degree are rapidlyExternalisation, 530:and results. You can see therefore that Chohans, Masters, initiates, world disciples, disciples andExternalisation, 538:under the guidance of the Christ and by the Chohans of the seven major Ashrams. They constitute aExternalisation, 656:of the Christ and of the senior Masters and Chohans, deciding in council the method, the extent andFire, 16:They flung the sacred Stone. The plaudits of the Chohans rose. The work had turned a point. FromFire, 26:But the seven great Lords called to the greater Chohans, and with the eternal Lhas of the thirdFire, 28:on either hand. The work was sadly marred. The Chohans of the highest plane gazed in silence on theFire, 66:23 This is so in the same sense as the seven Chohans, 24 with Their affiliated groups of pupils,Fire, 211:known only to the Lord of the World, and to the Chohans of the Rays, and (being the talisman ofFire, 237:The seven Lords of the Rays. The Dyhan Chohans. The seven Spirits before the Throne. The sevenFire, 273:- S. D., I, 473. They are the collective Dhyan Chohans. - S. D., I, 477. They are the sevenFire, 294:solar systems. A Heavenly Man 7 planetary chains Chohans and groups 2 cosmic planes. Period of 1Fire, 350:be revealed. It is known only in detail to the Chohans. of the Seventh Initiation, though the factFire, 464:upon all those who are initiates, adepts and chohans, and brings their three major spirillae to theFire, 472:of the groups affiliated with them, while the Chohans of the higher degrees work with the karma ofFire, 485:the dense physical body of the Logos. The Chohans of the sixth Initiation work in the fourth andFire, 613:92, 93, 94 91 The Lunar Pitris. "The great Chohans called the Lords of the Moon, of the airyFire, 617:and the "formless" or subjective Dhyan Chohans; and (2) would have done the same for his class ofFire, 617:All these are: "Rupa-devas" - Dhyan Chohans, having forms (Ex-men). "Arupa-devas" - Dhyan Chohans,Fire, 617:having forms (Ex-men). "Arupa-devas" - Dhyan Chohans, having no forms (Ex-men). "Pisachas" -Fire, 632:and manipulated by the Builders, the Dhyan Chohans, the Heavenly Men through the force of TheirFire, 732:[732] (though not yet practicable) to the Chohans of the Hierarchy now on Earth. They workFire, 732:a component part. These Manasadevas and Dhyan Chohans who produce self-consciousness in man areFire, 1043:does through meditation. The totality of Dhyan Chohans of the fifth or spiritual kingdom areFire, 1082:kingdoms of nature, and [1082] even the Dhyan Chohans of the highest rank find their place in theFire, 1085:through which an Existence is experiencing. The Chohans of high [1086] degree know the forty-nineFire, 1086:a crystal. The knowledge thus appreciated by the Chohans is naturally but theoretical and conveysFire, 1184:the seven Hierarchies of Beings, the seven Dhyan Chohans. They spiral into manifestation, cuttingFire, 1188:the attractive force in manifestation, the Dhyan Chohans, are seven in number, and that, therefore,Initiation, 89:but he can contact and assist (in measure) the Chohans, the Bodhisattva, and the Manu. He has alsoInitiation, 106:times a year, meets in conference with all the Chohans and Masters, and authorizes what shall beInitiation, 129:known only to the Lord of the World and to the Chohans of the rays, and being the talisman of thisInitiation, 218:Occult Hierarchy. This Hierarchy is formed of chohans, adepts, and initiates working through theirMagic, 347:still, you connect up, if possible, with the Chohans, with the Christ and the Manu, according toMagic, 378:the mysteries, and to have a band of Adepts, and Chohans who would function in dense physicalMeditation, 353:Occult Hierarchy. This Hierarchy is formed of chohans, adepts, and initiates working through theirPsychology1, 87:to comprehend it all is not as yet possible. The Chohans of the sixth initiation have the guidancePsychology2, 686:group composed of the two Lords, the twenty-one chohans and the Masters of the seven rays. We haveRays, 21:within those distant Ashrams where move the Chohans of the race of men. They are no longer men asRays, 136:within those distant Ashrams where move the Chohans of the race of men. They are no longer men asRays, 142:form part of the Great Council. Many Masters and Chohans, however, after serving upon the planet inRays, 273:whilst the second letter is known only to the Chohans. The first syllable of His name is known in
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